Detailed Player Animations Add-on

This add-on adds new custom animations to the player model! Running, walking & jumping now look more detailed, and the animations work for all player models & skins, multiplayer is supported!

As emotes are coming soon to Minecraft, why not spice up the vanilla game as well? The animations are slightly tweaked to give the player a more lively feel.

Below you can see a short preview of the walking, running and jumping animation:

The trailer gives you a better look at the pack 🙂

Key Features: 

  • Compatible with multiplayer
  • 5 animations: walking, sprinting, jumping, sneaky dance, crazy sprint (activated by running without jumping for 10 seconds), fishing
  • Works with all player models & skins

More animations are coming soon!


To get this add-on simply press the link below and the download will begin automatically!

Steps for installation:
  • Once the ".mcpack" file downloads tap the item in your notifications tab
  • When prompted, select "Minecraft"
  • The game will open & the pack will be automatically installed

To activate, simply open Global Resources in your Settings, select "My Packs", click "Detailed Player Animations" & press "Activate"


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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96 Responses

4.6 / 5 (55 votes)
  1. Guest-5985342041 says:

    Can u make a new animation for the sword and for the climbing animation,u could use the animation BlueMonkey uses for the climbing in one of the episodes of the Alex and Steve series or something

  2. Guest-8010650521 says:

    Plz change the 10sec run to Naruto run (sorry for bad English)

  3. Guest-7254820428 says:

    idk about the add on (didn’t download it yet) but the video itself, was freaking amazing

  4. Guest-1749013317 says:

    Hi, I’m a leader and recently I’ve been doing a running animation, but no matter how hard I try, it doesn’t give me so that the animation appears when the player is running. Could you help me? look Mi Discord: Leider200 If you can help me I would really appreciate it

  5. Guest-9940816525 says:

    It’s really great Add-on, i like the animation, now playing minecraft is more fun.
    But after i install this add-on on minecraft, when i play on my world than tap the pause button, it make the game crash. I really hope you can fix it. Thanks for your great job. ^_^👍


  7. Guest-8095183846 says:

    petition for him to bring back Vanilla Vehicles.’

    Pls Do it. I installed a corrupt texture pack and lost all my other ones.

  8. Guest-6339356537 says:

    I cannot download it in China

  9. Guest-4741707840 says:

    esta muy bueno
    solo le falta
    la animacion
    en las élitros
    y capas creo

  10. Guest-7416943053 says:

    Absolutly… “!=” NONSENSE!!!

    one of the funiest MOD’s what i found here the last 4 years 😀
    good work! whe love it

  11. Guest-7725435483 says:

    Nice animations, But i have one problem it works but when i go to menu it crashes my game every time can you fix it?.

  12. Guest-8433192469 says:

    I get revenge vibes when alex is running

  13. Guest-7567993824 says:

    Can you update the addon for mcpe 1.16, because when I use the addon for 1.16, it keeps crashing and crashing. If you have the chance to reply, reply to me as soon as possible.

  14. Guest-1408227409 says:

    Can you update the addon for beta 1.16 because everytime I play it, it just crashes all the time. If you have the chance to reply,
    Reply to me as soon as possible

  15. Guest-5960665395 says:

    Can you updated, i just got an error, it goes well and all, but the elytra isnt sync with the body while jumping, Nice animations 🙂

  16. Guest-7177166316 says:

    Excuse me, can you fix the crossbow and reloading animations, overall great animation tho

  17. Guest-8819623699 says:

    Hi I really like this animation pack but the crouching animation looks too silly, it would be better if the crouching movement was slower or just removed from the addon

  18. Guest-3233431160 says:

    Se crachea al poner minecraft en pausa no se si es porque es la 1.16 o porque pero dice soportsrlo bien, pero si se crachea

  19. Guest-2554532467 says:

    You can make a battle animation; hold a sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel and hoe with two hands. Thank you for earlier (Sorry for English, I write through a translator)

  20. Guest-7820786580 says:

    The link doesn’t work…after sometime,it says timeout :”(
    I really liked the concept though

  21. Guest-9247042410 says:

    Please, can you fix this for 1.16 beta?
    It looks so good, too good to not use, but pausing at all crashes or causes unresponsiveness of the game…

  22. Guest-2288828429 says:

    Wow! Like it! Keep up the good work!

  23. DemonicGamer145 says:

    This is by far one of the best player animation packs out to date, if you can work on some ones like falling or hitting with a sword and etc. It would be very cool

  24. Yenilmez Oyuncu says:

    Bow animated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. wonderful! great work, I have some animation ideas, you could have different animations for tools, like swords pickaxes axes hoes and shovels, I think it would be a cool idea

    • Guest-4479928465 says:

      Cool Animations!More please like eating,sword fights,shovels,pickaxes,hoes,axes,throwing ender pearls,snowballs and etc.The Sneaking Animation is very funny 😂!
      Btw,I miss your “Vanilla Vehicles” Addon.I still have it
      5 Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😁😄😃

  26. Guest-5316397462 says:

    Its amazing! A really good resource pack. should be 10/5 stars , lol

  27. The Crying Mech says:

    It crashes my game if i try to look try to get to the settings pls fix this so i cam see it in action

  28. Guest-3802111485 says:

    Multiplayer compatible meaning it works with realms?

  29. This is very cool! The fishing Animation Is VERY VERY VERY COOL, If only It works with sword, and how do you make It anyways?

  30. Guest-6115694503 says:

    I hope there will be some actions when I use the tool

  31. Guest-7320401285 says:

    I am Chinese

  32. Guest-2037279234 says:

    Me too
    So pls vladu fix it

  33. Yazuko Gamer says:

    I like the addon!
    Hope you could add swimming,climbing,punching,and more!
    Your addon is great!

  34. Guest-8737117265 says:

    The addon is very good but if you could lower your legs a little while walking, another mistake the elytras are buggy since the animation jumps the elytras stay bug, and with more addon the legs then stick and do not move I hope the next update the truth is very good

  35. Guest-7492459139 says:

    Hello vladu! I have a problem with your addon. Its a great addon but when i press the menu its automatically crashing or quitting to the game! Im in 1.16 beta nether update. Please help me for this problem to fix it :)))

  36. Guest-4573159716 says:

    Hey, author. I really like the action optimization you made, and hope to allow me to reprint it to China’s Minecraft Box!

  37. Guest-9771685699 says:

    can you make custom sword and other tool slashing animation? this resource pack is really nice because you added funny sneaking and crazy running

  38. Guest-9601731565 says:

    It feels like a roblox to me

  39. HgVN23 says:

    That so cool! Pls keep update more 😀 and add new swimming? 🤔

  40. Guest-6669260216 says:

    Can you make a climbing animation in the next update if its possible?

  41. Guest-8859998912 says:

    this, is AMAZING, I really like the fact that your player raise their hands up when running had me dying,

  42. Guest-6669260216 says:

    Can you make a climbing animation in the next update if possible?

  43. FlaviusFire says:

    Yo, this looks cool. I’ll try it out later!

  44. Guest-6174855086 says:

    Noice… <3

  45. Guest-7755770898 says:


  46. Guest-4420353338 says:

    So.. Opening the menu on 1.16 beta can crash the game. Someone fix this

  47. Guest-1066637668 says:

    Wow! I Love~ This.

  48. Matheus Dias says:

    The animation gets buggy when the player holds a crossbow, the arms keep moving. I think that will be fixed soon. I really liked the animations, I will always use them.

  49. Guest-4992041194 says:

    Crashing on 1.16 beta. :(( Plz fix it

  50. Guest-4851408910 says:

    The elytra dosen’t move with the caracter

  51. Guest-9297999482 says:

    when you sneak u turn into miley cyrus

  52. Guest-6499173120 says:

    when you sneak you turn into miley cyrus

  53. Guest-2027387570 says:

    It didn’t work for me even though i put the resource back into the world

    cool addon though

  54. Guest-7398277833 says:

    How did you record the circle flying around without it being glitchy with moving

  55. Guest-4466208697 says:

    Me parece muy bien bastante bueno de hecho, pero si le agregaras animaciones cuando usas tu manos estaría demasiado genial bro.

  56. ThisJobYT says:

    Make the animations so that the arms, legs and torso are able to bend a bit. For example: When walking or running, the legs are bent and the arms can flail around when running. When crouching, The– you know what? Just go to Jhond Princs’ (clickbait) videos where he showcases the realistic player animations or whatever.

    • Vladu11 says:

      Hey, unfortunately to make the arms and legs bend I need to change the player model. Since the new skins have all sorts of models that would make this pack incompatible with skins that don’t have the steve or alex skin models

  57. Guest-5232281815 says:


  58. Guest-9031351868 says:

    Imma Use This To Make The Map Im Working On Is That Okay?

  59. Guest-1422864580 says:


  60. Kirby420 says:

    Does anyone know why he made a new account?

  61. Guest-2266506520 says:

    Is it compatable with all addons and resours packs?

  62. Kirby420 says:

    The return of the king (I was this on your twitter, so nvm).

  63. Guest-8466092206 says:

    Because its an addon its both and the pack will automaticly be moved to your behaviour packs but this is animations so just check both.

  64. I don’t agree on some changes.The sneaking animation is too “active”, it looks like the player is twerking.The sprinting is too “jumpy” for my liking and the crazy sprint is just unnecessary.Apart from those, I will gladly use the other animations in my personal pack.

    • Vladu11 says:

      Thanks for the feedback, yes the running animations is a bit jumpy I’ve received this comment before. As for the other animations, sneaking doesn’t activate only for 5 seconds after you crouch, and the crazy sprint is activated when the player runs without jumping for 10 seconds, so pretty specific & was added just for fun!

  65. Guest-8731386859 says:

    you can make an addon like a mod mo’bends like on minecraft on computer

  66. Guest-3715299737 says:

    nice addons dude. keep work!

  67. Anonymous says:

    Resource pack or behavior pack?

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