DecoLights Mod

The DecoLights Mod adds four different types of lamps to the game which all provide a nice source of light for your builds. There is a mix of old fashioned and modern lights which makes it a nice addition no matter whether which you are most interested in using. You can also use dyes to give the lights the color of your liking.

Creator: wilco375

Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Lantern (410) – 7 stones + 2 torches
  • Ceiling Light (411) – 3 torches
  • Modern Street Light (412) – 1 torch + 2 stones
  • Old Street Light (413) – 3 torches + 2 stones

How to place the lamps?

Modern Street Lights

To place the modern street lights you first need to place down a block such as a stone block. Then tap on one side of the stone block depending on which direction you want the street light to be positioned in.


Once the street light is placed down you can destroy the stone block and the street light will remain.


Old Street Lights

This old fashioned street light can be placed by just tapping anywhere on the ground where you want it placed.


Ceiling Lights

Build a house with a ceiling and then just place it in the ceiling and it will appear. This only works for ceilings.



The lanterns can be placed on walls and on the ground.

decolights2 decolights1

Colored Lights

Use dyes to color the lights. Simply tap on the lamps with a dye to make them turn into a different color.



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7 Responses

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  1. Mincrafter says:

    plz make media fire mcpedl is a bedrock site I bet it works i need this mod

  2. Miqu says:

    Cannot download like many of the mods on this site, Goes to a bunch of very suspect looking pages that want me to allow notifications/add things to my browser. Have tried disabling blocker, skipping ad, but I just keep getting redirected to a page that doesn’t respond after being bombarded with adverts… I know a lot of mods have issues with this dumb Adfly stuff but usually can eventually get past it, sadly this one is a total dud which is a shame, the lights look super pretty in the screenshots.

  3. Ni says:

    How do I download it only sends me to a page with text

  4. Georgy says:

    Hiiiiiii!! This is the most epic website I have ever used in history!

  5. Max says:

    Can you please add a zip archive button to this page? I download it and it just comes up with a bunch of text and it won’t let me copy it to Minecraft. Otherwise, the pictures look cool and I would love to use it!

  6. Lance says:

    How can you download this on iOS no computer or launcher

  7. @kernsworld says:

    This should be good.. its lighting up.. but I can see the lamp – just the stick.. how to fix?

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