creator-avatar [16×16] keeps the majority of the textures as they are in the original version of Minecraft PE, but with the addition of shaders. Some of the mobs got new textures. For example, the pig got an awesome looking pair of glasses and is dressed in a suit and chickens are dressed in tuxedos. So as you can imagine, seeing pigs dressed as businessmen most definitely will put a smile on your face and the the beautiful looking shaders probably will too.

Creator: SnakeEyse

screenshot-2015-04-11-12-55 screenshot-2015-04-11-12-52 screenshot-2015-04-11-12-56_2


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11 Responses

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  1. Nolab says:

    When I click on the Download link, it says ‘Error 404. We couldn’t find what you’re looking for’ so I can’t really give it a good rating,

  2. Z3r0slayz says:

    Like I dont mean to hate or dislike this texture pack but the site its in is not so great people may download it easy but what if the IOS devices need a computer but dont have one

  3. DrMineshafter says:

    OMG the pig is a boss

  4. There is no terrain in the texture pack.

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