Deathswap [Minigame]

Have you been seeing your favourite youtubers playing death swap on Java edition and wished you could try it? If yes, then you’re in luck because we recreated the same concept on minecraft bedrock edition for you to try for yourself.

How to play Death Swap

You and your opponent will be teleported to random places in the world. Your goal is to kill the other person without contact. You swap places in the world every 3-7 minutes. You have to put them in a dangerous place right before you swap! You could make them fall in lava, drop them off a cliff, or even blow them up in a desert temple.

Note: This map is for two players only. The map will break if you use more or less than 2 players. Also, if your game lags after pressing the start button, wait till you receive the message telling you to leave, then quickly relog (leave the world and rejoin) then immediately invite the other player (This should only be an issue on low end devices).

More info

This Death Swap map was created by ThanPixel and BlueSlimeMC. BlueSlimeMC wrote the commands and ThanPixel created the head resource pack and builds. The resource pack used for the floating texts was created by Keyyard, you can download it from mcpedl here. If you enjoy this map, make sure to share it with your friends!

If you find any glitches report them in the comment section here or preferrably message BlueSlimeMC#2081 on discord and I we will try our best to fix it.

ThanPixel and I recently made videos about this map, feel free to check them out down below.

My video:

ThanPixel’s video: 

Changelog View more
  • Included our videos of the map
  • Improved the description
  • Credited the floating text pack creator

Fixed some text errors on the page here and added the preview image.


Supported Minecraft versions


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28 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-9901182855 says:

    can 3 people play in thhmap

  2. Guest-7225137611 says:

    i love this gamemode! but i think it could be a bit better if there was an option to have more than two players at once, i know it might be difficult or impossible due to command limitations but if possible, Thanks!

  3. Guest-3034309273 says:

    If you could make it where it gave a 30 second warning that would be amazing!
    Otherwise its great and i have found no problems, Good job guys!!

  4. Guest-7737185059 says:

    After seeing dream’s video, i really wanted to play this with my friend. The only problem is that we both only have bedrock but not java. However you and your brilliant map have made this possible. Thank you soooo much for doing this, and keep up the great maps!

  5. Guest-4559658372 says:

    Is there a countdown like 1,2,3 then switched?

  6. I see someone wants to enter in competition with me… haha, kidding, nice map!

    • BlueSlimeMC says:

      I started working on this in the middle of April and had a lot working before you released your map, I had some issues with the submission then I finally fixed them and submitted it 2 days ago

  7. Ftere says:

    Psss, look at my addon BlueSlimeMC, maybe you will find your relatives…

  8. Guest-8039622704 says:

    Hey that map is cool keep up!

  9. Guest-6229160955 says:

    By any chance do you regular on the hive forums?

  10. Guest-7355144664 says:

    How do i download it?

    • BlueSlimeMC says:

      Under the image of the lobby there’s the download links, you can click on the .mcpack one to just click on the file when it is downloaded and it will instantly be in your minecraft world, alternatively you can use the .zip file to import it in yourself.

  11. Le Minecraft Nerd says:

    Could you make it into 1.12 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!! i hope you can!!!!!!

  12. Guest-5695335664 says:

    Is the switch randomized or is it after a certain amount of time?

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