Death & Kill Counter (Add-On) [1.14+]

Easily track and count the struggles you went through your adventure. Know the hard thoughts you went with the Death Count; or the great foes you defeated with the Kill Count all in this add-on!

created by: r4isen1920 / Inspired from the original Death Counter by {𝙸𝚗𝚝𝚘𝙲𝙼𝙳} (@IntoCMD) (HongyiMC).

pack version: v3.1

Both counter cycle for every second (40 ticks). You don’t have to switch to each counter, as it automatically does it.

Death Counter

The Death Counter tracks how many times the player has died in-game. It is displayed below the player’s name in Multiplayer/LAN, and on the list in the pause screen.

The Total Deaths is also displayed on the list. This counts the number of combined deaths from players in the world.

Kill Count

The Kill Count determines how much players you killed in the world. Note that the Kill Count may be quite unstable, and may only count the kill if you killed the other player directly. It is displayed below the player’s name in Multiplayer/LAN, and on the list in the pause screen.

The Total Kills is also displayed on the list. This counts the number of combined kills from players in the world.

Aura & Particle Effects

I have implemented some aura, which in the moment is not yet customizable. The aura you see in particular emits once you have hit a player, and it’ll last for a moment unless if you keep hitting a player.

A particle effect will also appear only when that player is killed by another player.

Reseting Counters

To reset the counter, simply do the following command, each will reset the count respectively for a player, or for everyone in general. The count will not be reset even if you leave the world, unless it gets corrupted or manually done.

  • Reset Kill Count for a player: /scoreboard players set [PLAYER_NAME] kills 0
  • Reset Death Count for a player: /scoreboard players set [PLAYER_NAME] deaths 0
  • Reset All Scores: /function reset
  • Reset All Death Count: /function reset/deaths
  • Reset All Kill Count: /function reset/kills

Note that due to technical limitations, the Total Deaths or Total Kill count will not be updated accordingly to how you reset or modify the counts. This may be changed in the future.

Changelog View more
  • Updated download links.

(Note: Don't notify this update to everyone)

  • Fixed an issue where the kill count does not track player kills properly.
  • Added Aura & Particle Effects.
  • Added reset functions for convenience.
  • Added Kill Counts.
  • Updated code, no longer requires command block setup. Just import and you're on your way!
  • Removed particles on death, since no texture packs are included.
  • Updated pack icon.


  • Available on the MCPE DL app: For an easy, ad-free and instant download, download this add-on from the app!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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32 Responses

4.5 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Great datapack! However, I just want to know if this has been fixed for realms yet. I played with it a bit on my own realm, and it seemed to work, but it wasn’t very extensive testing, and was only with 2 players- my alt and I.

  2. Ravyn says:

    Help 🙁 I can’t delete the pack from my world. no matter how many times I remove all of my packs or even copy my world, the scoreboard still shows up. it wont go away. i deleted the mod from my files and from my game but its still there :/

  3. Felipanconpan says:

    Thank you so much ☺

  4. 8404yuGylF says:

    Download doesn’t work, I’m gonna go find another add on like this. ?‍♀️

  5. Cool addon but i would like to know if this works on realms

  6. ZINH010 says:

    Plastic Texture Pack?

  7. zeyverOps17 says:

    What kind of texture pack you use
    In background

  8. Guest-7045710770 says:

    I just can’t download it. it brings me to adfly and then I click skip ad and then it brings me to another virus site. What do I do you download this?

  9. Guest-1165134376 says:

    Is there a way to remove the scoreboard? I have it on the side want it to be only under players names, but i can’t remove the one on the side. How to fix?

    • Guest-4173841352 says:

      Update: After further investigation, i have discovered that by typing /scoreboard objectives remove death.counter you can remove the one on the side

      • r4isen1920 says:

        If you do that, the whole thing will no longer work. Anyways, in this update, the display is now below name, and I have added it on the list as well if you want to see your deaths for yourself.

  10. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey quick question r u fine with me using your addon in a series on YouTube i just want to know tell me soon ok

  11. Shawn says:

    Doesn’t work. It won’t show for me, even thought I thoroughly went through the list of steps. Your morphing pack is really nice though.

  12. Blue 39 says:

    How can i delete display?

  13. Fightingdemon says:

    How do you remove one of the scoreboards or all because I have the sidebar one and the one in pause menu but I would like to be able to remove the pause menu one. Do you have a solution for this?
    Thank you very much if you reply.

  14. Big chungus says:

    Why not just use /scoreboard?

  15. Blocky Gamer says:

    Love this it’s really good works well but it doesn’t work on realms for some odd reason. I would love to see this fixed and I also have a suggestion. Can you maybe make it show your kills as well.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There no numbers beside the counter

  17. Florian Cassagne says:

    Good ? but when a player is disconnected, the scoreboard is updated by removing the “disconnected player” (but it save player’s score) or it let “disconnected players” with his score ? Because it is annoying when there are a lot of “disconnected player” in the scoreboard ?

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