Diamonds in Ravine Near Spawn! (Seed)

In this seed you spawn on a dark oak forest and you can easily go down the ravine with the water down there and there is iron and coal too! It’s hard to get out of the ravine again but you can have 8 DIAMONDS!. Spawn coordinates: 127, 64, 12.

(Recommended: Having Keep inventory true for get out of the ravine easily)

Note: im using SamDaLlama’s Seasons Add_On and Dark Gato’s Animated Blocks Texture in the images

This seed also features a village with 2 blacksmiths in: -259, ?, 135,

And a stronghold village (I didn’t found the end portal room sorry) in: 514, ?, 946.

A jungle temple in: -731, 68, -220.

Woodland mansion next to a Pillager outpost in: 740, ?, 5683.

(aww. two cat rooms😺)

Dungeon: 480, 22, 903.

Burried treasure at: 392, 63, 6152

And a Ruined portal at: 753, ?, 5867.

Blacksmith chests loot:

Jungle temple’s arrow trap chest loot:

Jungle temple’s secret chest loot:

Ruined portal chest’s loot:

Pillager outpost’s chest loot:

Woodland mansion’s chests loot:

(omg a diamond chestplate and diamond hoe)

Dungeon’s chest loot:

(omg a notch’s apple)

And the stronghold below the second village:

(omg a stonghold leading to a mineshaft)

Stronghold (idk the room’s name but has a ladder floating) chest:

Stronghold’s loot chest loot:

Stronghold’s library chests loot:

And stronghold village’s chests:

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More images added and idk how to make mcpedl accept my posts :v

Added images of loot and dkfbfjfnfb djdvdh kdbrjr jebjejeje jrjrjjrjrjr ejjrjrjrjrjt ekuajejdurjsieu udyrhdje73uej38riw iej3u37eueje83j ieu3uei3jeneiejeue ieu33uuejeueu3jeieu

Make more detailed description for MCPEDL, WHY IT DON'T ACEPPT THIS COOL SEED WHY!

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  1. Coords of end portal room : 559 35 942

  2. For don’t loose in strongholds when you find them exploring seeds use soul torches instead of normal torches as there is no soul torches in overworld and if you use normal ones you can loose easily as there is alot of them there

  3. ItsEystreem641 says:

    What texture pack is that please send me the link please?

  4. ItsEystreem641 says:

    Thanks for finding the seed👍😃

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