Depixel Bedrock Lite

By popular and constantly growing demand, we decided to publicly release Depixel Bedrock Lite, free of any cost, complete with block and item textures. We’d like you to experience Depixel on your platform of choice and join our community.

What is it about?

Discover the classic, well known Minecraft in double as much details. Previously known as Default 32×32, Depixel brings you a smooth, consistent experience with a touch of realism, keeping the Vanilla style in all its glory. If you’re a fan of Vanilla look, there is nothing that you won’t recognize, even if you’ve never used Depixel.

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Depixel Bedrock LITE (1.1.3)

"Depixel Add-ons"

-Added all custom blocks support.


-Added custom Fence textures;

-Added custom Gate textures (wip);

-Added Cracked Nether Brick texture;

-Added Chiseled Nether Brick texture.

-Tweaked Blackstone wall texture;

-Tweaked Blast Furnace bottom texture;

-Tweaked Bricks (block, double slab, slab, stairs, wall);

-Tweaked Dispenser bottom texture;

-Tweaked Dropper bottom texture;

-Tweaked Chiseled Quartz Block textures;

-Tweaked Furnace bottom texture;

-Tweaked Granite (block, double slab, slab, stairs, wall);

-Tweaked Iron Block texture;

-Tweaked Nether Brick texture (block, double slab, fence, slab, stairs);

-Tweaked Polished Granite (block, double slab, slab, stairs);

-Tweaked Quartz texture (Block, Double slab, slab, stairs);

-Tweaked Quartz Bricks texture;

-Tweaked Quartz Pillar textures;

-Tweaked Red Sandstone wall texture;

-Tweaked Sandstone wall texture;

-Tweaked Smooth Quartz texture (Block, Double slab, slab, stairs);

-Tweaked Stone (block, double slab, slab, stairs).

-Fixed buttons.


-Added Alex skin;

-Added Steve skin (again).

-Fixed custom player skin.


-Fixed teleportation background (dirt & netherrack);

-Added Particles



Depixel Bedrock LITE (1.1.2)

(This update is focused on bug fixes and content filling.)

Unofficially converted packs will not have add-on support and custom content.


-Added custom content from Full version of pack (buttons, double slabs, slabs, stairs)

-Added "Depixel Add-ons' support


-Added custom Farmland side texture

-Fixed Chests in inventory

-Tweaked Blackstone double slab texture

-Tweaked Blackstone slab texture

-Tweaked Blackstone stairs texture

-Tweaked Gilded Blackstone texture


-Removed Steve skin


-Added Bee Spawn Egg


(1.1.1 hotfix)


-Fixed Chests in inventory


-Fixed missing files

Depixel Bedrock LITE (1.1)


-Updated Lantern and Soul Lantern

-Updated Lantern chain

-Updated Quartz

-Updated Grass top (+ some .json tweaks)

-Updated Polished Andesite

-Updated Basalt

-Updated End Stone and End portal frame

-Updated Crafting Table

-Updated End Bricks

-Added Quartz bricks

-Added Warped and Crimson doors

-Added Polished Basalt

-Added Target


-Fixed displaying all items as entities when thrown (dragon fireball, potions, snowball and etc.)

-Some technical changes

-Some little fixes


-Added Armor stand

-Added Arrows

-Added Beacon beam

-Added Bell

-Added Boats

-Added Chests

-Added End portal

-Added Ender Crystal

-Added Fireworks rocket

-Added Fish hook

-Added Lead

-Added Minecart

-Added Shield

-Added Steve skin

-Added Trident


Supported Minecraft versions




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69 Responses

4.2 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. RedLukeD says:

    I really really love this texture pack! The only problem is with the lava. I can only see the lava if I am looking at it from a distance, but when I get close to the lava the lava turns pitch black.

  2. kydyr_mountain says:

    WTF is with this crap having to pay you $5 for the download??? Is MCPEDL.COM charging you to put up your download on thier site??? I don’t think so. They should charge you for making others pay to get your download.

  3. superbibblebro says:

    I literally don’t get why people say it’s a copy when basically anyone can make a 32x pack. It’s not even hard to download, I just went to the website and downloaded it, no ads or anything. Why are some people being so rude? And stuff on the marketplace costs money since there’s no other way to do it. They could use ads in the marketplace, but then Microsoft/Mojang wouldn’t be able to regulate what’s in those ads. And since consoles can’t really download stuff from the internet easily.

  4. MKFDL says:

    oh ok

    but want too download the java version and import that to a mcpe texture

    can i get a permission maybe???

    sorry if my speak english bad because im from indonesia in asia and im 13 years old

  5. MKFDL says:

    use link because if you use link you still get money and we dont need pay beacuse te add spawn in links but if you use patreon we dont can pay using money just some peplea can do that but some child (like me im 12 years old) dont can have money to big like that

    sorry if my speak engglish bad because im from indonesia

  6. CURSED CUBIC says:

    Can you using mainstream link shorter, like Adfly or Linkvertise, please.

  7. Hasim3110 says:

    Please change download link😞

  8. Rispyif says:

    Just cooler Lithos imo

  9. BadDoggyCed says:

    You should go on the Minecraft market place

  10. BossApollo79879 says:

    what the heck i want the real version wtf why does it cost money just use adfly

  11. Great! I downloaded it, tho the site is kinda confusing

  12. Another faithful default? Lol

    • VolyFNAP says:

      Where did you see faithful?) All vanilla textures in 32x will always look the same, but differ in the level of detail. If faithful and multipixel look pixelated, then Depixel is more smooth. Anyway thank you for comment)

  13. Mohaidin_minecraft says:

    It’s support 1.16.2?

  14. I love it planning on getting it on my pc, but I have a problem with the lava,the lava is black to me as in no texture at all is there a way this will be fix or no?

  15. The textures look great, but i dont understand why only the bedrock edition base pack is pay-wallled while Java base pack is free.Thank god there is converting, which gives the option to not pay for a hand-crafted and optimised pack and just leave it to a bot that doesnt need pay to get a workhorse pack that gets the job done.

    • VolyFNAP says:

      We plan to release addons that will only work with the official version of the pack. The converted pack does not support this function. In addition, the use of converters violates our copyrights, and it is illegal.

  16. Theblueman500 says:

    Make clear water,clear glass pls!

  17. Theblueman500 says:


    Gw males bayar.

  18. Theblueman500 says:

    What software u use to make texture pack?

    Just asking 😀

    I want to make texture pack!

  19. SalamUchiha says:

    Yeah Multipixel is better than both versions of this and is free so I’m gonna stick with them

    • VolyFNAP says:

      I understand that free is always better, but the authors have nothing to eat, and not everyone can waste time for thanks, it’s a matter of time. I am broke and decided to release a free version only because people might like it and want to support our work. Thank you for comment

  20. Shirocraft says:

    Yet Another Faithful xD
    i think Vattic is someone that will never get forgoten to Minecraft Comunity with His Texture packs
    also i love to see another attempt to recreate default texturepacks with 32x resolution also can be alternative to Multipixel and also *Cough* *Cough* xMrFrizzy Faithful conlinuation

    • VolyFNAP says:

      Where did you see faithful?) All vanilla textures in 32x will always look the same, but differ in the level of detail. If faithful and multipixel look pixelated, then Depixel is more smooth. Anyway thank you for comment)

  21. Epicn00b says:

    So this is just faithful except a little different?
    Anyways good job

  22. Eimrxn says:

    It’s like Multipixel 32x Revamp love it.

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