Furniture Addon (New Music Player)

Add working models to your modern house or any kind of house, an iMac, coffee maker, a telephone, blender, entertainment system, a couch, speaker, etc. Created focused on high detail and almost everything made block by block.

Created by Lancelot, from Livecraft Team

Add a modern and realistic touch to your house with our modern looking furniture, wich include an iMac, a telephone, a speaker, blender, entertainment system, a couch, coffee maker, and more. But this addon its not finished yet, you have to finish it. Tell us in the comment section what would you like to see in the next version and we will maybe add it.

Working furniture

Some of the furniture actually works. For example, the chopping board can chop at the moment bread, the blender make a milkshake and the toaster toast bread. In this last update i added a grill and a gaming chair, but also added animations to make it look more realistic. I took a 2 week programation course, and that is why i took so long to update it. I will be making animations for each model gradually. To interact with the grill, just long tap on it with a raw steak in your hand. And to interact with the toaster, long tap with a sliced bread in your hand. It can toast up to 2 breads at the same time.

Music player

In order to play music, first you have to place speakers (Put as many as you want, but be careful, you dont want to destroy your ears). Now, just place an audio player, and you will be able to hear the music. Then, to play the next song tap and hold the music player button, and if you want to play the previous one, do the same thing but sneak while pressing the button. You have to download music packs to be able to hear music. You can download them here. In the future i will be adding some new things like a 3-D audio option, more speakers like wall speakers, ceiling speakers, etc.

Note: To stop the music you have to run the next command: “/stopsound @a”. In the future i will add a button to the audio player that stops the music.


To use the coffee maker first take cocoa beans and load it by just holding or right clicking on it. Then take a mug and interact, then the mug will fill with coffee.


NOTE 2: The next update theme is gonna be: Living room furniture. Suggest furniture for a living room down on the comments and i will turn them into minecraft furniture.

Changelog View more

Added new russian languages and a video and instructions explaining how to install everything you need.

Spoiler: new things coming.

Added a new music player. Now you can play music with only placing 2 or more speakers and the audio player. Read the instructions above to know how to use it.

Added a small bookshelf (Wich is only decorative by the moment)

I will be uploading more updates this days

Added a mini soda fridge, and also a normal size fridge. The soda fridge can give unlimited soda cans, wich recover 1 of hungry, and the fridge can store stuff. Also, added animation to the coffeemaker.

Added a few animations to the grill and the toaster, and a gaming chair. This have not crafting recipes because people been reporting they dont craft what they said or they dont even craft anything, so im removing them and looking for something else

Edit: I changed the images

Added a few animations to the grill and the toaster, and a gaming chair. This have not crafting recipes because people been reporting they dont craft what they said or they dont even craft anything, so im removing them and looking for something else

Added a trade to the furniture and crafting recipes. In the next update i will add more furniture and recipes

We added toasters, chopping boards and now the coffee maker works. I know this is a small update for the time it took, but i was planning to make all the kitchen furniture work, and i spend hours researching but i can only make work one at the time. I think its a glitch from minecraft. Anyways, i will deliver more updates soon, and also thanks for your suggestions and support, it really helps me keep the good work!

I want to thank you all the suggestions. I read all the comments, and now i have a lot of work to do. This update adds a couch,  an entertainment system and a blender. I will work hard to deliver faster updates. Thank you all!



Click on the 2 links (Resource and behaiviour) above

Scroll down and press "See web articles"

Wait about 15 seconds

Press the right corner "X"

Press continue

Wait another 15 seconds

Press continue again


Tap on the download

Minecraft will install them.

To install the sound packs:

Click here to go to the page

Download any of the sound packs available or suggest your own in the comment section

Install them just like any other minecraft addon

When using on a world, you will have to choose the sound packs from the resource settings. Put them above every resource in your world

Enter the game

Place an audio amplifier and 1 or 2 speakers

Press the button

Enjoy your music


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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Installation Guides

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401 Responses

3.72 / 5 (209 votes)
  1. Kittyssss says:

    Hello! I love this addon it’s amazing but I need a favor, can you make the music files a media fire link? It would be so much easier and I don’t really want to download a app. Tysm!

  2. 26Puggamer says:

    Can you plz add instruments like gutair and drums would Ben awesome even if they don’t work

  3. Ganso_kun says:

    Como puedo crear los articulos o puedes agregar que se puedan crear en un modo normal sin trucos

  4. Giovannix5111 says:

    Hola quería saber si podrías crear mesas, de cristal, madera, y materiales algo reales, o talvez un portador de pósters

  5. RGLgaming872 says:

    Hi. Do u think that u could make the song packs mediafire, if so, it would make this easier for me

  6. Anonymous says:

    It crashes minecraft whenever I try to open a world with this active, any way to fix this?

  7. Nashivan says:

    The link its soo many question before i download the addon😡

  8. DOG LOVER says:


    • LunarSquire8051 says:

      Ah yes. I was confused at first. The thing is you don’t have to be premium. You just have to complete the tasks on the top left corner. After you’ve done that hit continue and it should redirect you to mediafire.

  9. ToxicFajita23 says:

    it works for realms?

  10. Joseph .B. says:

    Many thanks so now I go to play My SCP map to have this addon 🙂

  11. SlimeQueen24 says:

    I think u should make a computer system thingy mobob and a 4 poster bed! Oh and all the things that work like the chopping board ect don’t work i’ve downloaded both texture and behaviour. And i play windows 10 edition if that helps :p

  12. name says:

    this is a f*** no working

  13. looneytune says:

    is there an option for pc and xbox players to be able to use the audio player?

  14. Anonymous says:

    It keeps asking to get premium and I can’t download plz fix

  15. FDGod says:

    Wait! This is the addon I see before in The Last Patient

  16. Gabe says:

    Hey! Are you able to tell me how to get all the items, i try using commands but i cant find any of the items, just a few of the food items in this mod, is there a way to fix this?

  17. Charlieh Venom says:

    Hey man I don’t know how to download the music? It’s blank for some reason I need advice man

  18. Pro Gamer672 says:

    How To Download?

  19. Julian says:

    Where is the “continue button”?

  20. Crossfyre says:

    So it keeps saying duplicate pack detected but I never downloaded the pack before

    • LancelotF says:

      Its because you downloaded the same file twice. Make sure to download the behaivior and resource.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey when I dowloaded the addon both behavior and resource.. The coffee naker doesnt work, the toaster doesnt work, the blender and the chopping board doesnt work.. And lastly.. The items arent there like the food pls help.. i dowloaded also the more food addon but the items were not there

      • Josh says:

        Hey..this Addons looks hella done, but when I downloaded it..on documents..it won’t say “ copy to Minecraft” can u help me out

  21. DTech says:

    Can you make a tutorials to install the sounds? But the add-on is really awesome!

  22. Woofwoofmeme says:

    but I need to be a premuipremuim member to do the packs.
    This is the only bad part so far.

  23. Kucing Oren says:

    This is the best furniture and please add PC gaming and etc

  24. Fynn says:

    How do I export the files into minecraft, I can’t find an option for exporting in FX

  25. LancelotF says:

    Is the addon crashing your game?

  26. ElKev says:

    How i get The furniture in survival?

  27. a concerned banana says:

    Can you give me a mediafire link? Linkvertise is a total nightmare

  28. Anonymous says:

    Download experience is awful because of the use lindredirect. Really sketchy.

  29. Deku says:

    Hi! I would like if you could put stuff on the book shelf and you could see it! Also here are some things you could add! Chairs, tables,pets,fake npcs like gf’s and bf’s, the food could give you potion effects like the milkshake could give you speed like a sugar rush! And after nausea like a sugar crash! But besides that it’s amazing! Thanks sp much for making this!

  30. Will says:

    como lo uso en survival?

  31. Leon says:

    Can you show me how to do it on ipad?

  32. Leon says:

    Can you show me how to do it on ipad?

  33. bnn mmb,nbhnj says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    this does not work i tried to download it but it took me to another place and it says that i have to pay money to get this addon

  35. Neo says:

    Can you make the next update about a armory station like a suit creator weapon creator anything like that please.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Where is the mug

  37. Anonymous says:

    how things crackle in survival

  38. Skai Summers says:

    Hi! So, I added this to my Minecraft realm on Xbox and it works! The only issue is that the cutting board won’t let me place bread and when I try to the emerald icon appears above my head. When I hit LT or RT it crashes my game. I would love to make toast. You should add beds that can be used or a working microwave next! Maybe even add a sweet berry shake to the blender.

  39. David says:

    Increíble me encantó talvez en la próxima versión puedan agregar más tipos de luces como los de karmaland y también el crafteo en el modo supervivencia

  40. DTech says:

    Thank for making it compatible at version 1.13 and 1.14. The add-on is really awesome! Hope in the next update, you’ll add more raw meat to cook on the grill. Have a nice time btw!

  41. Anonymous says:

    pls chang the download file because its so hard to download frome

  42. AXS207 says:

    It would be very good if you added that for example the grill would need coal to work like an oven because otherwise it would be something like a trap and it would be cosinary everything there is.

  43. Pedro says:

    Te dare varias un horno.heladera.mesas para comer.mesas de salas.sillas.focos.microondas.dispenser de agua y esos es todo lo que se me ocurre el mod es muy bueno para la proxima actualizacion añadele articulos de baño

  44. Hafsa says:

    hi so can you change the downloading because i can’t use a website called linkvertise
    if you can thx.the add on looks great

  45. Hafsa says:

    hi so can you change the downloading because i can’t use a website called linkvertise
    if you can thx.the add on looks awesome!!

  46. Xbox_modder says:

    You should make the coffee mug placeable. Also the mini fridge will only give me one soda for some reason…

  47. flo8903 says:

    How do I download it?
    plz help

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hi I figured out the download part of it, easy as pie, however I seem to be completely lost when it comes to the installing part. I added it to the files app, moved it to the documents app however it never says “copy in Minecraft” when I do the open thing. I tried to just move it into Minecraft and that didn’t work. Can someone please tell me how to actually install it? My friend and I have been trying to do this all day and I really do think this is an amazing addon.

  49. Sophie says:

    Omg I love it so far!! I have a new suggestion tho: add a treadmill!!

  50. Oli says:

    Table And normal Chairs

  51. Facu_Be says:

    I installed it but I can’t see any of the items, how do I craft them?

  52. TheGoldMeme says:

    Everything else works but you know what would be the coolest update the mod got, the mac and tv worked, (or just the mac)

  53. Rolan says:

    Please make it compatible with 1.12+ or 1.13+. Please I want to try this add-on, on 1.13. I’ll give it a 5 star.

  54. Brody says:

    The download worked and everything but, some of the features won’t work. The blender won’t blend, the sliced won’t slice, and I can’t take coffee. Can someone please tell me how to do all this. Thanks

  55. Anonymous says:

    you can you just have to wait five seconds on the article then wait for another 15 and ur good

  56. Anonymous says:

    hey can you fix dowload

  57. Anonymous says:

    can’t dowload

  58. Imstuff says:

    Cant download can you please put on ad fly
    Then on medafire please

  59. Anonymous says:

    cuando estara disponible este addon para la version 1.13

  60. Mariela says:

    i Want to see a bed next time

  61. Mariela says:

    How do you get the app please tell me I’ve been waiting to get it sence I was 5

    • Boomble says:

      All you do is download behavior then go to Minecraft folder go to games com.mojang then behavior_packs and put it in there then go back and go to resource_packs put the other one you download in there boom done

  62. Mr.CrayFish says:

    You should add bathroom items for an example: Shower Toilet-Toilet Paper, Bath-tub And Some other things like: Lamps/Lava lamps/tall lamps Tables chairs, Kitchen Items etc.

  63. Andres says:

    Se pueden craftear en supervivencia?

  64. Anonymous says:

    Se pueden craftear en supervivencia?, muy buen addon!

  65. azanone says:

    I like it! But televison is very big, can you add a small size televison? And please add some computers, such as Macbook Pro, iPad, Surface, Lenovo YOGA… Thanks!

  66. azanone says:

    I like it! But televison is very big, can you add a small size televison?
    And please add some computers, such as Macbook Pro, iPad, Surface, Lenovo YOGA…😂

  67. Anonymous says:

    I like it! But televison is very big, can you add a small size televison? And please add some computers, such as Macbook Pro, iPad, Surface, Lenovo YOGA… Thanks!

  68. Rur says:

    Can’t download

  69. Wyrmpants says:

    I can’t download this

  70. Đjjgsjtsi says:

    Can you add ceiling fan,bin,mailbox,light,chrismas tree and switches please . And it isn’t a Block so sometimes it make me very angery

  71. aQuirk says:

    Pls add a craft for all os these itens

  72. Luna says:

    This is to much of a mod I try to use it but my game crashes

  73. Lunatic says:

    press the behavior or resource. after that DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING scroll down click on view articles after that wait 10 secs be patient then after that click the x then scroll down back to the same page and press continue then go down again continue to download then I expect you to know the rest enjoy!

  74. Amara says:

    Most things do not come up that are in the pictures. Also most things aren’t able to be out down such as things that have replaced dyes or cocoa beans. Thank you because otherwise the things look ok.

    • LancelotF says:

      Hi, Minecraft sometimes lowers the models quality to get a better experience (More FPS). Turn “Fancy graphics” on (Video settings) so you can see the models at max detail

  75. The lazy potato says:

    Ok so I got all the Addon but when I added it it keep on kicking me off you you tell me the reason why?

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe its because your device its not powerfull enough to run this mod, or because you are on a beta version or because you have too much resource and behaivior packs

  76. JuanC17 playz says:

    This will be a lot of fun when I update!!!!!!

  77. kevin says:

    can it use in realm?

  78. Suanghong says:

    I want to download this add-ons

  79. Adnaan says:

    Hey what is the recipe of these

  80. EnderBoyVN says:

    How to download, why, can you guide how to download??

  81. BlueWolfe145 says:

    So I have no problem downloading the behavior pack but the resource pack link is kind of just stuck on loading screen. Oh, and btw, why not use the adfly? Just asking.

  82. Neofles says:

    Hello I just wanted to say that whenever I click behaviour and go to mediafire it always sends me to the resource download please tell me why

  83. Furuous says:

    I love your addon and by the way I can’t find the mug for the coffee maker where is it

  84. Anonymous Man says:

    When I press download it shows a thing where it says download again and when I click it it doesn’t work, so I click repair download and still doesn’t work. Please fix this issue.

  85. LancelotF says:

    Hi, the behaviour link was taking people to the same site as the resource, but its fixed now. Thanks so much for reporting.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Link for behavior is broke, ends up taking you to resource in the end.

  87. MrFox35 says:

    I’ll click every single link there’s a “6.0 resources pack and that’s alright I’ll click it and download it and when I go to the second one a behavior link and it’s still same,it show “6.0 resources packs” once again same like the previous one,fix this issues rn

  88. DJaketechgaming says:

    For some reason when i click texture i download the resource pack but when i click for behavior it also downloads the resource pack

  89. Ethan says:

    i cannot get the behavior pack

  90. Anonymous says:

    Whenever I do the correct thing when I do behaviour it always sends me to Mediafire resource pack download

  91. Rhay says:

    Once I Click Behavior It Redicts to the Texure

  92. Lunatic says:

    Hey Lancelot I have an idea add more furniture like piano and pools table other then that I’m lovin’ it also don’t overdo it like furnicraft keep it simple! Your a legend btw add me discord #Lunatic0820 you would love ideas I can send you problems people are having.

  93. Josh says:

    I download it then i applied to mywrold but i cant get the furnitures pls help

  94. Slimequeen24 says:

    Plz can someone help me download this thing i don’t know what to do after i get to the website!

    • Lunatic says:

      press the behavior or resource. after that DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING scroll down click on view articles after that wait 10 secs be patient then after that click the x then scroll down back to the same page and press continue then go down again continue to download then I expect you to know the rest enjoy!

  95. Rhay says:

    Can you pls make the phone to trading

  96. Hello gaming says:

    Please change the link because i can’t access this link

  97. Dylan says:

    So I downloaded this and I was thinking if you could add it so you could have two people on it and in survival when you kill the model it dosen’ t give you it back

    • Stick Boy says:


  98. Rayi says:

    How to download ?
    Pls answer.

  99. Rasen says:

    I did this and when I was importing it and going into Minecraft it said import failed and i don’t know what’s wrong help

  100. 7Wdev says:

    Nice add-on , I found only one mistake, in survival when a player kills the models he doesn’t get them back ._. I hope u fix it and keep going

    • Kyle Tomlinson says:

      I t’s a good mod! I like the idea and it was easy to install (reading others comments) but I did have one problem, I had experimental gameplay on, and most of the recipes where spawn eggs that didn’t work, or had the same icon (ex) I had two grills but one was a toaster and had toast in it, but I could make a toaster that didn’t have toast, other than weird models, bugged crafting recipes or having a bugged spawn eggs, the mod is a cool concept and is Amazing

  101. alexis says:

    Una pregunta como hago la taza para el café Ayuda buen complemento

  102. Lol says:

    How so you downlode it

  103. Isabelle Weissenberger says:

    How do I get a mug?

  104. ACE says:

    Need a media firelink now I’m a expert with installing mods that don’t have mediafire links now but this link to this mod is trash bro can’t find any hidden link to the mod Download at all

  105. NoName says:

    I can’t download it, when I press to download this addon, it brings me to a shady website and asks me to pay for a premium pass? Please add mediafire links, this addon looks so good!

  106. GamerFrightYT says:

    Pls make the speaker furnional I would be really presiate if u add songs on the speaker 🙂 I’ll give it full stars 🙂

    • LancelotF says:

      Thanks for your suggestion. I have already done a working speaker system, and im going to make the speaker functional, but with a stronger and better system

      • juana says:

        I downloaded both the texture pack and the behavior pack, but when I went into Minecraft to test everything out, the furniture and such was nowhere to be found. I’m not sure how to make it work exactly. I turned all of my other texture packs off but it didn’t really help either

  107. Diamond says:

    Ok everyone, Calm down about this download thing, Click Read article and Press the X button and Then If it says check, click the things that takes you to the website.

  108. Chase says:

    Never mind, I found out how to install it I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

  109. Chase says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you could add a Mediafire link too. I have tried to download it but the site you are using keeps misdirecting me.

  110. William Afton says:

    Make the entertainment system play a scene from a movie any movie we want a tv where we can actually watch stuff

  111. Bendygirl123 says:

    Hey can you actually make the phone work where you can call other players in the game? Thanks!

    • LancelotF says:

      I dont think that is possible my friend

    • James says:

      I love youre addon but can you make your creation blocks i hate it being a mob because i acidentally kill it and i hate it being a mob pls find it in your heart to make it blocks and have some suggestions here
      1.wooden or fancy chairs so you dan sit on it
      2.wooden or fancy tables so you can place blocks
      3.Fridge to store food
      4.computer to play on
      5.cabinets to stord clothes
      6.dishes so you can put food
      7.sink to washes dirty dishes and for decorations
      8.water dispenser put a empty water bottle and it fills i hope theres an animation😁
      9.candy bowl yumm,,
      10.bottle of wine just for disign
      11. Bird bath sorry if this is the wrong name forgot what it called
      12. Mailbox
      14. Buckets and mop
      16. Toilet to pop in
      17. Shower
      18. Bathtub
      19.design trees
      21. Maybe some figurines ?
      22. Double bed
      23. Ceiling fan
      24.switches so the ceiling fan and light bulb work
      25 lightbulb
      26. Sand castles
      27.slides and swings
      28. Mirrors
      29.some beach chairs
      30 umbrellas
      31. Old clock
      32 some new doors for example japanese door
      Pls read this LancelotF i hope you make your work a block and i hope some of my ideas will be part of you work

  112. fuddy says:


  113. Clara says:

    I downloaded it and it looks good, but the blender, the chopping table and the toaster don’t work! When I go close to the blender it says „trade” and if I click it, there is only one slot. I tried to put something in it, but it didn’t work. Same with the chopping table and coffee machine. These are my only improvements.

    • LancelotF says:

      Hi, thanks for your review. Currently the toaster and the grill are the only entities with animations, but in the future i will be adding animations to the other entities.

  114. zayed8313 says:

    Wow I like it so much Mediafire link is here why people saying no link

  115. Xynolex says:

    Can u make a how to download on android video

  116. Dottore Strano says:

    Make it for 1.13/1.14 please

  117. your biggest fan says:

    please make it an adfly link please!

  118. Mr.CrayFish says:

    Could you add a lava lamp?? With Colors For Example: Green, blue, pink, And, the original Lava Color Ofc

  119. Anonymous says:

    I cant download i need credit card?

    • Callmehshakira says:

      click the article on the side of it then wait some seconds to press the X and then click continue at the bottom of the article. It should take you to another site and then wait some seconds again and it will take you to media fire.

  120. Diego says:

    Yay i am happy 🙂

  121. MYNAMEISJEFF says:

    The download on media fire is not working, please fix the downloads.

  122. Pro Gamer672 says:

    WOW! COOL!

  123. Bisma says:

    How to download

  124. Nick says:

    I can’t download it

  125. Anonymous says:

    Easy to download and craft it but the thing is, how to put it? After you carft the items it’s look like an egg. But when i hold it and touch the ground nothing happens? Creator how to use it?

  126. night girl says:

    can you make more chests in this plz

  127. Talia says:

    How do u download it…

  128. Jaythepro says:

    Hi please make the link to mediafire because im having trouble downloading this thing and its just like very random and dont know how to download it

  129. Corey says:

    Hey! I was testing this to use it on my realm but I noticed some spawn eggs are glitchy! If you fixed it I’d definitely use this Addon again.

  130. Kristina says:

    Best furniture mod ever, but can you make the couch for 2 or 3 players to sit on? Also add more drinks to the blender 😀

  131. MCgamer129 says:

    I like supporting modders and all, but this just isn’t the way to do it. I’m not going to be that jerk who asks for a direct download. Instead I just ask that maybe instead of using that specific URL shortener, instead you could use another one? I tried multiple times to download the addon, but each time it wanted me to activate notifications and install a browser extension I know nothing about. I personally think it’s reasonable to support creators, but when they use shady sites that can put other’s computers at risk, that’s when the line is crossed. I really want to download the mod and support you, but its hard when the site isn’t reasonably passable.

    • LancelotF says:

      Hi, thanks for your review. Sorry for the inconvenencie. A lot of people are telling me the same thing, but when i got into my own link (In my device, and even on friends devices) it didnt asked me for that. Can you please send me screenshots to my discord? Lancelot#2880. If you (Or someone) could please help me with that i will be able to contact the shortener and ask them to fix that problem. Thanks.

  132. Saber says:

    I was taken down by a blender it crashed my game I have no idea if its even for Xbox X3 but I did put experimental gameplay on and only two things work the chopping board and the toaster and one of the eggs spawned a weird villager I was very confused because they were also showing up as eggs sooo….yeah :3

  133. Anonymous says:

    This add on is a good one that works and could you add a fridge plz

  134. astronautadu says:

    amazing furnitures!!!!

  135. LancelotF says:

    Hi, great addon, but you should ad in the description to enable experimental gameplay or the items won’t work. I spend like 5 minutes trying to figure out why do i have not items, but just enabled experimental gameplay and worked.

  136. Random person says:

    How do you craft a coffee mug? If anyone could tell me, it’d be a great help! 🙂 The mod’s amazing by the way! Keep up the good work!

  137. Andrew says:

    mediafire file plz

  138. AgentCPU0 says:

    So, the ad site you’re using requires us to not only enable site notifications, but also download some random browser extension? Yeah, not gonna happen

  139. leon says:

    i dont see coffee mug and bread for toaster

  140. А says:

    Я думаю надо добавить кухонное обновление:холодильник,стиральную машину,луховку и стул

  141. Jem says:

    Hi can you add simple chairs that we can sit on like outdoor chairs cafe chairs restaurant chair and other more

  142. Dug says:

    Please add a lava lamp Colors: Pink purple blue green, and the normal lava color obviously

    If you do, thanks!

  143. AgentCPU0 says:

    The couch is cool, but what about chairs? Like maybe dining chairs or office chairs

  144. judex seche says:

    I tried to craft the coffee mug with glass but I didn’t get it.

  145. K says:

    Plz mediafire cuz your thing won’t work

  146. Léo says:

    I cant make the download of the addon and the texture

  147. James says:

    How do you craft the coffee mug

  148. Destruidor says:

    Van you add exterior,bedroom,bathbroom
    Decoration plz
    Talk to me

  149. Soph says:

    Wow, I love it! I have a suggestion though. You should add the other type of thing called a phone… not this ☎️ but this 📱 the multipurpose portable device with a screen that I’m typing on right now. Like a iPhone

  150. MurderDanarX says:

    Hi creator of this mod i give you more Furniture like clock Can be placed on wall and electronic fan under roofs and another fan has a stand can be placed only on the ground and can you make them be animation fan? It’s ok if you can’t and creat network that can be placed on wall and can you creat ipad can be hold in your hand and can be turning on/off and yes can you make internet connection for ipad (can be connected using that network i said can be placed on wall) and creat carpet that is long like 2 meters or 3 i don’t know

  151. Brian says:

    Please let it be known in your description if its available in survival mode

  152. jovacool867 says:

    The complement is very good and dynamic, I’m glad they added that the coffee maker makes coffee, but it would be perfect if they added people or some mod that is perfect with the complement.

  153. alexis says:

    Hola bro buen complemento si pudieras crear un timbre o una estufa o la función de la tostadora seria genial buen addon bro like

  154. idk says:

    how do yuo download it tho

  155. trevor says:

    how do you craft them in survival?

  156. Mariah says:

    I tried to craft a mug and It didn’t work

  157. :8 says:

    Baby/kid things please that’s all I ask.

  158. well. you did it again! i love your work. now I’m going to go get some coffee

  159. Joaquin says:

    I have installed it and no new block appears, that is, there is a way to do it in survival or it is with commands and in creative it does not appear either.
    I installed it well or I think if someone can help me it would be great

  160. shadowloverninteen123 says:

    i love it and i knon how to instal it and love it

  161. LancelotF says:

    Okay, a lot of people still asking me to place Mediafire direct download. Do you like to work for free? Well i don’t, and even when i enjoy what i do, the shortener helps me to keep posting content. I tried to use a user-friendly shortener, instead of some others wich infest your PC, or open like 3 tabs of ads. Also i disabled the notifications requirement and the chrome extension requirement, so now you will only have to wait 15 seconds and/or watch some websites ads, with your download and share you help me a lot. Thank you for your attention.

    • Saket says:

      hey i just downloaded it but idk how to get the furniture.. any help?

    • trevor says:

      need crafting recipes for survival

    • imnotkryptic says:

      I dont mind clicking the links to subscribe or whatever.. It’s just annoying I had to disable my adblocker in order to download it.. I like to keep it on incase malware ads.. But I like the addon, keep up the good work!

    • Legend says:

      I waited for 2 minutes and nothing happened

    • AgentCPU0 says:

      No, you did not disable the requirements the ad site wants. Or maybe you did and the site changed it. Either way, no one is able to download it without going through them. I don’t want to discourage you from using ad sites, but you really need to think whether it’s worth earning money off of your content if there are active issues with getting past the ads to do the actual download, cause very few people, if any at all, are gonna even try download what you post while this kind of thing is happening

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi, i disabled it, and checked by myself and it does not ask for notifications. This addon has been shared about 5,000 times and the mediafire site says it has been downloaded about 9,000 times (8,798 to be exact by now). That is why i think everyone can download it easily. But thanks for letting me know.

  162. imnotkryptic says:

    I’m not disabling my AdBlocker.. Just put it in a MediaFire link and stop being a baby..

  163. Dominik says:

    Hi, I was wondering… what software do you use to make these Addons?

  164. HarleyEQuinn says:

    I’m cool with the download link other than the Ashley Madison and free escort spam popping up with every download on this site… Wtf we are too busy playing Minecraft to cheat. Cool mod though.

  165. Jesús Daniel says:


  166. DJaketechgaming says:

    Im having so much trouble trying to obtain this addon, if anyone has somehow gotten to the mediafire page can u pls reply to me with both links please

  167. Anonymous says:

    I would prefer if these were blocks because it is kinda annoying to rotate all the time, Overall Great Addon, i would suggest you use Adf.ly

  168. Sse says:

    Maybe you could just use adfly?

  169. Painful says:

    Are they blocks or are they entities?

  170. LancelotF says:

    Hi. A lot of comments are telling me to place the download in mediafire. I am telling you that im not doing that. The download is already on mediafire, and to access, you just need to do simple tasks like enable notifications or watch the ethernet posts. Let me tell you that on Chrome mobile and in Chrome desktop you can disable websites notifications after download the addon. Also you can erase chrome extensions. I hope you undersand the work and the time that takes to make models in 3D, texturize them, import them, write all the code, test it, look for bugs, fix them, etc. etc. etc. Thanks for your atention.

    • Rockeous says:

      Hey, I know it takes a lot of time but some people don’t want to activate notifications to some shady website. I know you probably aren’t trying to give people viruses but all you have to do is move where the link brings you

    • Lillie says:

      Hi, I just brought a new computer because a few days ago, my computer got a virus from that website you used. Please reconsider using that site.

    • lexiisnow says:

      i really want to download this mod but i am not going to use some SHADY website. and as u can see neither is like 70 percent of us so please move it to adfly or mediafire those are the two trusted websites that i am going to download it on i have a good computer and i am not going to get a virus on this

    • DJaketechgaming says:

      I hear u but im not gonna enable notifications to some shady website. Also it makes no sense why u should have to go through all these sites. Why not just use adfly?

      • Xynnful says:

        You really don’t have to, you just need to copy the part in the address bar where it says “redirect/redirecting https%…” then just convert the link using togglecase(dot)com/url_encode_decode

    • amisy says:

      Taking time to make these models take time and we know that, and many of us would gladly support you but this isn’t the way to make money.

    • CODEX! says:

      Yeah bad mod! See you 29129102919029 years later change website to ADFLY RIGHT NOW!

  171. Mia says:

    I love this mod but can you add chairs and my sofa is crooked now I’m not but any pressure but if you fixed those things it would just make it better for me but I love it

  172. Oriii says:

    Please make this media fire or Dropbox or adult PLEASE I have been trying to find many mods but they don’t work and I have many high hopes on this PLEASEEEEE thank you

  173. Anonymous says:

    How can i get them

  174. Sdo638 says:

    Agrega un peluche 🙂 le podré 5 estrellas pero es para la 1.13 beta para instalarlo 😎

  175. alexis says:

    Quisiera que agregaras una estufa y un microondas si se pudiera o un timbre saludos

  176. GAME MEX says:


  177. PilotRhyme401q says:

    could you please change the download link

  178. TooCoolForSchool says:


  179. CYROGENESIS says:

    Add a gaming chair and realease this on mediafire

  180. Cameron Bingham says:

    Make this mod on MEDIA FIRE AND ADFLY



  181. Sebastian says:

    Add some tables.

  182. Idea person says:

    Maybe make a 3d birdcage with an animated little parakeet inside of it.
    Maybe add crafting recipies?

  183. Anonymous says:

    Does it replace ???

  184. Carlos LM says:

    Puedes agregar sillas o mesas?

  185. Jheovanny Gomez says:

    Make so you don’t have to open in files

  186. Please Do It says:

    Please Could You Change The Download Link Because Doing All Those Steps Sounds Kinda Like It Will Harm Your Device

    Maybe Use Mediafare?

  187. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Can you add chairs and can you make the texture of the couch to wool?

  188. Shadow says:

    plz add beds or chairs

  189. maby do a kitchen cabinet and cook stuff

  190. melodyburrito says:

    Hello I just wanna say How do we download this?!? I rate it 5 stars IF U Tell me Cause I already did so you gotta replyyy

  191. Dollynho142 says:

    The addon replaces something?

  192. Blaine says:

    Pls add tables beanbags as well as a fridge oven lava lamps as well as a straight link to mediafpire or an easier website

  193. Sebastian says:

    Microwave, fan, chairs.


  194. King says:

    Snow globe
    Alarm clock

  195. Tiny Dragon says:

    I will give you two stars because I want to download it, but in the link I have to activate notifications and I don’t want to do that can you make the download mediafire it is easier

  196. Ur mother says:

    please use adfly or some other link thing. I dont want the chrome extension to harm my device. this mod looks cool and i would really like to get it.

  197. SwallowFF says:

    The models are brilliant- can you make it survivor friendly

  198. ArGuA30 says:

    Please move your downloading link into media fire

  199. Thetigerking says:

    Add Legos and toys 😻😻😻😻😻

  200. Danial says:

    Amazing add-on.
    Can you also add a way to craft their spawn eggs or a way to get them in survival

  201. Sebastian says:

    Please add a laptop, TV, retexture the doors to glass doors

  202. Stichyboy10 says:

    Pls add more stuff it only added stuff from pictures thank you!

  203. JJPlays says:

    iPhone and camera and camera screen Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  204. Donovan Bravo says:

    Qué entidades remplazan?

  205. HunterBlinxYT says:

    Add Working showers

  206. Anonymous says:

    Could you please make a Media Fire Link because I would like to use it too?

  207. George says:

    Can this addon go on the mcpedl app for iPhone and android

  208. George Alonzo 5 says:

    I just want to get the link I don’t want to Get the chrome extension Lookbox

  209. Critic Boy123 says:

    It’s ok just fix it because it’s Laggy on some devices

  210. MintMink says:

    The Addon keeps crashing my game! Fix it please!

  211. lil Naty says:

    It crashed my game can you make it a bit less laggy

  212. Anonymous says:

    It crashed my game it’s to laggy

  213. Harry cut says:

    Chairs replacing mincarts, tables replacing shulkers, lights replacing lamps , boxes replacing barrels 😃please

  214. ArGuA30 says:

    Please change the downloading link into the media fire. please answer my comment. thank you

  215. BrainTheBest5 says:

    Add many real furniture, for example: wall cabinets, TVs, kitchen counters, furniture with drawers, a working printer, etc. … things like that, I think the final result will be WONDERFUL !!!!

  216. Anonymous says:

    A very nice addon……I hope there will be more updates coming soon😀😀😀😀

  217. Anonymous says:

    A very nice addon I hope there will be more updates coming soon

  218. Charlie says:

    Can you add a phone tv iPad ps4 boxes toys and iPods

  219. Charlie says:

    It’s not working

  220. Anonymous says:

    Un passble adds

  221. Dantereza says:

    It could be like an iPhone or another type of cell phone, so it would be more modern still.

  222. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it would be nice to see a toaster and great add on!

  223. dankestblaze says:

    Maybe for each update you could have a theme? Example being, for the next update you could have a kitchen theme.

  224. Ethan Ellis says:

    You should adds a tv, a oven, a table and chairs and also a fridge.

  225. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want to allow notifications can you make a way were we can just get it through mediafire

  226. RustedBlackhawk says:

    Make an oven/cabinets and such from the education edition element blocks. I have tried to do this but my texture skills are horrendous.

  227. ColdPsychoVamp says:

    Can you please add different types of beds, chairs, tables, kitchen stuff, closets, bathroom stuff.

  228. EmeraldMC says:

    1. CCTV:
    Can rotate at any direction.
    2. CCTV Monitor:
    This is where you look and choose what CCTV you want to look at.
    3. Doorbell:
    Just a normal doorbell for some users with an awesome sound.
    4. Curtains:
    With custom types and can be closed or opened.
    5. Chair:
    With stone and wood types
    6. Tables:
    With stone and wood types that can be placed 6 items.
    7. Long Tables:
    With stone and wood types that can place items for up to 10.
    8. Sofa:
    A long sofa that can fit for about 3 people and can be edited the length by the mini sofa and can be dyes and put some pillows
    9. Mini sofa :
    Can only be fitted 1 person and can be edited and turn into a large sofa.
    10. Pillows:
    Has different types and can be dyed
    11. Fridge:
    Can store some uncooked foods and had functionality.
    12. Ceiling Fan:
    A cieling fan with functional
    13. Oven:
    Can cooked items 3x faster than the furnace.
    14. Microwave:
    Can only cook fried foods such as like beef, chicken etc.
    15. Stove:
    Can cooked stuff with a frying pan.
    16. Frying pan:
    Partner of stove.
    That’s all cuz i don’t wanna look like a spoiled person.

  229. ethan says:

    pls update otmore cuz i love furniture addon

  230. Anonymous says:

    cant download it , could i plz get some help

  231. Liam TDP says:

    Pls add some bathroom and living room furniture

  232. Pizzamania says:

    Can you please add toasters, TVs, and blenders? Thx

  233. Rockeous says:

    Chairs, tables, tv. I haven’t downloaded yet and won’t rate until I see more furniture. Keep up the good work tho, my friend downloaded it and showed me. It looks pretty cool 😀

  234. Ravenclaw says:

    In the next update could you include a chairs and couch?

  235. Kameron Williams says:

    This isn’t fair… it takes you to an inescapable ad website that doesn’t work.

  236. SCP-049 says:

    Hi great addon I think you should add different screens to the computer. That’s all thanks! 😁

  237. TrinoxPKMNYT says:

    So, before I get this, how do you get the items? because am wanting these for an RP Series i want to make

  238. Steve says:

    Great addon, can you please add a entretainment system next? thanks.

  239. Alesscreeper says:

    it looks great, you could add chairs and maybe a gamer chair for the pc? (sorry for my english)

  240. Binghambrothers5 says:

    Make the texture and Behavior pack one thing and make it on mediafile

  241. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    Will you make more?

  242. Micah says:

    I think you should add an office chair a flat screen TV a cool lamp

  243. Jack says:

    Add a fridge and oven

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