DayZ Texture Pack [16×16]

DayZ is a popular multiplayer mod for Arma II which takes place in a post-soviet state which recently have been hit by an infectious zombie virus.

Minecraft already got some of the features like zombies and skeletons which could make for a perfect similar type of gameplay. And with this DayZ texture pack players can also experience a more visually compelling zombie apocalyptic survival gameplay.

The main focus in the texture pack is the new graphical user interface and the weapon. To get a taste we can tell you that the bow is transformed into a scoped rifle and the sword into a horrendous axe.

Creator: HAVENgif screenshot-2015-03-29-22-09 screenshot-2015-03-29-22-08_4 screenshot-2015-03-29-22-06 screenshot-2015-03-29-22-05

Download (MediaFire)
Download (MCPE DL)

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23 Responses

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  1. Lucas says:

    The Texture doesn’t work Cause when I Downloaded it and tried it on Minecraft it looked the same

  2. DarkService8 YT says:

    Is this updated for version Reply Please??🤔🤔

  3. DarkService8 says:

    Is this update for

  4. John David says:

    This texture pack is horrible it only contains the “image” file but we dont know where or how to place it or something like that….boooorinngggg😑😑

  5. James says:

    Where is the behavior pack at!?

  6. YoJustAskin says:

    Would this texture pack work with McPack?

  7. irksomedolphin says:

    where to put it? the resource packs folder or the behavior packs folder???plz reply

  8. Corbenader 22 says:

    Can you please make this a .mcpack for iOS editor?

  9. Voicemail says:

    Make it work for 1.0.3

  10. Noah says:

    I love the addon! For 1.0.3! 🙂

  11. Jm says:

    Please update the mod for 0.14.0 :)We will be happy when you do it.

  12. Fawkes Oullett says:

    Plz update it cuz then I can do a days rp with desnos gun mod and this texture will give the mosin nagant from day z that I need

  13. Fawkes Oullett says:

    Is it updated for 0.14.0

  14. Fawkes Oullett says:

    Is it updated for 0.13.1

  15. Collin says:

    Very Awesome

  16. Abi says:

    The link is not work

  17. show me the pic of all items

  18. ian says:

    -_-I like it

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