Derp Coaster!

Bored looking at the plain old texture of the Minecart? This texture pack will bring you a smile on your face.  The Derp Coaster! This pack will make the Minecart funnier 😀

Derp Coaster texture pack replace the original vanilla minecart with a Derp Dragon (Sort of) texture! This pack works perfectly for theme park map, so your roller coaster doesn’t look too plain 😀

Some picture of it 

It’s more cuter with items on it 😀


- There is just one problem, I'm a noob at making texture packs. So, I only make Zip version of it :( Can you guys tell me how to do it? (Comment down below)

-For Pocket Edition, Pocket Edition, Extract files to games>com.mojang>resource_pack> Then Extract. Start Minecraft, Go To Settings>Profile>File Storage Location , Set It To External. You should see the resource pack after that.

-Finally thanks for you guys for downloading my pack :D I'm just a boi that want to make textures pack for Minecraft. Suggest your ideas in the comments below. Thank You!


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6 Responses

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  1. LarryTLlama says:

    This is Amazing!
    Why was this not a thing before?
    Thanks for this pack! I’ll keep my eye out for any updates 😉

  2. Also could u do the default coaster just with the face?

  3. Rafa Aif says:

    @randomguy5744 Thanks bro 😀

  4. randomguy5744 says:

    You just rename the file from .zip to .mcpack if you want a mcpack file

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