Published on May 08, 2023

Destructive Forces. A Nightmare Begins...

Do you like apocalypse's? Well, we do, and we made an addon that's a nightmare! Hi, we're Nul And Diz Studios, and we love chaos! Uses no experiments, or player.json! This addon is inspired and based off of APOCALYPTIC by SUBERNER STAR, and Angry Mobs by mno. Get ready to die a lot, because every mob is affected and hostile!


This is made by Nul And Diz Studios, and you are not allowed to claim this as your own, or post it on a different website. You may use this in a video, and addon packs, as long as you have a link to this mod, and give proper crediting.

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We made Minecraft a living Nightmare to play. Enjoy trying to survive!



  • Destructive_Forces_.mcpack (1.6 MB)

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