Deathswap Addon

This is the classic game ‘Deathswap’ put in an addon! The goal is to kill the other player when you swap positions! You can put this addon on any world or seed that you like and get the fun experience.

All you have to do is apply the behavior pack to a world to play! Do ‘/function start’ to start the game. You will swap positions every 5 minutes so be hasty with your trap! 2 player game.


Creator: Freddricc

Actor & Testor: ImJamesVN

Original game from Java by: Sethbling

Do not copy my addon.


Supported Minecraft versions


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31 Responses

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  1. Guest-7060305139 says:

    I can’t seem it download it, this is confusing!

  2. Guest-7060305139 says:

    I can’t seem it download it!!!

  3. Guest-1919438271 says:

    can this be played 3 players

  4. Guest-8082863178 says:

    hi can u try and make a evoker power staff. this staff can copy the exact same powers as the evoker so like the vex the staff summons will help the player.

  5. Guest-3383815726 says:

    The link shortened you’re using isn’t letting me access the add on. Any advice?

  6. Guest-5861401571 says:

    Suggestion: add the timer to include 4, 3, 2, and 1 minute notifications. I did this for myself by editing the function but I think it would be a improvement if updated here.

  7. Guest-2972835083 says:

    Also what a great addon. Very creative!

  8. Guest-8249915719 says:

    If you have issues with the addon not working or getting stuck on a player winning, just reset both players XP to 500 levels (do /kill @e). If you don’t get reset to 500 levels do /xp 500L @a to give yourself the levels.

  9. Guest-5063705741 says:

    Why is the exp bar 500?

  10. Guest-1937811390 says:

    It doesn’t work I /functioned start and waited for like 10 minutes and it doesn’t work. I even /functioned start again after that and it doesn’t work.

  11. Guest-2126246556 says:

    dream BOI who likes dream’s vids?

  12. Guest-4493282701 says:

    Guys stop saying Dream and GeorgeNotFound! It was originally made by Sethbling.

    • AzkaMaskM4 says:

      but dream and georgenotfound was the one that added the timer, sethbling originally made it with a random timer

    • Guest-4961373935 says:

      georgenotfound and dream were the ones that made it popular. Tru, Sethbling did invent it first, but they were the ones that inspired ppl to do this addon!

  13. blood eye says:

    cool my friend hates me now shes so childish
    always want to win

  14. Guest-5434537428 says:

    This reminds me of Dream and GeorgeNotFound

  15. Guest-4454118581 says:

    Can you do 3 player death swap?

  16. Superbashington says:

    Nice reminds me of nostalgia 6 years when all my fav yt er’s played it it was amazing to watch

  17. Guest-2792692880 says:

    Can you do a zip file pls

  18. Guest-8498777199 says:

    D R E E A A M M M

  19. Guest-9141916648 says:


  20. Guest-7551093083 says:

    Whenever I start it, it just says that my friend won over and over again and spams fireworks.

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