Dharkcraft Clothes (Merry Christmas) v3

Add new craftable clothes to be able to use in their worlds simulating the java mods of clothes this addon adds 70 +17 pieces of totally placeable clothes

This addon is very useful for server reamls similar to the popular Karmaland series, all clothes will be at this time thanks for you.

Dharkcraft Clothes

Add new craftable clothing around 70 pieces of uitl clothing that protects you, all protect you the same and their multiple textures will make you go crazy

Clothing sample:

How is it crafted?

Most are made with their Iron formations:





Armor can be enchanted:



King and queen:

Just easy to use and apply:

all the clothes there are (the combinations are not necessarily these):


More clothes 152!!!

New recipes:

Do not forget if you make a video put the original link and mention me in the comments box of this addon if you make a video I would love to see it and LIKE it..

Iron armor protection:

the clothes are now wearing out.

The new update brings more than 200 clothes including Christmas:

Clothes 4D:

that of the priest was 4d cuatrodified to avoid errors.

You can find me as Dharkcraft: Check out my other Fenix Family addon Thank you.

Fenix Family (comes alive)

HuntingCraft (Furniture of mobs)


It is forbidden to publish this addon on other pages !!!!

(I know they can be annoying but it is the only way to monetize the addons Thank you)

Changelog View more

-More clothing

-was added

-Crafting was changed

-Protection was improved

-More than 200 clothes.

-Behavior errors were corrected new

-recipes were added (they already existed but I forgot to show them sorry)

-It is not possible in 1.16.40 it is impossible unless not in the same way if not the old one of putting a whole set on the head and that does not please me!

-Fixed crafting bug for Farmer's shirt

-fix the zip of mcpack

-New clothes were added from 89 to 142 approx.

I will add new clothes in each update at the moment there are only 87 pieces of clothes.

Se añadieron 17 Piezas de ropa mas! Para un total de 97 piezas


Available for minecraft 1.16.100+

how to agree an adfly link


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201

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  1. Ace Gaming says:

    Did I just saw Gura’s cloth? Btw nice addon man, love it!

  2. BloxurloGamer says:

    SE ME OLVIDO COMENTARLO este no ,no se pudo sigue igual y pos nada quiero que lo arregles porfi :3.

  3. BloxurloGamer says:

    AMIGO ASI UNA COSA hay un error con tu addon veras yo soy de xbox one , y cuando yo instalo el addon y lo estraigo se queda en 84% de extraccion y queria saber si lo puedes arreglarlo porfa me gusta mucho el adddon y lo quiero jugar en mi mundo de 50 addons (poquitos) GRACIAS POR LEER guappooooo. POR CIERTO SI ERES DE GUATEMALTECO PUES DE TODOS MODOS AGREGA LA ROPA MEXICANA Y DEL OXXO.

  4. BloxurloGamer says:

    amigo una cosa pequeñita PRIMERO el addon es muy bonitos me gustan mucho las texturas de los nuevos trajes y todo pero estoy MUY ENOJADO por 1 razon como veo que hablas español , pos e de saber que tu eres mexicano . y si ese es el cazo PORQUE NO HAY UN TRAJE DEL OXXO EH? es una pregunta seria Y TAMBIEN DONDE ESTAS NUESTRO TIPICO TRAJE MEXICANO??’ nonono si eres MEXICANO y no lo has hecho eres una verguenza para nuestro pais Y SI NO IGUAL AÑADELOS muchas gracias y feliz navidad.

  5. SpaghettisANDPotatoes says:

    Good addon! I rated it four stars because there are some errors in the mod, and the resource pack had missing dependencies. Overall, good job! By the way, I’m going to use this for a modpack that I’m currently creating, is it okay?

  6. FKASH says:

    Add a gas mask pls

  7. Metta-Neo says:

    suggestion: 3D clothing instead of regular flat/skin like clothing.

  8. Torete9106 says:

    Puedes hacer ropa de Link (The legend of Zelda)?


  9. Rockythemaster says:

    bruh wtf this is trash link its soo innopropriate

  10. EleAzarDous_2005 says:

    Update it on beta plss

  11. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    actualiza el traje de sacerdote crack funciona en realms

  12. AxolotlBoi says:

    Yo, Can You Not Make The Link Go To Adfly, It Looks Like Virus To Me. Do Mediafire Or Google Drive Those Are Safer.

  13. Creep 103 Rey says:

    Is cool i give you 5 star??⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  14. i saw those pesky rainimator cloths

  15. XenolithInGold says:

    Oye, para que sepas que cada vez que intento extraer el archivo de recursos, se atasca al 81%

  16. Great but can you make some military cltyes

  17. Javiercito3 says:

    Oye me gusta mucho el complemento pero podrías hacerlo archivo mcpack o mcaddon
    Te lo agradecería mucho si lo volvieras mcpack.

  18. Sajad6baster says:

    Can I use your addon an my modpack pls

  19. MMalkeK says:

    Can you please add some military clothes and worn out clothes?

  20. Dharkcraft says:

    Si tienes skin de ropa que desees que agregué puedes envairlas a mi por discord

    Tambien puedes informar errores o sugerencias

  21. Gopnik kat says:

    Cool, can you add military clothes and Adidas tracksuit (3 Stripes tracksuit)?

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