Devilbrine Empire Addon V5

This addon is ultra hard battle so many monster you can’t survive if you no companion or guard this is a last battle good vs evil, knights is separated in all biomes.

This is the last version of Imperial Knights , and I add a commander or king to summon a pawn.

This is the best of medieval fantasy, you cannot imagine and so many to explore.

Ghost: in underground


Commander icezer: biomes ice plans, summon icezerknight

Commander of evil: all biomes     Summon assassin

Dark Commander: “rare” can summon

POPET KING: “rare” summon army of devilbrine

Dark king: “rare” can summon

This is a medieval fantasy, one of the best addon in 2019.

Short story”

The Emperor is dead and Legendary Hero is also dead and the divine paladin is wiped out because of that the Empire is fall, the kingdom is no longer, the portal into the angel is now destroyed, the other knights is separated in all biomes.

The ice plans kingdom is rising, but the Devilbrine Empire  is more powerfull, the two portal is now open one of the portal is Darkness, because of that the 2 king and other entity is now free “Dark King” and devilbrine popet “Popet King” 

And the other portal is open null, dread, notch and herobrine, this is not available to, summon 

if you want to see them, go fine them in all biomes, in underground.

The world needs a hero and saviour

Who will be the next hero to defence a villager is that you or maybe not?

This is new entity.

Commander of evil (can summon)

Commander of knight (can summon)

Commander icezer (can summon)

Dark Commander (can summon)

General tirion (can summon)

Eufima (one of the hero)

Herojames (one of the hero)

Dark king (can summon)

Popet king (can summon)

King Rex (can summon)

Ghost ( can attack )

Void paladin (can summon)

Wither commander (can summon)

Cursed white

Wither boss updated health

The villager is updated

Not summon in biomes but can summon the dark commander and void paladin.


Dark Crusader

If you think you are a pro and want a adventure want a medieval fantasy and hard battle,

This is for you try it if you survive.

This is the new arrive in one of the portal.

Null “enemy”

Dread “enemy”


Herobrine : you can tame “dragon breath” and become you companion and mate,

You need to global resources pack if you want a epic sound.

Changelog View more

This is all new entity no one replaces,

You can see the animal if version 1.13.0 but if you want to see the animal, version 1.11.4 is for you.

No replaces entity and I add a MorePower behaviour pack to player damage and knight of justice for health updated, the animal entity if invisible in version but if you want to see the animal entity version 1.11.4 and 1.12.0 is for you

New arrive entity null, dread, notch and herobrine, this is new source in mediafire

Fixed the resources andpack behaviour mcaddon

And more sound effect updated and null dread, notch and herobrine updated


The new entity is not available to summon, but the old entity is available to summon you need to on the experimental.

The resources pack of NoShader is no shader and no block texture but the old sound effect is ther.

The normal resources pack if you want a normal minecraft

Devilbrine Empire V4 resources pack if you want to epic sound effect and block texture, this is for you, but if not available in your Android or IOs I'm sorry, you not the choice hero,

And the MorePower behaviour pack is more power in player and knight of justice.


Supported Minecraft versions


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29 Responses

3.13 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Guest-3742074067 says:

    Plz fix it i want this addon

    • Guest-2053305139 says:

      Creator I have used you mods on Xbox for long time and this one is the best. I do mod events for others to see you mod and I was hoping you could do something. Make a resource pack with no mod so its not 256 Mb it would allow me to use it more. I love the sounds and looks for everything. Best sounds i have ever seen in a video game. My idea mite make it 165 Mb or less (By HaloKillShot547)

  2. HEY HEU HEY says:

    wondering if you could make the Healthbar smaller. On mobile it really interferes with everything.

  3. DU7A says:

    it crashes when i load the world…fix it

  4. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    Can’t download it

  5. Anonymous says:

    You cant call this the best “Addon” this year, it isnt even good.

  6. ZeriaL says:

    Is necesary install all? or only the behavior and resource pack of the mod?

  7. LeonardoDrahon says:

    None of texture installs

  8. Aaron says:

    Crashes everytime when im loading a world or starting a new one

  9. Cthulhu Warrior says:


  10. Alex says:

    Cool but there is a problem everytime when i try to download it doesn’t please can you fix it

  11. Haydon says:

    My game keep on crashing when loading the mod pack

  12. Yolo says:

    Does this conflict with any other addon

  13. Herobrine says:

    My name is Brine but I’m not a devil I’m a hero I am Herobrine

  14. Henry says:

    Oooo I get to leave the first comment let me see let me see
    Also only have it a five star rating cause it looks cool and might help
    My roleplay survival that I am going to make one question does this
    Conflict with any other addons cause I hope it doesn’t

  15. ArGuA30 says:

    Ok ako ang firs dowloader james neal

    Ako to c Neil Lemron G. Arlegui

  16. Jeffry says:

    I think they exaggerated a lot with the difficulty the add-on is incredible but it would be better to lower it a bit of difficulty leaving aside the difficulty is incredible

  17. Liam TDP says:

    Could you pls fix the behaviour pack when I import it in Mine craft pev1.12official it says failed to import check your log pls fix that bug😢 l really want your add-on because it super cool

  18. Undeadzeroplayz says:

    I don’t understand much on this addon the way you explaining the features. I am not a grammar police but really kinda hard to understand like summon, cannot summon, can attack and so forth I don’t know what do you mean is it naturally can spawn in the world or need creative or commands something… But I think this will be a good addon I think so four stars

  19. TK says:

    This mod only somewhat works, when in creative every spawn egg texture is broke except for ones that are from a different mod strangely enough

  20. AncientWolfP says:

    Can’t download to Minecraft please fix it

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