Published on May 11, 2022

Decorative Beds

Hey Guys Im Back With Another Texture. This One Retextures The Beds And Renames Them To Be Like Benches, This Does NOT Add New Items, Its Only A Texture Pack.


Supported Minecraft versions

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You need to stop using malicious sites like Linkvertise for this stuff.
There is NOTHING malicious about LinkVertise. People just DONT watch my video on how to actually use LinkVertise properly, Yeah some ads will popup, but you dont have to do anything with them, just close them. If you watch my Video, im 100% certain you WILL NOT have any problems downloading any of MY Addons Or even other peoples for that matter. I hope you manage to use it properly in the future and NOT think its MALICIOUS.
por favor, bancos pero de lanas
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Aquí hay un enlace para las camas de lana.
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