Emulation Story Texture Pack/仿真物语材质包

free 128x Texture Pack 

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my discord:

Old name: DHBE

New name: Emulation Story

After three months, I finally made an original texture package of my own. A new name represents a new beginning.

Drawing is just of my interests. Later, due to a series of things, I became a texture pack author by accident.

It started as an interest and now it’s a challenge for me.

The free version has 3 versions, 32,64,128. The complete version has 5 versions, 128, 256, 512 (512Full Version has 860MB!,Only Win10!)

The texture pack requires a minimum of 4G ram for the phone to run.

Author: dfgh0863( )

Modeler: vortex( )

Image design: Qing Meng

I’m sorry, because I don’t have a paypal. At present, I can only sell complete texture pack in minecraft China store, and I am temporarily unable to sell my texture pack in other countries.

Thank you very much for downloading my texture pack 

my email: [email protected]









主作者:dfgh0863 (QQ 2115813145)

模型师:Vortex (QQ 2467395456)

图像设计:清梦 (QQ 2590836306)

非常感谢你能下载我的材质包,我的邮箱:[email protected]

(This texture packages has been authorized by MCPEDL, and sharing without authorization is prohibited)

( 此 材 质 包 已 授 权 MCPEDL,未 经 作 者 授 权 禁 止 转 载,禁 止 搬 运,禁 止 倒 卖 )

Emulation Story PBR version + CSPE shader 2.0.0 (submitted to Minecraft china Market)

Changelog View more

Slightly modified the texture of lava and portal

Fixed some textures bugs

has been adapted to Minecraft 1.16

all the nether blocks textures have been added

Added support for minecraft version 1.16

All the nether blocks have been made


Remack stone and ore texture

Remack wood top texture

Add some texture for entity

Add Snow texture

Remack some texture

add Snow texture,

add some entity texture

Remack some block texture

I've redone all the wood and stones, and then I'll devote myself to the new super version, so I won't update it

More than 200 blocks texture updated

and 200 items texture

More than 400 texture

Remanufacture All plant texture

Remanufacture gress and Fixed a bug in holding grass

Remanufacture stonebrick and cobblestone

Fixed bugs in kelp

New Bamboo and grass

New glowstone and redstone_lamp

Fixed bug in glass

New grass texture

And fix some bugs

I released a new 64x texture package

Because the Max uploaded files is 50MB, I can't upload 256 and 512 texture packages,and Contains normals 128 texture packages




Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16


128x 32x 64x

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142 Responses

4.35 / 5 (46 votes)
  1. Kaijufan67 says:

    Cause the textures are good you idiot
    The creator of this pack worked hard on these textures and no one asked for you to shit of this persons work, you crap

  2. KaijufanMax073 says:

    This texture pack is amazing! Looks realistic and great for 128x!

  3. SmarterBoy2019 says:

    best texture pack but theres missing
    the items
    and mobs
    some blocks are not edited
    but i rate 5 stars and i subscribe

  4. Vorona says:

    Does this also edit mobs, and gear aswell?

  5. CubeMaster says:

    Sir, How did you made some pixels glow? ? please.


  7. Guest-9973795773 says:

    does this have bedrock support?

  8. Guest-5244343328 says:

    Also is there a way to remove the red outline on concrete? It’s not noticeable on other blocks but on concrete it’s very noticeable.

  9. Guest-7220042785 says:

    Oh, I noticed that the “blocks” json file isn’t in the updated zip files that might be the cause?

  10. Guest-5371051670 says:

    Some bugs:
    Nether fire and spruce leaves don’t render properly (nether fire stops moving, and leaves are almost invisible)
    Some items in the inventory are blurred
    Dirt is mismatched in direction (some is facing upward, some left to right)

    I don’t know if it’s because of update or not, but these weren’t problems b4. Maybe it’s bc you gave us zips instead of mcpacks?

  11. Guest-3483969415 says:

    Could you make a furry tales and ears could you do it please

  12. Foxthewolf says:

    La forma de conseguir la versión de paga de 512x solo se consigue en la versión china de Minecraft pe, y no es barato, en china no utilizan dinero, utilizan una moneda electrónica llamada diamantes que se puede comprar con dinero real, pero solo en yuan o yen, la otra moneda son esmeraldas, estás te la dan cada día como regalo, aún así, la forma de conseguir la versión de pago de este paquete de texturas es gratis de una forma, que alguien lo haya comprado y aplicado a su mundo y luego desde el gestor de archivos de Android entre a los archivos data de Minecraft y de hay los puede entrar y aplicar a la versión normal de Minecraft, y si, yo he podido comprar varios paquetes de texturas de pago cuando lo tienes comprado puedes distribuirlo gratis pero al autor no le gustara eso

  13. Guest-3415383876 says:

    So beautiful! I would love to see an update for the warped wood planks and crimson. 1.16 update <3 great work

  14. Guest-8561282878 says:

    I try using it but not all of the texture pack is loaded in, some of the basic Minecraft pack is still in. how do I fix this issue

  15. Guest-5965771735 says:

    Link is broken.

  16. Guest-3784782990 says:

    Make it for 1.16 pls, looks enjoyable

  17. Guest-2684728645 says:

    Only some blocks change texture? Example brewing stands ans bamboo. Im on xbox does anyone know how to fix this

  18. Guest-4383811861 says:

    Add that QQ group.

  19. Guest-9366183184 says:

    where is the full 512 version? how to download it (ps I’m from hk and forever will be)

  20. Guest-4074651720 says:


  21. Guest-9710734356 says:

    The shadow is perfect but I found an error: the moment you are in a cave and you take a night vision potion it does not work or you see the white blocks.

  22. ????? says:

    and btw so called “person” named SOHELKHATRI i mean what kinda “person” would spell there name like that and btw ffrick you SOHELKHATRI she improved it and u gots to respect that. and btw your not the person who owned minecraft just to create diamond. btw me and my sis like this mod so go away and go ruin somebody else’s work.

  23. ????? says:

    dude he has std he going mentally ill of you just looking at fine art then having the idea to make it a lot better i kinda respect dat btw nice texter pack

  24. Guest-8984329986 says:

    ya bloody corona cow

  25. dfgh0863 says:

    Don’t worry, I talked to the author of HTPE R1 a few days ago. This is a misunderstanding.

  26. Guest-7802867735 says:

    This texture pack is perfect for an anime styled Minecraft world and modern world, thank you!

  27. YouriPadMaster says:

    SOHELKHATRI calm down chill he’s gonna make a new texture for diamond don’t be angry or your IP is leaked (jk I won’t do that but still don’t do I easily get angry)

  28. Guest-6649424903 says:

    Beautiful graphics but I have a problem with the water and the sky I play on Xbox

  29. Guest-2405405322 says:

    Hermosas texturas pero tengo un problema con el agua y el cielo juego en xbox one

  30. Guest-1216825870 says:

    worst thing i have seen in my life is this texture pack

  31. Guest-3651228675 says:

    look really bad, but work

  32. SOHELKHATRI says:

    You steal my diamond texture??I am creator of HTPE R1

  33. Guest-2497174383 says:

    Selling resource packs outside of the marketplace is against Mojang TOS and EULA… you’re literally breaking the law, you idiot.

  34. Guest-1679243918 says:

    Perhaps piston and stonesutter textures?

  35. Guest-7960135175 says:

    Amazing work

  36. Migue Rex says:

    Amazing texture pack ?

  37. Guest-8581847110 says:

    Miss you are an artist

  38. Guest-2291095135 says:

    where can I get the last version of this I don’t like the new wood and stone

  39. Guest-8834692555 says:

    I can not use chests doors or trapdoors

  40. Guest-7339245325 says:

    Compared to 512, 128 is like a paste, but it still looks good :)The Creater told me personally that if you delete the item folder, you can run any 512 texture on your phone

  41. Guest-4187087227 says:


  42. Guest-8543718834 says:

    The windows don’t work or look good. But other than that its perfect. Im using it to build a the world/city from the anime ‘Fairy Tail’ since im re-watching it! Nice job.

  43. Feluxis says:

    lb photo realism, s&k photorealism, fuse realism, feluxishf, en que mas te basas?

  44. Beam006 says:

    Could you plz make mobs and entity textures

  45. AracelyPinkRose says:

    Is it completely updated with the new Nether blocks?

  46. Guest-6097045117 says:

    Support Windows 10? ‘:3

  47. Guest-1423011678 says:

    Hey great Job in the making of this one of a kind and truly a masterpiece of this texture pack

  48. TheRealMike says:

    It’s ok but I don’t really like it.

  49. Guest-3190441913 says:

    Ahhh better not to download. Why it’s not free instead of buying them and it can’t really doing good in the game. not really useful, there’s so many hd texture to download like FuseRealism is more realistic texture on MCPEDL and others. And yeah nice texture. I recommend this for low end device like 1GB of ram.

  50. Guest-1821809333 says:


  51. Guest-1093101411 says:

    Any chance you could upload the 512x elsewhere please

  52. null_eqn says:


  53. Pereeper says:


  54. Guest-8930543779 says:

    broken link.. please fix

    thanks in advance

  55. Guest-5439245677 says:

    is ther a way to get the 512x pack ?

  56. Guest-5439245677 says:

    is ther a way to get the 512x pack ?

  57. Guest-1574938597 says:

    what textures did you use for thid

  58. Guest-3794931468 says:


  59. Guest-3870910251 says:

    It Work with my Phone. yah! Draw a tools? Please…..

  60. Guest-1627113447 says:

    Does this work for xbox? Shader looks good!

  61. Guest-6348595481 says:

    What is the shaders? Thanks!

  62. Guest-8393305247 says:

    It’s only for windows 10 really? not for mobile. This is mcpedl bro mcpeeeeeee not windows.

  63. dfgh0863 says:


  64. dfgh0863 says:

    Although I won’t update my texture package on twitter, but you can feed me bugs on twitter

  65. Guest-7332965767 says:


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