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Published on February 17, 2015 (Updated on February 17, 2015)

Decrafter Mod

This mod implements a Decrafter block in the game which can be used to get the core items which an object is made out of.

Crafting in Minecraft PE is easy, almost too easy. Sometimes it may have happened that you crafted one too many items. Another time you might feel you just want to use a crafted item or block for a short while but then get back the core items which you used to craft the needed item or block. The Decrafter Mod resolves this issue as you can do reverse crafting.

Creator: Krim4918


  • /Advanced Decrafter - an advanced decrafter item - Item ID: 28

How to decraft an item?

First of you will need to craft the following block and then place it down on the ground.

  • Decrafter (25) - 8 cobblestones + 1 iron ingot

To decraft an item tap with the item you want to decraft on the Decrafter block and the items will be dropped down on the ground in front of you. In this example we got three iron ingots and two sticks when we decrafted an iron pickaxe.

But mcpe version
Noice 69
Does it give enchantment books too it could be better than grindstone
Will you ever make a mod like this for Windows 10?
Pls put. Copy to mc in
Can you please update it
This mod won't be getting updated, will it?
Any idea on when you will update for 0.13.0?
It's cool man! Keep updating !!
Decrafter Mod is updated to v2.0 :)
Ok, awesome! Same link still I assume.
When you write /Advanced Decrafter, you can get it and it can decraft an item that is already used. i also added many blocks to decraft :)
Thanks Krim4918. I fixed it!
Wont decraft blocks
It won't work for all items, but in later updates it will.