Devergs’ Flat Worlds

Note: I know there’s a lot of Flat World Packs On MCPEDL. But, I want to do it on my own. And it’s Infinite!

Welcome to Devergs’ Flat Worlds. Here, You can find 18 Different Flat Worlds to download. None of this wouldn’t be possible without Blocktopograph (You can download it below). More worlds will be added in the future. Leave a suggestion on what world should I add next time!. This is my Second Submission on MCPEDL. So, I hope You’ll enjoy it!.

Note: If I didn’t add your suggestion. That means, I can’t add it. Because, Blocktopograph doesn’t have All blocks (Colored Wools/Terracotta/Glass, Etc.).

Here are the Worlds;

1. Overworld Flat World (Fixed):


1 Grass Block

4 Dirt

60 Stone

1 Bedrock

It’s basically the Default Flat World. But, Bigger.

2. TNT Run Flat World:


1 Stone Pressure Plate


10 Air

It’s a remake of a popular Minecraft Minigame ‘TNT Run’. Try to survive as long as possible (Optional Challenge).

3. Survival Flat World (Updated):


1 Grass Block

5 Dirt

3 Oak Leaves

3 Oak Log

2 Snow Block

3 Sand

3 Gravel

5 Stone

3 Coal Ore

1 Stone

3 Iron Ore

1 Stone

3 Lapis Lazuli Ore

1 Stone

3 Redstone Ore

1 Stone

2 Gold Ore

2 Stone

1 Emerald Ore

3 Stone

1 Diamond Ore

3 Stone

1 Stone Brick

3 Lava

1 Bedrock

It’s a Flat World where you can actually beat the game (No Achievements). As you can see from the picture above, There’s a lot of stuff to start your survival journey. There’s a mini Village, End Portal Frames. Infinite Water Source, and a Bee Nest. Inside of the chest in front of the End Portal Frames, There’s a few starter items for you!. The Nether and The End are accessible in this flat world. Try to beat the game!

4. Void World


1 Air

An empty world with 1 Stone Block

5. Redstone Ready V1 (Original)


64 Sandstone

3 Stone

1 Bedrock

A remake of Minecraft Java’s ‘Redstone Ready’ Preset

6. Redstone Ready V2 (Quartz & Concrete)


1 Quartz Block

64 White Concrete

1 Bedrock

The same as Redstone Ready. But, With Quartz and Concrete

7. Redstone Ready V3 (Iron Block)


64 Iron Block

1 Bedrock

The same as Redstone Ready. But, With Iron Block

8. Desert Flat World


4 Sand

3 Sandstone

60 Stone

1 Bedrock

A Flat Desert World. Yes, It’s in a Desert Biome.

9. Water World


60 Water

1 Sea Grass

3 Gravel

4 Stone

1 Bedrock

A Perfect world if you want to do an Underwater Redstone Challenge or something like that.

10. Stone Flat World


255 Stone

1 Bedrock

A world full of Stone. Goes up to the world height limit (Y-256). Suggested by Someone Unregistered lol

11. Bigger Flat World


1 Grass Block

62 Dirt

1 Bedrock

A deeper, better Flat World than the original!.

12. Dirt Flat World


64 Dirt

1 Bedrock

A world full of Dirt. Try setting the RandomTickSpeed to 1000 and replace one of the dirt with Grass Block/Mycelium/Podzol :).

13. Ice Flat World


64 Packed Ice

1 Bedrock

Slippery!. The reason why I made it with Packed Ice instead of Normal Ice is because the world wouldn’t load on low-end devices.

14. Leaves Flat World


1 Oak Leaves

One layer of Leaves… Suggested by someone. Idk what’s the purpose of this. But, It’s cool!.

15. Magma Flat World


64 Magma

1 Bedrock

Again, Suggested by someone. They said they wanted to make a ‘Scorching Planet’.

16. Nether Flat World


60 Netherrack

4 Soul Sand

1 Bedrock

A Flat Nether. I can’t change the sky or add Nether Biomes, Unfortunately.

17. Snow Flat World


64 Snow Block

1 Bedrock

Would be cool to make a Christmas-Themed map. Or build a Giant Snowman!.

18. Sponge Flat World

64 Sponge Block

1 Bedrock

Someone who suggested this (DeadVoxelx) has a weird obsession with Sponges lmao

Like I said. More worlds will be added in the future. Leave a suggestion on what world should I add next time!.

Note: Again. If I didn’t add your suggestion. That means, I can’t add it. Because, Blocktopograph doesn’t have All blocks (Colored Wools/Terracotta/Glass, Etc.).

Changelog View more

- Added 7 More Worlds! -

- Added Dirt Flat World (Suggested by Guest-7388156965)

- Added Ice Flat World (Suggested by Guest-4720426590)

- Added Leaves Flat World (Suggested by Guest-7840843619)

- Added Magma Flat World (Suggested by Guest-7713791200)

- Added Nether Flat World (Suggested by Guest-5419462269)

- Added Snow Flat World (Suggested by Guest-4720426590)

- Added Sponge Flat World (Suggested by DeadVoxelx)

- Updated the Description

- Updated Links. Now it's compiled into a Folder. Thanks to bestGaming132 for Suggesting!.

- More Worlds will be added. Keep Suggesting!

- Added Stone Flat World (Suggested by Someone unregistered lol).

- Added Bigger Flat World. Basically the original Flat World but deeper!.

- Updated the Survival Flat. Made it bigger. So, There should be no Slime spawning like crazy lol. Also, Added more stuff on the surface!.

- Fixed the Overworld Flat. There should be no more 1 deep hole chunk missing (Thanks to Necronz for reporting!).

- Updated the Description (Fixed some typos)


- For ZIP Files -

1. Download the ZIP Files

2. Extract The Files

3. Move the folder to .../games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/(Here)

4. Launch Minecraft

5. Done!

- For MCWorld Files -

1. Download the MCWorld Files

2. Double Click the file (PC)/View the file with Minecraft (ZArchiver/Android). It should open Minecraft Automatically.

3. Wait for it to Successfully Import

4. Done!


Supported Minecraft versions


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68 Responses

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  1. PEG91 says:

    add 64 tnt 1 bedrock hehe

  2. RealMinecraft60 says:

    Did anyone tell you that the only way to download your stuff is to get mediafire premium

  3. steeeep chicken says:

    hey i was wondering if you can make a superflat world thats grass and the second layer is all dirt but make it deeper please thanks.

  4. Guest-5627386056 says:

    Make a flat world with only bedrock in it

  5. Guest-2747495647 says:

    I wish i had an android to try and make some, But since i dont, is it possible for u to make an alternative off of the quartz and concrete one by only taking the quartz out so its just a blank white map?

  6. Guest-1285842687 says:

    Make diamond flat world please

  7. Unknownperson says:

    Can you make Lava?..Please😬

  8. Unknownperson says:

    Please make a lava
    And make the player standing on one block ..thank you!

  9. Guest-2967533831 says:

    White concrete or wool world maybe?

  10. ColonicCard8348 says:

    A world with one of everything?

  11. Guest-2822579537 says:

    Can u please fix the links? both leads to a .zip file, and none of the links lead to a .mcworld, meaning that i am unable to import it to minecraft, would be much appreciated if fixed!!!

  12. Guest-8589869509 says:

    Red sand world for mars please

  13. hey dude, nice work, but i would loke a full blue ice, i know that there is packed ice but blue ice is faster and also it would be very cool for boats, thx 😉

  14. Guest-8245738933 says:

    Me dan una obsesión la TNT me gusta explotar todo hahaha

  15. Killer Smile says:

    Wait, it is true you can’t make them? You’ve said “A Flat Nether. I can’t change the sky or add Nether Biomes, Unfortunately” then, those nylium biomes wont be possible 🙁

  16. Killer Smile says:

    Can you add an infinite warped nylium and crimson nylium? Seeing them in the overworld would be nice looking, also they would fit into the “otherworldly” themed planet

  17. Guest-7885696415 says:

    Can you make all of them mctemplates pls then it will be perfect.

  18. bestGaming132 says:

    Could you make a folder in mediafire and put all of the worlds in it? It would be better with less links (can be a bit confusing)

  19. Guest-7388156965 says:


  20. Guest-4720426590 says:

    Hey will you add a snow/ice flat world?

  21. Guest-6624203857 says:

    Where’s The Village On Survival Flat World? I Can’t Find It At All. Please Help me 🙁

    • It’s not a real Naturally Generated Village. It’s just a remake. It’s in front of your spawn point with the other stuff. Sorry, There’s no way to make Naturally Generated Structures spawns in a Flat World

  22. Guest-7840843619 says:

    Could you do 1 layer of leaves, any type, with no bedrock?

  23. Guest-7713791200 says:

    Can you add an infinite magma stone world? I just wanted to make a scorching planet

  24. Guest-5419462269 says:

    would it be possible to have an infinite flat nether?

  25. DeadVoxelx says:

    Can you make a sponge flat world. I have a weird obsession with sponges.

  26. This is great since. I need flat deep worlds for Subways and multi level platforms for transfer stations like NYC and Make Subway Maps and Cities the ones MCBE built in only has 3 layers and a Bedrock which i dont like smaller Subways that the head touches the ceiling this will make it larger and confortable to go in and make it more decorative

  27. Guest-5007972539 says:


  28. Guest-9097772659 says:

    Can you make a world with fully stone up to height limit with Bedrock on the bottom?

  29. Necronz says:

    Hey creator can you fix the bug in Overworld Flat that there is always a 1 chunk or more missing Its 1 block high only but
    Sometimes it will have more of those in your world it ruined my build (T_T)

  30. Plasma7007 says:

    Would it be possible to make a Nether dimension void world?

  31. Necronz says:

    Great! Im finding a Flat World like this but 1 question IS THIS UNLIMITED? I mean no matter where you go it will still remain on 64+Blocks?

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