Delicious Food Add-on

This add-on adds 13 new food products which can be used in your Minecraft world.I hope you “ENJOY” this add-on. They can also be given with command example /give @s food:chickenburger Or you can just craft them with the recipes given in the description.

In this add-on you have the ability to craft this delicious food or you can just use command.

These are the commands below which can be used to give you the food products:

/give @s food:applepie

/give @s food:chickenburger

/give @s food:frenchfries

/give @s food:dougnut

/give @s food:candy

/give @s food:topcookie

/give @s food:pizza

/give @s food:minipizza

/give @s food:blueberrypie

/give @s food:chickensoup

/give @s food:chocolatebiscuit

/give @s food:chocolatebar

/give @s food:hotdog

These below are the crafting recipes:

Apple pie:

Chicken burger:

French fries:



Top cookie:


Mini pizza:

Blueberry pie:

Chicken soup:

Chocolate biscuit:

Chocolate bar:

Hot dog:

This above are the crafting recipes that you can use to make this delicious food products!

Changelog View more

Added new food products.

Fixed some bugs.

Added the crafting recipes


Click on the link to download this add-on



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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17 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. BUBBLESNight says:

    Hey could you help me i made a addon and publish but its steal in pending and now today is has been 2 weak i publish steal in pending

  2. The loop says:

    Hey guys.Are you ready for an update.”DESSERTS SPECIAL UPDATE”.There will be many desserts added in this addon.

  3. BUBBLESNight says:

    Hey I just make a addon and i was thinking what app did you take AddOns Maker?

  4. The loop says:

    Alright I will fix that.Thank you for the feedback.

  5. Guest-2842049386 says:

    for minecraft 1.14.60 is not function pleasee help me i want to create a mcdonald’s

  6. Guest-8388331698 says:

    This comment was by The loop.

  7. Guest-7762469505 says:

    make it for realms pls!

  8. The loop says:

    Hey LuckyisALizard,thank you for your comment.I am working on changing the textures and the recipes of the food,it may take some time for making changes.but I will keep updating you all.Thank you

  9. Guest-1739862005 says:

    the pizza almost looks like the pizza from bendys scp addon

  10. Most poorly made addon ive seen. Stelaing and not changing textures and blue berries and cheese are dyes. Hahaha funny addon. But mcpedl remove it due to stealing textures who can be from othwr things.

  11. Guest-3623751488 says:

    sirve para realms?

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