Want to better at block clutching? This map is for you.

dc.cubes is a minimal and stylish yet easy to use dragon based clutch map

Just step on the birch pressure plate to start!

how to use:



thanks to this pack for teaching me how to make a quiet dragon –

thanks to zacharia for being there and the void world

mcpedl mods, please review this pack again

they credit some of the creators they stole from but not all of them

check out my yt 🙂

Changelog View more

changed video for comprehension + click sounds

changed map download so you load the world in survival

chainged featured image

added no dragon noises to the description


direct link :)


Supported Minecraft versions


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11 Responses

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  1. ChillDuck says:

    Been Looking for a good BC map for a while Nice

  2. xLuster says:

    This is like the dollar store version of PadaIOS’ Skywars Labaratory

  3. Hey man i edited this so that the dragon can hit you fast and you get more kb, i was
    Wondering if i can post it on twitter so people can download it

  4. ZACHARIAgs says:

    This is a simple, yet epic pack. It’s even better with TAS! Tutorial on how to slow down ur game is coming out on Dot YT channel!

  5. Itzjayden says:

    This dragon can ride?

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