DeletePack Unlocker Addon

This is an addon which will let you delete resource packs and behavior packs (also known as addons) directly in-game. It’s one of those features which I wish existed in Minecraft PE but for some reason doesn’t. However, with this addon it will and that’s good enough for me!

Creator: DualRed, Twitter Account

How to delete packs in-game?

Here is a list of items which you will be able to delete. This will work on all packs no matter whether they produce any errors or warnings.

  • Resource packs (also known as texture packs)
  • Behavior packs (also known as addons)
  • Purchased packs (e.g. textures packs which you’ve purchased)

To demonstrate how this works I have installed the Hot Air Balloon Addon on my device. (I have tested this on Windows 10, Android and iOS and it works for all systems). And now I am going to delete the resource and behavior packs directly in-game by using the DeletePack Unlocker Addon.

Delete Resource Packs

There are two ways that you can use this pack to delete a resource pack.

The first option is to go to Settings Global resources. Select the pack and click the bin icon to delete it.

Close the Settings tab once you’ve deleted it.

The second option is to create a new world (or edit an existing one) and go to Resource Packs and delete the pack there. This option will delete the pack entirely from your device and not just from this world even though it might seem so.

Close the world options once you’ve deleted it.

Delete Behavior Packs

These kind of packs changes the behaviors for mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition. They are usually installed when you are downloading an addon.

To delete a behavior pack you will either have to select the option to create a new world or edit an existing world. This option will delete the behavior pack entirely from your device!

Close the world options once you’ve deleted it.


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings Global resources > Activate pack
  4. Close Settings (IMPORTANT!)

You can download a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

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209 Responses

2.53 / 5 (38 votes)
  1. EricRao says:

    Broke my game!
    btw if u are on windows 10
    go in to this folder

    (change***YourUserName***to your own one)

    and delate the pack inside

  2. READ THIS says:

    Restart your device 3 times each time going in to Minecraft then restarting

  3. Mars says:

    It doesn’t work did you build this to break people’s game this addon should be deleted from minecraft

  4. Mars says:

    This is horrible it’s making my game break
    It’s so bad and if I can delete a addon it’s this one

  5. TooCoolForSchool says:

    This addon is garbage It needs a addon to delete IT

  6. Green Soda says:


  7. editor please delete this add-on, it just crashes the game, and there is a storage function.

  8. Aiden says:


  9. Dantdm fan says:

    I love this addon it is cool 😎 thank you 😀 I will rated five stars ⭐️

  10. Mr. Enderman says:

    When I put it in global resources, my game glitched out really badly, and I can’t take it off, or on, ALL of my adding where gone; I thought you could delete the ones you wanted, not ALL of them. I’m afraid the only way to delete the delete pack unlocked is by deleting Minecraft; And I have MANY special worlds, and addons D: 🙁

  11. DualRed says:

    This addon is out-of-date now. It only work before 1.1.x version so don’t download and use it. Thanks!

  12. Martin says:

    Would rate 0 stars but can’t. This pack is 🤬 and I do not recommend it, because when I applied it in global resources, it turned parts of my screen black. When I went to delete a pack in texture packs, I tapped on it several times but did not do anything. Very disappointed😫.

  13. PotatoLord01 says:

    Or you can just go in the setting, click storage and delet them there

  14. TheHDCrafterYT says:

    if for some reason still someone is downlaoding this, i explained it up in the comments for to fix it without a pc. I hope the creator will finaly kill the linke because he would save so many people importing it. If a moderator reads this, delete the download link!!!!

  15. McChubbyBurger says:

    Please help me I can’t make worlds or put addons on it can somebody help me with trying to delete it

  16. Your help says:

    You dummy your the one who installed it it your fult that your Minecraft ruined
    If you reply to me think about your life in the mirror

  17. lol o pop says:

    Same for me Zozo

  18. lol o pop says:

    I need help

  19. lol o pop says:

    I installed the mod cause i couldn’t use any resource packs but when I downloaded it, it didn’t show any recourse packs as though I didn’t have any (also the background went black for some reason) PLEASE HELP

  20. Zozo says:

    I downloaded it and there was a little yellow exclamation mark (which means it isn’t compatible) I clicked it to try to delete the Addon and it started glitching and the screen turned black

  21. Sarainia says:

    Everyone go here to remove! C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\resource_packs

    Hey you Creator of DeletePack fix your pack otherwise I have no choice but to report you! This is a dirty pack on so many levels! I will give you 3 weeks to make it proper and not make everything black and inaccessible to click or view! Today is May 2nd I will give you till May 23rd to get a proper version up, failure to do so will result in a report! I am forgiving and patient and will not report right now as there is time for you to fix your mistake or fix your intentional Trolling addon whichever it is!

    • Ethan says:

      This addon was made a long time ago, for the purpose of deleting addons. It broke after the deleting addons was made possible without this addon, thanks to the storage section in the settings. This is not a trolling addon, but a DEAD addon. Don’t get angry at the developer for leaving the broken addon here to rot.

    • Fawfuls TNT says:

      This is not a trolling addon, its a peice of trash that has been left on this site to rot ever since it was made obsolete by the storage section in the settings, which can delete addons. The creator is most likely never going to update this pack. What use does it have anyway, now that deleting packs is already possible withut addons?

      • DualRed says:

        You’re right. But after Mojang released new version, you can delete it easily without this addon. Creator not abandon it, it’s just useless right now!

    • Not a trolling addon, it glitches the game because of some UI chaNges, along with the storage section being added to delete packs.

  22. Lucario says:

    This delegate all my packs and I have less options Plis help

  23. Lucario says:

    Plis help it del eat everything and I have less options

  24. Lex veenhoven says:

    O my gosh it is gixed thank you so so much thehdcrafter

  25. Lex veenhoven says:

    Thehdcrafter i do not understand your tutorial );

  26. Lex veenhoven says:

    Pleaaaaase help my minecraft is all broken and idk how to fix it can Someone help me pleeeeeeaaaaaaase

  27. Chiara Timmerherm says:

    I Need help, I was using it and know my packscare invisebal and When I add a nee Pack its getting invisebal too😬

  28. Anonymous says:

    I Need help, I was using it and know my packscare invisebal and When I add a nee Pack its getting invisebal too😬

  29. Nicole says:

    I can’t believe that my iPad is now all messed up! I can’t even use Minecraft because of this person’s addon! Everything’s ruined and I really need help. All my addons have disappeared, I lost all but 3 settings, and now the settings background is all black. I really need some help, from the creator or anyone!

  30. Hunter Leighton says:


  31. Hunter Leighton says:

    I don’t know why, but I can’t access resources for worlds or global, behavior packs are invisible, and I can’t get on Minecraft without it crashing!
    How do you fix this!?
    I don’t want to reinstall Minecraft because then I would lose my worlds…

  32. SomaticFrog3100 says:

    Can you plz make this addon for IOS plz? 🙂

  33. Itsarga says:

    I tried to use this and then it just made all of my resource or behavior packs DISAPPEAR!!!! what is HAPPENING!!! now my minecraft pe is ruined 🙁

  34. Stormboy says:

    Btw, you better find a way to fix this mess. 🤯

  35. Dino122 says:

    Please help! This pack messed up my Mincraft settings! Now I cannot equip or get rid of resource packs. Please help!

  36. Lily says:

    This is terrible! After downloading I can’t see the rest of my other addons. Please help if you know how to fix it!

  37. HuskyWolf says:

    Why are the first comments at the top?

    You NEED up to date comments up there.

    The pack hides all of your packs without prompt.

    Stay away from the pack.

    Use the real method as shown above on removing files.

  38. Ave says:

    It made me delete every thing with out me making it do it

  39. KallamanzoX says:

    It’s just horrendously terrible. I was able to fix it later on since I’m on Android, but I feel really bad about the iOS users… To be honest, I was stuck with a black screen on every menu. The resource packs I had just disappeared (But it’s still there on my storage). There’s just no use of using this if it’s this outdated. Editor, have you told the creator to update this?

  40. CreeperPlayzMC says:

    On MCPE 1.2.5 I downloaded it, but all of my resource and behavior packs were automatically deleted but if I try to download them it still says duplicate and becomes black now I actually want my MCPE to crash to take off the Delete Pack I’ll never ever download it ever ever again

  41. Carson says:

    Caused my game to glitch. All my resource packs, behavior packs gone. Has numbers on bottom and I tried offloading my game and reinstalling didn’t work. Now it’s pointless so DON’T GET. Also editor can you please tell me how to fix this? Very upset and annoyed. (PS I’m IOS).

  42. Flame'inGame'in says:


  43. SC says:

    OK, i found a solution for Win10, delete the ressource pack at:


  44. SC says:

    After the installation of this pack all my ressource packs are hidden. It would be great to get any help to fix this issue :-/ i play on Windows 10

  45. TheSixthHour says:

    I can see my resource packs in-game but not in the main menu. Any help?

  46. Cats says:

    Person was funny and it is amazing because normally the resource or behavior packs have to have a warning to get rid of it💩

  47. MinecraftMom says:

    @TheHDCrafterYT that worked for us! Thank you so much, you saved the day!

  48. TheHDCrafterYT says:

    HEY GUYS! (this tutorial only works for ios and not for every ios but it sould work in ios 9-xx) (sorry for caps, but i know how to crash minecraft that it gets rid of the active resourcepacks.) If the resourcepack or world is stick so mcpe crashes everytime you start it, than you need to google how to fix it or send me an email. OPEN YOUR MCPE (it works in 1.2.1 100% and 1.2.x) THAN HOLD YOUR OFF BUTTON, UNTILL YOU SEE YOUR SLIDE OFF BITTON. THAN HOLD THE HOME BUTTON FOR 5-10 SECONDS THAN MINECRAFT SOULD CRASH (and may restart). DO THAT 2 MORE TIMES AND MINECRAFT WILL SAY THAT A CRASH WAS DETECTED AND ALL GLOBAL RESOURCES WHERE RESET. (for more informations email me at [email protected] and please use the subject
    I hope i could help you. (I have no wifi right now so in (maby 2 weeks i can answer you)

  49. TheSixthHour says:

    It has been more than THREE WEEKS since my Minecraft had for no reason, denied access to global resources and resource and behaviour packs in my worlds. This addon defeats the purpose, I cannot delete any textures, mods and worlds! HELP!

    • Person#2 says:

      Here’s what you have to do, if your on win10, go to this file location C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang *NOTE* notice the USERNAME part in the location, change that to the username your using on your computer, after copying and pasting in that location, go to rescource packs, then there should be a pack named DeletePack, do exactly that, delete that recource pack, restart minecraft and you all good, do the same with android, except instead of going to that file location, open files, then click Device Storage, after that click the games folder, then there should be a file that says com.mojang, click it, then go to recource packs, and there should be a pack there called DeletePack, delete that pack, restart minecraft, and you’re good

  50. TTD_94 says:

    Happens to all of us but not all of us ragequit

  51. TTD_94 says:

    Me too to the last comment tried to do YouTube tutorial and couldn’t see or access my resource packs

  52. Anonymous says:

    Help, I equipped this pack and it bugged out my minecraft. I can’t see my packs and other settings are glitched, I can’t exit out of them. Please help, I don’t know what to do!

  53. DIGGYCRAFT2020 says:

    Thanks a lot. First of all i tried deleting a texture pack but it didn’t work because the exclamation mark wasn’t there. The exclamation was only on the delete addon itself. It didn’t work so I deleted the delete addon but when I got back into minecraft later, all my packs where gone but still there because a loaded a world that had a behaviour pack and it was still there! I know I’m late but can someone plz reply if you have the solution or have the same problem as me.

  54. TheSixthHour says:

    Cannot uninstall addon. Also cannot edit resource and behaviour packs in worlds. (v1.2.1)

  55. PAVELSYM says:

    Hello can somebody help me? I used the delete pack after 1.2 update and it totally buged my minecraft 🙁

  56. SmartCellist1 says:

    You know that you can go to strorage in settings and delete addons right?

  57. PorygonZRocks says:

    This seems to break check boxes on newer versions. Also, it seems like it has way too many unnecessary files. Removing those fixed it.

  58. Nathan says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful and very very very very very helpful pack. You rock!!!!! Your the best!!!!!

  59. ErdnaFotsirk says:

    Wait what? Other people can’t delete addons?! Wth! I can delete addons without using this addon……. Am I the only one that has a trash button to delete addons and resource packs? Btw Im on Ios…

  60. Des says:

    Thx so much. This pack helps me. I have this pack and it makes the game go glitchy but it doesn’t have a warning. This saves me a lot of problems.

  61. seth says:

    great add-on really needed it!

  62. Eric says:

    Can I include your pack in my pack?

  63. Venus says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!! I love it so much!!!

  64. Fail says:

    Sorry it worked now🤤

  65. Ace says:

    Please help! I deleted the animated texture pack and thought there was a new update, but there wasn’t and when I try to download it again it says that a duplicate pack was detected and still doesn’t show the pack.

  66. Kristen says:

    How do I delete add one I tried everything

  67. Joseph says:

    I haven’t tried it but I hope it works

  68. Anonymous says:

    Same here… I can’t delete add-ons… I think you need to update this add-on

  69. Mr. Meeno says:

    Um, this addon is really bad. I have noticed it does not actually delete your other addons. It just hides them. I “deleted” one version of NextLevel with this addon to test it. I can’t even redownload it as it says there is a duplicate pack detected. Thanks a lot 😠

  70. Eric Kang says:

    Does not work, when I click on a resource/behavior pack there is no trash bin and if this helps I’m on an IOS device latest update on minecraft too.

  71. Bob says:

    This is probably the most useful mod I have ever used I mcpe

  72. WHY... ;~; says:

    Wow this takes forever for me to load it

  73. RobMims says:

    Love the pack. Can you please make a clear inventory button unlocker? It would be helpful in creative mode. Thanks again.

  74. Ryan says:

    It works on iOS 🙂

  75. Jsjm says:

    WOW this is awesome now I can delete any add on I do not need thx dude

  76. Nebucad says:

    This AddOn won’t work under Windows 10. It says “couldn’t load it” It’s only recognising the AddOn but that’s all .

  77. Zmombie says:

    It’s not working. The action works but nothing gets removed, even after restarting. Newest version 1.0.2 iOS

  78. AlexCreeper says:

    Omg editor Who can I delete no-warning packs in-game?

  79. Enderman PE Official says:

    Oh my god, whoever made this addon must be clumsy….deleting a addon (resource and stuff) was already implemented…but i appreciated the effort

    • Editor says:

      Nope, it is not a current feature in the latest version of Minecraft PE. You can only delete packs which have warnings and errors currently.

  80. Ema says:

    Love the add-on it’s good idea

  81. CMAN says:

    This is one of the most useful things in MCPE right now, but please allow the game to display other splashes besides your Twitter username. It’s a really tacky thing to do, and just for that I’m not going to go to your Twitter.

  82. RacingMech says:

    It doesn’t work whenever you press the delete button. The pack stays there. Please inform me of any fixes for this addon. Has anyone else had trouble with this?

  83. BlazingOne says:

    Wow! I’ve been waiting to have something like this, only a couple of addons are able to delete for me! But this pack makes it amazing! However the only bug is that people are able to delete packs that are not meant to be deletable like the vanilla resource pack or the city one! But other than that it’s amazing!

  84. Raj says:

    It does not work. I use an Lg g4. I did everything you said and now whenever I go to the addons, resource packs, and global resources minecraft freezes. I had to delete minecraft just to get everything working again. Thanks a lot!

  85. Radjablue498 says:

    Thanks ! It is a very very useful resource pack 😉
    Continue in this way, with others concepts like this 🙂

  86. D3athB0t28 says:

    You already could delete things in mcpe. You just clicked the yellow sign and then the rubbish bin

  87. skjadfrl says:

    im so happy you made this bcause i get too many addons. Ty

  88. Cheeriodude says:

    Thanks you so much!

  89. Mathew says:

    Yes finally

  90. CrunchySlime says:

    Some addon can’t be deleted because they are perfect, meaning they don’t have that “attention” thing :3 that’s why

  91. Minecrafter says:

    This is so helpful!!! Especially for iOS!

  92. Superstarzs says:

    Great addon works on any addon and resources packs but once delete can not get back so only have it on when deleting addons, don’t know if you can install a updated addon of a addon you just deleted

  93. Gadget says:

    It works!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks saves me the pain of copying the files onto my PC and deleting them!

  94. MC4U17 says:

    This resource pack dosent work. I followed your instructions. Someone plz reply. I have several different addons that I really don’t need. Editor plz reply. I’m on IOS.

  95. NatsuGodsflame says:

    Siiiiick thx for this I luv it

  96. oOBmOo says:

    Really useful!

  97. Nikitasebrenev says:


  98. Joe says:

    It doesn’t delete the pack because when I tried to import a .McPack file to Minecraft PE it says “duplicate packs detected”.

  99. UltraPlasmaAddonTester says:

    Guys I accidentally deleted the original Minecraft textures……

    The results where frightening .

    I had to deleted me game how do I get my worlds back

  100. ThatGuyKieran says:


  101. James says:

    Your add-on made my minecraft can’t use add-ons how can you fix this

    • Person#2 says:

      I have the solution for fixing this on mcpe 1.2 and UP
      Windows 10 Users: open your file explorer and go to ‘This PC’ then, in the search bar, type com.mojang, it might take a while but eventually it will come up with a file named com.mojang, click on it and in there should be a folder called resource_packs, click on it, and in there will be a file named DeletePack, click on it, and delete it, then restart Minecraft, DONE.
      Android Users: Open files app, and go to device storage, scroll down until you find a folder called games, click on it and in there should be a folder called com.mojang, open the file, and in there will be another folder called resource_packs open the folder, and click on the resource pack called DeletePack (I think?) and delete it, restart Minecraft, and you are good to go!
      IOS Users: All you have to do is reset Minecraft about 3 or 4 times, to do that you need to double tap the home button, then there should be a window called Minecraft, swipe Minecraft to the side, then re-open it, but don’t wait for the start menu to pop up, repeat that right away, otherwise it may not be considered a crash, when done it will tell you a crash was detected and everything SHOULD be normal, the reason it works is because when the game crashed, it resets all the global resources, and fixes the problem (P.S. I got the IOS guide from @TheHDCrafterYT, hope he doesn’t mind)

  102. Anonymous says:

    Your add-on made my minecraft can’t use add-ons how can you fix this

  103. TunaGungor says:

    It’s awesome!I was need this!

  104. ActionxWolf says:

    Oh my gosh most useful Add-On Ever

  105. Xv_BladeSlice_vX says:

    Thumbs up! It’s really good thanks 10/10

  106. Anonymous says:

    Hey one problem when I installed this mod I acidentally delete the mod

  107. Anonymous says:

    Funny that you need an addon to delete an addon….

  108. Anonymous says:

    This Is awesome!!! I have tons of resource packs and behavior packs that I don’t like or use that are just sitting there taking up data and space, I tried deleting them before but for some reason it’s never worked and I don’t have a reliable computer for deleting the addons from the computer settings thanks so much!

  109. AlexCreeper says:

    Do you know that we can already delete addons in-game, with no unlocker addon needed?

    • Editor says:

      No, we can’t. We can only delete packs with errors / warnings.

      • Minecraftien111 says:

        I know my comment is late from 2 months, but if someone can help me out please 🙁

        So im on iOS, my device isnt jailbroken and iPad Air 2.

        I installed and addon called Nameable Player Addon (from mcpedl) and i used it for a world.
        Then when i fly with elytra i can no longer fly because it makes me exit from the game (like i pushed the home button) but i just tried to use elytra! I tested some new worlds and thats really this addon wich cause me the exit.

        I though, with this pack, that it could resolve this problem.

        I did everything like “Rustelk2930” said but it just hided the problem not really deleting it :((

        Please help!

        • Editor says:

          You don’t need this pack any longer to delete things from MCPE. Make sure you got the latest version (1.0.5) and open Settings, then go to Storage and start delete the files. 😉

          • TheHDCrafterYT says:

            Hey pack creator. We had a little problem with your pack here. In the lates version the delete pack unlocker isn’t needed anymore and everytime someone is interested and installs it it breaks your minecraft. I already did a tutorial and explained how it could be fixed on ios. Could you take the download links offline so no more person uses it and breaks his minecraft? That would be realy awsome.
            Your TheHDCrafter

      • superspider3500 says:

        Eh, this literally doesn’t do that much of anything, really. So it actually (as I think it is) is a retexture of the exclamation mark on some addons that have warnings. It is that simply, so it might not appeal to some players who know this fact, which probably crushed almost everyone’s interest to downloading this. XD

        • Editor says:

          It was very useful before the delete option was added as an official feature to the game.

          • PAVELSYM says:

            If you are reading this can you please help me? I used this after better together update and it totally bugged my minecraft 🙁 please help im really sad! 🙁

      • Albert says:

        When i triee it on it deleted all my addons help

  110. S4/\/\ says:

    Yes! Thanks very very much!

  111. NoName says:

    Can this addon be deleted? I’m scared to download because I don’t want to waste space on my phone

  112. Enter1Dexter says:

    Thank you so much!

  113. Sam says:

    This doesn’t work?

  114. OMGHAH says:

    I always get an Error Files. There’s something wrong with the mediafire.

  115. LightPulse says:

    Thank you so much this is very helpful. Now i can save more memory and storage

  116. GeneralFTW says:

    This works ,Thanks

  117. The Golden pickaxe aar says:


  118. Minecraftdog767 says:

    I’ve been looking all over for this thank you!

  119. Mas0id says:

    Doesn’t this already exist in game? You click on the flag or “!” Icon surrounded by the square then there would be a way to delete it.

    • Marble Harmony says:

      I think they got a rid of that feature but I’m not sure.

    • EchoOfDawn266 says:

      In order to delete something without this, (as far as I know) you have to go to storage (found under global resources in settings) and select whatever you want to delete, including worlds/templates. But this is SO much more convenient 😀

  120. Rustelk2930 says:

    IT WORKS!!! Just install the addon, swipe/reboot Minecraft PE, and delete whatever you want! After you delete the resource/behavior pack, swipe/reboot MCPE and the packs are gone!

  121. Jeff says:

    Wow kit actully works

  122. zStrikerSlash says:

    Thank You

  123. SuprPurplPan123 says:

    Great! Wasnt sure if it would work but it does. I struggled with this problem a lot when testing things. Its great

  124. Wert929 says:

    OMG THX FOR THIS I WAS HAVING LIKE 10000000 PACKS/BEHAVIOR 😱😱 good thing for me xD

  125. DankMemes says:

    So does it actually uninstall it or does it just hide it?

  126. ElkishBlobfish says:

    This is ironic because you download a resource pack so you can delete resource packs

  127. SolidMoney25979 says:

    best. addon. ever. i wanna find the creator and hug him

  128. awesome man303 says:

    Omg this addon is the best addon ever I’ve alwase wants an addon that could elite addons that didn’t have warnings I’ve tried it this is an amazing addon and I now it works because you can’t delete packs with you’ve created from addon creator but now I can not that I’ll ever do this but it is even woks on itself this addon,is awesome thank you for making it thank you thanks you THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Ralfy says:

    Finally no more extra packs

  130. cookieman333666 says:

    This is so helpful!!! Thank you now I can have space for other addons!!!

  131. Iyani says:

    OMG!! I don’t know how I could thank you enough. It is such a hassel to delete addons otherwise and this just saved me the trouble. I see you know what the people want so thank you a million times.

  132. Person says:

    Wait I got a question: can you delete the add on with the add on?

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