Detect Addon

Do you want detect every motions?
Do you want to calculate with your level and health?
Do you want to detect double sneak?

Here is Detect addon
This addon detects many motions and save it to the scoreboard
With this addon, you can make your contents like rpg easy

Just iimport this addon to your map, contents!
Furthermore, this addon does not print any messages to players!

Warning – This addon detects many things. So it may make big lag

Addon made by LKD – Namsic

license :

—Detecting List—
(detect – scoreboard)

health – detect_health
level – detect_level

left arm swing – detect_left
use item(the item must be usable – detect_right
jump – detect_jump
sneak – detect_sneak
doubleSneak – detect_dsneak(You can change double sneak detect time(detect_dsneakSet), default = 20(1 sec)

no – 0
lether – 1
chain – 2
iron – 3
gold – 4
diamond – 5
netherite – 6
helmet – detect_helmet
chestplate – detect_chest
leggings – detect_leggings
boots – detect_boots

y rotation of body – detect_rby (-180 ~ 180)
x rotation of head – detect_rhx (-90 ~ 90)
y rotation of head – detect_rhy(-180 ~ 180)

climb – detect_climb
sprint – detect_sprint
sleep – detect_sleep
swim – detect_swim
stand – detect_stand
item charged – detect_charged
is breathing – detect_breath
is casting – detect_cast
is chaging – detect_charge
is dancing – detect_dance
is emoting – detect_emote
is fire immune -detect_fimmune
is first person(host) – detect_first
is ghost – detect_ghost
is gliding – detect_glide
is grazing – detect_graze
is ignited – detect_ignited
is in water – detect_water
is in rain – detect_rain
is invisible – detect_invisible
is holding item – detect_equip
is holding item(left hand) – detect_sequip
is levitating – detect_levitate
is lingering – detect_linger
is on fire – detect_fire
is on ground – detect_ground
is riding – detect_ride

Changelog View more
v 2.0.2 - Fixed the rhx, rhy bug, rename 0.0.1 to 2.0.1.


If you don't know how to install mcpack, follow this

1. change file name to zip(DetectHealth.mcpack ->
2. unzip the file in one folder
3. move the folder to your minecraft behavior folder (in android, the path is "games\com.mojang\minecraft\behavior_packs")
4. apply the addon to your map!
5. enjoy


Supported Minecraft versions


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42 Responses

4.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. TenONESHOT818 says:

    Health, Fire, First, Sequip, Swim, Casting, Charged, Charge, Rain, and Invisibile don’t work can you pls fix

  2. Guest-3329966449 says:

    This addon is incredible. I think it’s really great. There howerver seems to be a bug when testing for equiped Netherite armor. I cannot see a couple of the scoreboards either. Besides that, great addon! I sincerely hope this keeps receiving updates as it has lots of potential for mapmakers. Thanks in advance.

  3. Guest-3829525480 says:

    Make detect mob get hit or anything like get dmg or player hit lol

  4. Local The E-Girl says:

    can u please make it so it detects if a player has a certain item in there hand that would be great bc ive seen another addon do it and it would fit in here. Also i need a the item detector and this addon but they dont work together

  5. Local The E-Girl says:


  6. Local The E-Girl says:

    great addon

  7. Guest-1857808174 says:

    The emote detect doesn’t work on iOS

  8. Guest-4845992311 says:

    Man this add-on is too good not to be monetized

  9. Guest-8211353810 says:

    i can’t use this addon when i die

  10. Guest-9882957597 says:

    What are the charge/charged and cast supposed to do?

  11. Guest-5162463822 says:

    Love this kinds of addons designed to help command block users, and this is the best one yet! Many of these work on realms as well which I didn’t expect and was pleasently surprised

  12. Guest-2889095881 says:

    pls link the vid here

  13. Guest-9165372054 says:

    Bro good idea 1.000.000 of thanks ❤

  14. Guest-8646854842 says:

    can you make it so this addon detects chat msgs pls?

  15. Rosie_Playz says:

    Amazing Addon!
    I wanted to ask if I could use this for my RPG map? I will give full credit to you!
    Also, I can’t seem to find the “y rotation of head – detect_rhy(-180 ~ 180)” As said in the list?
    It just says “No objective was found by the name detect_rhy”.
    But overall this is a very great addon!

  16. Guest-9471805172 says:

    Can you please show how to use this addon please please it would really mean a lot


  18. Guest-4480028142 says:

    can you please add detect on a specific hotbar slot?

  19. Guest-7200519358 says:

    Can you make a video showing how to use these?

  20. Guest-8377462494 says:

    How do you enter the commands

  21. iiPlasma7 says:

    So does this have to be at the top of your behaviour packs or can i use a sword mod ect with this still working???

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