DeathRun: The Snowy Update [Minigame]

DeathRun is a game where your fate on winning depends on how good you are at avoiding obstacles and traps. This is a multiplayer minigame where some of you will be runners and others will be the killers. It’s an extremely intense game and especially for the runners who are constantly threatened by different traps.

Creator: McMCPE1234, Twitter Account
Updated: 23 December, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

There are two different roles and each role has a unique objective to complete.

  • The Runners are tasked to reach the finish but only one player can become victorious. It’s pretty much a “every man for himself” situation.
  • The Killers / Death are tasked to activate the traps that may interfere with the Runners’ path. The Killers / Death can win if the Runners run out of time.

DeathRun reborn reintroduces the old lobby and brings back an old level called “Grasslands”. However, it also removes some of the previous levels since they didn’t work in the Better Together update. More levels will be added in a future update.

Available Levels

  • Grasslands
  • Undertale
  • Snowy Hills
  • The Fandom Project
  • Temple Madness 2.0
  • Home Alone (New Level!)


The Snowy Update:

  • New Level to Enjoy Before Christmas (Home Alone)!


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108 Responses

4.57 / 5 (61 vote)
  1. EnderGardian2 says:

    Please come up with new levels quicker, and amazing map btw!

  2. Zomeone021 says:

    Wow! This is cool!

    Wish you could play in singleplayer tho (I’m forever lonely XD)
    4 and a half stars!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Undertale map way too long 🙁

  4. Anonymous says:

    Terrific Map!!!

  5. ;) says:

    Im gonna have a bad time

  6. Alex says:

    It is time for delta rune death run ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  7. Nameed says:

    thank you

  8. Alesscreeper says:

    DeltaRune map? :v

  9. Alesscreeper says:

    This map is super cool to play with friends, I recommend them a lot.
    The map of undertale is super and I hope you can finish it 😀

  10. Cryguy44 says:

    Ummmm there’s an trap in the grasslands that doesn’t turn emerald

  11. toto says:

    im waiting for the #2 floor

  12. vobo says:

    good but you must fix this problem
    when we play a game then new
    player come he click a button of a
    game we go to lobby of a game

  13. vobo says:

    good but you must fix this problem when we play a game then new player come he click a button of a game we go to lobby of a g

  14. Marius says:

    I hate it

  15. Jamkabob says:

    Im think i will do a you tube video on this map. It depends on if my friends want to. I will send it in another comment if i do.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What version of Minecraft is it for? Thank You!

  17. Gabriel says:


  18. Minkyu paik says:

    Lol why it is called the foolish update? But I still like the map!

  19. TenderestTen288 says:


  20. Gabriel Von Uriel Vergara says:

    That Guy is obviously one of the SkyGames member by the way nice map keep it up 😀

  21. RealChocoGamez says:

    Today I played the old map and it worked fine

  22. (Unknown) says:

    BEST MAP EVER!! There isn’t a problem in this map! And some issues I see people are talking about in the comments aren’t there anymore like somebody says he’s always the death now there’s a switch death button and when people die they go to lobby that doesn’t happen and 1 lvl water maze hard Not the map Problem it’s easy Just that they need to practice

  23. The_Yeest_Yee says:

    I legit looked up ”Undertale” and this popped up. ಠ_ಠ

  24. Angel Liew says:

    Cool map

  25. Greta says:

    This is my fav map

  26. AceKnight705924 says:

    Nice / Dope map 😀

  27. Person says:

    raged so bad, last lever too hard too long

  28. Random people says:


  29. McMCPE1234 says:

    Forgive me if I disappointed or confused anyone but I never realized that the title “Among the Sleep” was actually taken already from a game so I had to make a different title (What are the odds!). The map I was going to do was a parody of Asleep and SG The Dreaming. I apologize again for this confusion. =/

    – McMCPE1234

  30. Rose 😊😊 says:

    Among the sleep among the sleep plz plz plz

  31. Rose 😊😊 says:

    Plz make the map among the sleep ch1

  32. Christian says:

    U said there was an update on 12/1/17…..

  33. Anonymous says:

    BEST MAP EVER❤️💛💚💙💜

  34. Jerry Sifuentes says:

    Map is really great wish it had some of the old levels but I still think it deserves an A+ you did a really great job with it and hopefully you can make more like this

  35. Cryguy44 says:

    Can you add an Lab map?
    That would be pretty cool!

  36. ExoWolf says:

    Im always the death! And this is so annoying, it isn‘t fun anymore to play with my friends, since im the death always, i even broke the gat between the death and the runners, but i couldn‘t get that speed effect away. Needs to be more randomized. Much more randomized.

  37. Minkyu paik says:

    The map was pretty great, but every time someone dies it respwans from the lobby.

  38. Yatharth Upalkar says:

    I can’t download the mcworld could you give me Mediafire link

    • McMCPE1234 says:

      Sorry, at this point you will have to download from AdFly links. You should press SKIP AD and then press CLICK THIS LINK (Purple) to get straight to the Mediafire link.

  39. Maddy says:

    I play this map so many times and love it rate if you agree

  40. Minkyu paik says:

    Nice and fun map! But can you add more levels and longer, because it finish in 2 min.

  41. Tanji says:

    The best minivans ever

  42. YukioGamerPokeYT says:

    The Best Deathrun map ever my friend and me enjoy it!!💙

  43. Jules says:


  44. FogzGamez(SG BUILDER) says:

    Good job McMCPE glad to have you on the SG team

  45. Jake says:

    I love it!
    When will the Undertale map be released?

  46. Ultra Ninja says:


  47. Lord Derper says:

    This map does not work, do not download unless you want to waste your time (this map probably isn’t good anyways) you should fix the bugs -_-

  48. McMCPE1234 says:

    For those who played or not played my map. This map version will be discontinued due to the bugs from the 1.2 Update that broke the entire map. However, a brand new version of the map will be made. I know it is going to be tough for me to go back to square one but I know the stress will be worth it. The new reborn map will probably be released at the middle of November.


    P.S. I am not giving up on the map yet!


    I played it it was great

  50. Azabee says:

    I can’t wait for the new maps. keep them coming!

  51. Nicholas says:

    Hey! Editor, my build team and I would love to help you construct the rest of the levels. If you have a discord account, find me at Nicholas11#4889 . If you dont have a discord, try getting it! Its an amazingly useful tool! I can show you some of the builds were making. Thanks! 😀 -Nicholas

  52. Hamza says:

    i can’t play 1.2 beta 😕

  53. K1NGH4CK3R says:

    awesome map I have played with my friends and we together rated this map for 6 stars

  54. Rose 😊😊 says:

    Plz do new death run ,because your death run maps are so amazing 😊😊

  55. Zer0 Studioz says:

    The ZIP download is not working. The URL says undefined, and it’s a Media fire login page.

  56. Thedoctor498yg says:

    It is very gpod fun and enjoyable but Pls help i cannot download the new update via zip file and i do not download worlds bit the mc.world file

  57. MoosePlayz says:

    I’m going to play this map soon on my YouTube channel. I will comment it when it’s out!
    And I LOVE THIS MAP!!!!!

  58. DarkDaggerRush says:

    The underwater part in the first lvl I could never pass, really good game tho!

  59. Hiroki says:

    Lol What This Joker GAMES Wild West Download Me And Not Good With No Level 2? You Ever No Download

  60. Xunes says:

    Where is the Wild West level?

  61. SammyV404 says:

    What is the power star and where can i find it?

  62. MineCraft Fam says:

    It’s cool but one problem I can’t see when I push the button so I replaced it with pressure plates and it worked much easier make it like dat plsss

  63. Just_a_pirate says:

    Really awesome map!
    It requires quite some timing in order to make it.
    Still, two questions:
    1. How does one get pass the jungle temple’s water maze?
    2. Is the “foundation” in the jungle temple the… SCP one?

  64. ThePieceOfGrass says:

    I didn’t see any of the things in the update.,..

  65. 🦄Emma Da Uincorn🦄 says:

    Ok I looked at the cover and looks at “Death” (the player setting off traps) and I was like “OH MY GOD UNDERTALE!!!! SOMEONE HAS READ MY MIND”


  66. Arkvelza says:

    Where’s the Wild West map?

  67. Waficool says:

    I like the new update…
    But where is the hall of fame thing?
    And the repaire traps button?

  68. MoodyBro says:

    Hey just wanted to say u did an awesome job among this map props to you, all the hard work you put into this is great, there is hardly any lag so thanks for this awesome Multiplayer Mini-Game.

  69. Abubakir says:

    Cool Map I Like That Map Too much 😁

  70. Rezhan says:

    First of all great map second unspeakable gaming played it your map is up on youtube

  71. SomeRandomGuy says:

    Perfect map.. storage is saved by the small size.. but still a long and fun map. The traps and the commands used were perfect! Keep going! Make more Deathrun maps

  72. Waficool says:

    The BEST Death Run Map EVER!!!!!!!
    Thank You creator really!
    Very exited for the next update Please do it quickly I can’t wait!!!!

  73. War_greymon says:

    I saw some youtubers do it and it seems awsome,but I can’t download it because media fire is restricted so plz make it so you don’t need media fire

  74. ThatGuyzers says:

    Yo! Unspeakable Gaming and MooseCraft just played this! I can’t believe It! The map is SO COOL!

  75. The Blue Scrub says:

    Awesome map! This is probably the best map I have ever downoaded on mcpe. Your map shows all the possibilities for command blocks.

  76. Kristal says:

    Not bad But Can Do Something Cool Than This I Love It But Not Quite

  77. Jacob says:

    Nice Create can i help ya build it pls and i vote for 5 stars

  78. DarkNeon64 says:

    Undertale coming soon?!!!! Btw great map!

  79. GraceGamez says:

    In the original Death Run, the Death wins by killing all players/when there are no players left.

  80. Linlu says:

    Great map but have 2 questions. 1st question: What is the power star and where do u get it or is it just an excuse?? 2nd question: When are the other
    levels coming?? Its getting kinda boring playing the same map over and over again

  81. ANiceLife says:

    Nice will say to anyone to play this map it will be awesome when a server puts it out! I love being especially I can dukes to killers

  82. Turtle says:

    Niiiiice game really long ad my sister can never beat it LOL please make other death runs!

  83. hiddenhero says:

    I love this map it is so well made you need to make more levels although this is still my favorite game

  84. SuperRorange says:

    I’m a English learner. Can you tell me why the first sentence used the word where

  85. RajaMulya says:

    It’s great map thank you for making this for us

  86. Alyson Law says:

    I like the map

  87. Vivi says:

    Demais mas eu vi em outro canal mas não sei instalar

  88. ThatEmeraldGuy says:

    MAKE MORE! Maybe a space DeathRun

  89. LUCKY_BLOCK_17 says:

    Its super nice game

    Its to long map

    Storage saver

    100% perpect game

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