Devergs’ Flat Worlds: Templates

Hello to Devergs’ Flat Worlds: Templates. After installing the pack with world templates, you can create any of 18 unique worlds! Some worlds have their own peculiarity, for example: the world of sponges can suck up all the water until the dry sponges run out. Also these are ordinary worlds like the bigger flat world. There are also worlds Redstone ready (V1-V3), ported from Java minecraft. Test everything yourself!

All worlds were made by Blocktopograph, you can download it below.

All 18 Flat Worlds Templates:

Bigger Flat World, Desert Flat World, Dirt Flat World, Leaves Flat World, Magma Flat World, Nether Flat World, Overworld Flat World, Packed Ice Flat World, Redstone ready (V1-V3), Snow Flat World, Sponge Flat World, Stone Flat World, Survival Flat World, Tnt Run Flat World (have error), Void Flat World, Water Flat World.



WARNING: DevergsMCBE didn’t mind that I would make a flat worlds version with a template function. See evidence.

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Nothing changed.

Really, nothing changed.

Just updated description and Brief Introduction. I am not lying.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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