DecoBecraft (

DecoBecraft, is an addon that adds more decoration to minecraft.

What does it add?



-Kitchen counter 

…And more

This addon will receive many updates so don’t worry there will be a lot of decoration in the future

All the recipes, and how to avoid bugs in the addon will be on this page so that you have all the information, enjoy the addon



The sofa has variations to be able to decorate better

To have sofas of different color, you need the brush

Chairs and tables


The chairs are 100% functional, and to craft them is super easy


It is the same crafting for all types of wood

concrete chair



concrete table

It is the same crafting for all types of wood

When crafting the table, it gives you 4 tables with support, and 2 parts of the table, just to make a whole table ^-^

Log stairs

The log stairs were made for a strange decoration and its crafting is exactly the same as a wooden stairs

Crafting is the same for all types of wood


kitchen counter

An indispensable decoration for the kitchen


Kitchen drawer

Decoration and storage for the kitchen


Kitchen cabinet

Decoration also essential for the kitchen


Kitchen sink

Essential decoration for the kitchen



A fridge, essential to decorate the kitchen



An oven serves to decorate and cook food instantly



Used to make toast


Coffe machine

The coffee machine allows you to make coffee


Bar stool

An excellent decoration for the kitchen

To have bar stools of different colors use the brush



used to change the color of the sofa

Can be found in the bonus chest




Interact with the block so that it gives light


Living room

Tv furniture

nice furniture to put a tv


It is the same crafting for all types of wood

concrete tv furniture






you can interact with the shower to open the door


Shower head



you can interact with the toilet to sit


Bathroom cabinet

has inventory


Bathroom sink

Interact with the bathroom sink to fill it with water





It is the same crafting for all types of wood

bridge start

It is the same crafting for all types of wood




Small fountain

Interact with the small fountain to fill it with water


Diving board



Marble can be found under the ground


Marble slab

Marble bricks

Smooth marble

Smooth marble slab

Smooth marble bricks

To have the addon blocks put:

*Parte en español*, unete a mi server para ver avances de addons, el server es en español:

Server de discord

Changelog View more


-Added bathroom furniture

-Now to sit on some furniture only interact with the furniture

-Added outdoor furniture

-Added bridges


-Invisible entities bug fix

-Added new furniture(tv, tv furniture and more chairs/tables)

-New command to get the blocks easier

-Added marble block


-Coffee machine and bar stool added
-Solution for invisible entities added
-Cup added


-Improved sofa and fridge textures

-Improved sofa model

-Improved sofa and fridge recipes


Activate all experimental games to work properly


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201

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27 Responses

4.62 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. M1leH1ghClub says:

    Every time I try to make a bucket, it makes a cup. I cant progress without buckets. Please change the crafting recipe of buckets as I’m using this mod in survival.

  2. joaw says:

    Owwww, this is a really good addon, one of the best, a suggestion, if you can do, you can put the recipes of this addon on “how to play” will be more easily to craft and play 🙂

  3. Best furniture addon in mcpe 😀

  4. Angel Daly says:

    Really good for a creative world but not for survival. The crafting recipe for a bucket (which is needed for some of the crafting recipes) now makes a cup instead. I cant pick up water or lave with the cup. Could you please change the crafting recipe for the cup as i kinda need to be able to make buckets :/ . Other than that I really enjoy this addon!

  5. Sam_of says:

    Me gustó mucho , me gustaría ayudarte en algunos modelos pero solo te recomiendo q rediseñes la cosina a una con más detalles y relieve , en general tu complemento es formidable , usa más de tus ideas y quedara perfecto 😀

  6. Metalpaddyb1844 says:

    really good! i LOVE this addon and use it all the time, just wish it was available in the creative menu, great mod tho.

  7. BigGhostMiner says:

    Wow amazing!

  8. CLOUD MCPE says:

    Hey… This Addon Is Good But I Dont Know If You Did The Textures Of the Items lower so I can hold them peacefully, without having issues

  9. Hi Aguilesgamer! Your addon is really awesome! Hoping that you add more in future! I really love this addon because of these furniture! And I sub at ur channel to support you! Keep up the good work!

  10. AzureParrot42 says:

    Good mod but i really wish i can see the blocks in our creative inventory again (like 1.14)

  11. Graysonthegamer says:

    Can you make it so the fridge has storage like a chest? Maybe two for the fridge and freezer

  12. SoulEggMilk says:

    Really great addon just one thing i want to know how to craft the cup because i dont see a crafting recipe over that great addon

  13. Note, it does not work on 1.16.100

  14. Cartnhey says:

    creator how to make a mod in mcpedl
    how to make a new mod its not to mcpedl

  15. yourmama says:

    ummm this addon doesn’t even work I tried making the furniture and it didn’t work

  16. AzureParrot42 says:

    Does this work for 1.16.100 full release? And nice mod but can you make the log stairs connect

  17. HanzNival says:

    hello Does This Work On 1.16.100?

  18. benjaminjuadua says:

    Son bloques solidos o entidades?

  19. balta says:

    why minecraft beta? i only have 1.16.40 but not the beta. please can u do something because i really love this addon and i need it pleaseeee

  20. Mcpeplayerron says:

    Very cool add-on I love furniture
    In mcpe DL I only download furniture
    Because its great like your add

  21. Rayvex says:

    Can I use this at my first Map??

  22. CLOUD MCPE says:

    Make A Lower Ver. of the addon like make items 2d cause whenever I hold a furniture its gets my world invisible

    ps: Ive never tried it yet lol Im just Curious

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