DeathCore I: Wonderground [CTM] [Survival]

This is the first map in the DeathCore CTM (Complete the Monument) map series. The main objective is to do whatever necessary to survive and find the blocks to complete a monument. It takes place in an underground world where there are plenty of monsters and other obstacles to make things more difficult for you (and your friends if you choose to player it in multiplayer). The map is recommended for 1-4 players.

Creator: wedge


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12 Responses

4.3 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Zucth says:

    Hey! This map is really good for a small CTM Map, but it’s better after turn keep inventory true!!! I died so many time!!! And yep! You are sneaky kept some secret in the sand!!! (Knowing after finish the map) If you want me to review your map! Answer back!

  2. Neal Caffrey says:

    It was overall pretty good. I could see the vech’s inspiration. The greed room was broken to all hell, shouldn’t have been infinite diamonds. The walls let you bypass too many challenges, and the zombies were pratically nothing. i wouod say Vechs strategy of a box was better since it made finding the boxes and securing them much worse. Vechs also uses larger areas with much more interesting gifts, like his signs, leaves resources less bountiful, more traps instead of just mobs.
    This may seem like heavy criticism, but I just stated thisso you know that while you may admire Vechs, you remind me more of another map, with its own highly skilled creator, the map being Extreme Ant Farm

  3. Solcoolman says:

    Great Map! Used a Hardcore add-on and finshed it without dieing in 10 hours. Man, this map is great with or without the add-on!

  4. Metal Sløth \M/ says:

    I don’t understand the reason why it has the title deathcore. I thought deathcore was a music genre.

  5. suni says:

    challenging map, finished in five hours, the last section has too many spiders!

  6. TrueRex says:

    Very well made Original CTM Map, Great Job! It was the balance in resources given to the player that it a good challenge. Hopefully you make another one! 😀

  7. IdeasEmi says:

    2 Hard 4 Me M8

  8. RubiconFlash says:

    Thanks for no ads.ly hate it :0

  9. KorbloxGaming says:


  10. The Bonnie says:

    lol wat ? …..for you (and your friends if you choose to [player] it in multiplayer). The map is recommended for…….

  11. jobetyk says:

    Nice map, very hard, I died 20 times XD, you should improve the decoration for next time.

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