DeathCore III: Melting Hollow

The third in the DeathCore CTM series. Enter a nighmarish hellscape of burning lava and magma. Survive the deadly caverns and collect all 10 Shulker Boxes to complete the Victory Monument. Can you survive or succumb to your eventual burning fate?

The third in the DeathCore CTM series. WELCOME TO THE MELTING HOLLOW! A deadly system of caves filled to the brim(stone) with hot, scalding lava. This time, water is nowhere to be seen and will require you to be smarter when dealing with lava. Of course, lava is not the only hazard, various monsters lurk in the dark, and even in the hot lava.

You must survive and collect all 10 Shulker boxes scattered around the caves to complete the Victory Monument. 

 Will you survive or will you burn in the infernal depths below?


Open the .mcworld to install the world/map! 


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. User-2648501615 says:

    where is box 3

  2. Diaub says:

    Where can I play the other maps in the series?

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