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Published on June 16, 2017 (Updated on June 16, 2017)

Deathrun [Minigame]

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This is easily cheatable. You should make the default gamemode adventure, and make it so the buttons can't be pressed by the runner. Also, the death should not be able to die. Apart from these, the deathrun was a good idea, but it could be improved. :)
I tried this map. It was decent, it tried to copy that part in death run where you go on the green blocks and they make you jump high,but the command made it only last for 2 seconds and it was REALLY frustrating.but otherwise it was pretty short.
To do the jump part you jump then jump again I downloaded this and it worked.
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I loved it I played with my sister
Do you can make another part of this map
Awesome i wated so long for a map like this
Why when I download in zip,it doesn't have the map,because i want the map to reload
Amazing btw I am good a red stone and I want to make a map someday how do I!
And do you have to have an account to get maps and skins etc.?
No, you don't have to register. The download links are in the bottom of each post. Most of them are one-click installs. Detailed install guides can be found in one of the menus on the website.
Hey are maps free?
Yes! By the way, never post any sensitive data such as your full name. I removed it for your own safety. Thanks!