Deadmau5 Pig Resource Pack

Deadmau5 is a world famous electronic musician and performer who now also exists in Minecraft.. as a pig. Yes, it might not be the most useful texture pack you have seen but it sure looks kind of funny. It’s basically an impostor pig wearing the famous Deadmau5 headgear.

Creator: CPUMRossi

It would be great to see more mobs transformed into famous musicians but this will have to do. Deadpig5 is maybe a better name.


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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6 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. nevemsenki says:

    Pigs n stuff

  2. MudkipMaster0 says:

    Just a player on minecraft Answering an easy question

  3. Lorenz says:

    Can you make this in players, that would be nice!

    • Christopiedia says:

      You know what, I think that sounds like a good idea. I’m agreeing with this genuine, intelligent man.

  4. FlossyStone874 says:

    Haha love this. Works great. Nice and smooth

  5. Anonymous says:

    If only it had music

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