Destructive Arrows Addon (Survival Friendly Function Pack)

This function pack/addon adds more functionality to arrows. They destroy blocks and also “damage” others. See the list below for all the exact changes to each block and the chances of it happening. This was designed for 1.14 so if commands change from then, this pack will probably not work anymore. It may work in older versions but I’m unable to test.

This video outlines the features of this pack along with some interesting uses of the mechanic:

Arrows now destroy WEAK BLOCKS and blocks can get damaged! See the following list of blocks:

Destroyable Blocks

Saplings, Leaves, All Plants, Crops, Sugar Cane, Cactus, Bamboo, Flowers, Mushrooms, Mushroom Blocks, Snow Blocks (25%), Snow Layers, Chorus Flowers + Plants, Glass (75%), Glass Panes, Stained Glass (75%), Stained Glass Panes, Vines, Lilypads, Melon Blocks, Pumpkins, Ice, Sea Pickles, Coral Plants + Blocks, Kelp, Glowstone, Cocoa Beans, Turtle Eggs and Nether Wart

Changeable Blocks

Cobblestone >>> Gravel (25%)
Stone >>> Cobblestone (25%)
Dirt >>> Coarse Dirt
Grass Blocks >>> Dirt 
Mycelium >>> Dirt
Podzol >>> Coarse Dirt
Stonebrick >>> Cracked Stone Bricks (25%)
End Bricks >>> End Stone (10%)

(This list is available when you view you click “Read More” in the behaviour pack menu)

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Feedback is really appreciated and I will do my best to engage in such conversations on my discord or in the comments of this addon.

Changelog View more
  • Removed double image
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated downloads (no more Adfly) and moved to MediaFire
  • Updated documentation of MCPEDL page to explain downloading better as well as  fixing minor grammatical errors

Version 1.0.3

  • Updated and improved MCPDL featured image
  • Updated pack icon
  • Updated download link
  • Added link to my discord

Version 1.0.2


  • Cocoa beans, turtle eggs and nether wart are now destroyable
  • Added showcase video to MCPEDL page

Version 1.0.1


  • Fixed bug where destroyed blocks wouldn't' drop their item


  • Added randomness to how often an arrow will do damage. (This is to prevent damage to blocks which could be more annoying) - see this list above or click "Read more" in the behaviour pack menu in-game.


  • Click on the link
  • Download
  • Open file

Alternatively, you can join my discord and you will have access to all the downloads for all my creations! Discord Link


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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29 Responses

4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. luckydev says:

    Could I request an added function, I want to shoot torches from afar with a bow and have them fall on the ground

  2. Instinct.s says:

    This is awesome

  3. Guest-2090973073 says:

    I would just like to say this is not a survival friendly pack because you have to enable cheats in order to use it.

    • Scommander says:

      All add-ons require cheats to be used. What I meant is that it works in survival and is “survival friendly”. Some packs add things which can only be used in creative, I was just emphasising the fact that the behaviour is compatible in a survival environment. Cheats on/off it can still be used in survival. 🙂

  4. Guest-2739118936 says:


  5. Scommander says:

    Hello there! As of V1.0.3, I have moved to using Adfly links for my downloads. If Adfly refuses to work all downloads are available on my Discord – which you should totally join anyway *cough*. I will be uploading a video demonstrating how to get past Adfly if you have issues. I have also had issues in the past with it but I recently found a fix which seems to work.

  6. Guest-9274631516 says:

    I swear I saw someone make this function on Xbox one

  7. Scommander says:

    Just a quick note: I noticed a bug after I uploaded this so I will fix that today (not sure if it will take time to be verified) and I’ll look into making arrows not always destroy blocks – but having a chance to for some of the tougher blocks. 🙂

  8. Guest-6343970561 says:

    make them not instantly damage them please, maybe after 3 shots are so then they get damaged

    • Scommander says:

      Unfortunately I don’t think that is possible. What I could do is have a random 1/3 chance to destroy the block. At the same time I feel like an arrow would always destroy leaves – so I might be able to look through it and make some of the tougher blocks rarer to be destroyed.

      • Guest-3414874642 says:

        thanks can u implement it for the more resilient blocks?
        can u also make fire charge shred (instantly destroy) plants?
        it would be appreciated 🙂

        • Scommander says:

          I submitted V1,0.1 yesterday, so in theory that should be up soon. It adds a level of resilience to blocks, but I’m totally open to feedback on it.
          Fire charge idea sounds really cool and maybe it could burn blocks too such as changing logs to coal, or turning water to cobblestone? It’s definitely sparked some ideas 🙂

          • Guest-6435425695 says:

            yes that would be amazing and the burn idea seems really cool 😀
            Fire Charge ideas
            – destroy plants
            – turning logs to a piece of charcoal
            – cobblestone to magma
            – planks are incinerated
            maybe a trident from a dispenser could also damage blocks (of course more severely than mere arrows)

          • Scommander says:

            I shall keep these in mind! There are a lot of projectiles in the game which have the potential to do things. Even like snowballs, maybe potions and ender pearls too? I’ve got a lot of stuff ‘n things to do and I’m working on learning and making addons in my spare time – so I’m not sure when I will get round to implementing some of these things. Thanks for your suggestions!

          • Guest-1978704147 says:

            thanks for like listening to my suggestions, no other creators really do that 🤣
            I subscribed to u and will look out for ur further works
            I would join ur discord server if u have one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
            PS. don’t forget to change the name of the addon if u implement this to this addon)

          • Scommander says:

            Yeah ofc np. Feedback is the best way forward!
            And yes, a discord now does exist!
            And the addon will probably be changed to something like “Destructive Projectiles”… or maybe something better…

  9. Michael_the_minecraftplayer says:

    could you make some levels of destrution arrows

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