Diaub’s Combat UI

Diaub’s Combat UI is a texture pack made to enhance Minecraft’s PvP experience. The pack includes a dark, transparent UI which enables players to keep their eyes on the battle while in their inventory. The user can choose between eight unique crosshairs to customize their experience. All available in both 32×32 and 16×16 resolutions.

There are no edits to block textures in this resource pack. Bow, crossbow and sword textures are the only items that have been modified. The purpose of this resource pack is to enable players to react quickly and effectively in PvP modes and to allow the player to see through user interface screens which the vanilla resource pack inhibits.

Transparent UI keeps the user engaged in combat while in UI screens such as a smithing table. Sword textures have been shortened to increase peripheral vision in the first-person point of view.

Bows and crossbows appear green when the player begins charging them and progress to red when fully charged. The red indicates to the user that they can fire the bow as a charged shot and warns them when opponents are prepared to fire a charged shot. Experience bar is purple.

Hotbar has been edited to be more transparent and for easy “hotkey-ing” the cells have been labeled with popular keys. Wither effect hearts appear as purple instead of black to increase player awareness. Poison hearts appear as a vibrant green.

Absorption hearts have been changed to a brighter shade of gold/yellow. Armor UI no longer appears as a chest plate, but instead a shield. Netherite armor has been changed to the classic Minecraft style in both 16×16 and 32×32 resolutions. Below is a screenshot featuring the 32×32 resolution.

Menu buttons have been changed to match the new transparent UI. Panorama background commemorates Legacy Console Edition’s Battle and reflects the 1.16 Nether Update. New PvP tips have been added to loading screen messages. Settings and Marketplace menu screens have been altered.

All eight crosshairs can be used in both 16×16 and 32×32 resolutions.
•    Default
•    Dropper
•    Empty Center
•    Minimalist
•    Perfectionist
•    Peak
•    Smiley
•    Heart

Changelog View more

No Version Number

-Fixed an issue in which a gui folder was missing from Just UI, causing the UI to appear lighter due to the textures of vanilla Minecraft

-Added a missing download link for .zip files of older and current pack versions

-changed links to those of folders rather than files on Google Drive (this will make it easier to release future updates)

-pack functionality overhaul
    _split 16x and 32x resolutions into two packs
    _Just UI now has its own resource pack
    _subpack optimization has been further improved, significantly reducing file size
-various manifest changes
-increased the resolution for many UI textures in the 32x32 version
-updated selected hotbar texture to make it more visible in the dark
-fixed a bug that caused the beacon buttons to appear locked when selected
-fixed a bug that displayed toggle switches in the menus incorrectly
-fixed a bug that prevented the horse jump meter from displaying in 32x32 resolution
-fixed a few loading message errors

v1.1.3 - Nether Update
-changed panorama to Crucible
-updated Just UI panorama to 1.16 textures
-changed netherite armor textures to be similar to classic Minecraft armor textures
-shortened netherite sword texture
-updated UI for the smithing table
-various subpack optimization changes in preparation for future updates
-removed loading message referring to pack panorama

-various ui texture changes
-changed the profile background
-reduced pack icon file size and increased image clarity
-changed the store (and all) header(s) to be dark and transparent and the text is now lighter for contrast
-loading messages are now stored outside of subpacks
-pack loading messages now display alongside vanilla loading messages
-removed all loading messages which advertise the marketplace
-fixed a bug that displayed anvil and enchant cost text color as green instead of purple

-Fixed an issue which did not allow users to download the .mcpack file for the resource pack.

-significantly improved subpack optimization. File size is now a fraction of the size when compared to previous versions.
-added the "Just UI" subpack, which only changes the user interfaces of Minecraft while the HUD and item textures remain unedited. This can be activated in the pack settings and is useful for users who only want transparent UI.

-changed xp bar and text color to purple which involves changes to _global_variables.json in all resolutions, hud_screen.json in 32x32 resolutions and various textures
-improved selected hotbar visibility


Download a .mcpack file of your choice from Google Drive and open it in Minecraft.


If you would like to use a .zip or an older version of the pack, follow the Google Drive link.


Supported Minecraft versions



16x 32x

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38 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Guest-5507157043 says:

    Where is the google drive link for older versions

  2. Guest-8541413782 says:

    The buttons are white? is that intentional? the “Just UI” has the buttons white, is that a bug? also when you highlight a switch button, it turns into the normal switch version, i don’t know if those are intentional or not, because in your pictures it shows the buttons black

  3. Nice resource pack! I like that the interface has transparency, it makes it look really nice 😃

  4. Guest-3646253512 says:

    You can’t see the meter when charging a jump on a horse

  5. Guest-9058396238 says:

    the darkness of the hotbar makes it hard to know what item you are holding when on a dark surface, like obsidian.

    • Diaub says:

      Thank you for the feedback! I will be changing the look of the hotbar selector in an upcoming update to make it more visible in the dark.

  6. iiPlasma7 says:

    The nostalgia of the place where you took those pictures…

    • Guest-8838875937 says:

      Battle Minigame was good, but dang servers are so much better xD

      I sometimes play legacy console just to play battle Minigame with anyone chilling in the past w me xDD


  7. Guest-2199188300 says:

    The mcpack link is not there

  8. Guest-9569600826 says:

    How do I export the zipped file into Minecraft?

    • Diaub says:

      There is an update currently pending for approval which will fix an issue where the .mcpack file is not available. If you check back between the next one or two days the .mcpack file should be available. However, if you don’t want to wait for that, you can download the .zip version and extract the folder. After that, you can move the folder to this file location to load it into Minecraft:

      WINDOWS 10:
      C:\Users\(YOUR PC USERNAME)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\resource_packs



      MCPEDL has a great tutorial available here:

  9. Guest-9287308608 says:

    bro, it appears to me as a compressed file, and I can’t use it, is it for java or bedrock?

  10. Guest-6947773235 says:

    thx dude helps me a lot in pvp minigames like treasure wars and skywars!

  11. Guest-5514828856 says:

    this is an excellent pack. i will have to tell my grandchildren about it!

  12. Guest-9210468478 says:

    can u still enchant?

  13. Guest-5775335691 says:

    i love this pack! <3

  14. Guest-9151182393 says:

    This pvp pack helped me so much. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  15. Guest-3394400456 says:

    Is there a way for me to just download the inventory changes

    • Diaub says:

      I really like this idea. If this is something people are interested in, I can release an update to the pack which allows users to only enable interface changes in the pack settings. If you don’t want to wait for that, the files to the pack or stored here (if you installed using .mcworld):

      C:\Users\(your pc username)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\resource_packs\Diaub’sCom\Diaub’s Combat UI\subpacks\16×16 Default

      Using the pack on default settings, you can delete the textures which yo do not want to be used.

  16. Guest-6580890590 says:

    this is a very good texture and all but, why is it that when i tried to download it, it had 152 mb? ive never seen a texture pack file size to that point. could you explain?

    • Diaub says:

      Yes, it certainly is a problem and I have been looking into different methods of solving it. The reason the pack file is 150 mb+ is because of all the subpacks included. For anyone reading this that doesn’t know much about resource packs in Bedrock, subpacks are what allow packs to have alternate settings, in this case both resolution and crosshair settings. There are a total of 16 subpacks included in Diaub’s Combat UI, which allows more user customization (awesome). The obvious problem with this is that its almost like downloading that pack 16 times rather than just once (not awesome). On top of that, the 32×32 resolution has larger files than the 16×16 resolution. Generally, subpack options are used for 2-3 resolutions settings, they weren’t intended to be used in the way the I have used them in Diaub’s Combat UI.

      There are a few possible solutions that I could try to solve the issue.
      1. Split the pack into two files for each resolution (there would still be 8 subpacks in each file but it would be better than 16).
      2.Split the pack into 16 different packs (I’m worried this may be confusing, especially because there’s no way to know whether you’ll like a crosshair or not until you try it).
      3. There are also a few textures of spritesheets that I’m not sure I needed to include for the pack to function correctly. This could be solved with a minor update in the future. However, this will not entirely solve the issue, the changes would likely be negligible will it comes to file size.

      I’m interested in your feedback so I can improve the pack for all users. If any of the above solutions seem helpful I am will to make the changes. If you have any other ideas I would love to hear them!

      • Guest-7647641489 says:

        Bro my custom client has 53 sub packs and it’s like 40mb

        • Diaub says:

          That’s impressive! If you’re capable of that I could really use your help limiting the file size. What’s your secret? If it isn’t too much to ask, I would love to have you take a look at my pack yourself. See if you can spot some kind of weakness.

  17. Kirby420 says:

    Where can I get the lobby map?

    • Diaub says:

      In short, here is the link:

      The end all goal would be to reconstruct 4J Studios’ Battle using a map with resource packs applied and add-ons to get it to work properly. Obviously, someone would need to set up a server to make public matches work but anyone would be able to host a private game. There’s also the texture pack issue, in which you’d need to reload the world each time if you wanted to update the map texture packs

      I’ve been doing a lot of digging on this recently. I’ve been able to recover the original lobby, the default maps and map packs 1-3. Map pack 4, Halloween, the 3 Fallout maps, Festive, and the Chinese Mythology map are no where to be found. If you have any information on where to find these it would be much appreciated. On top of that, I am losing track on what maps I have the small versions of and what maps I have large versions of.

      There’s also a lot of problems when converting. For example the link above isn’t in a bedrock format. I don’t remember which but it is either PC or PS3 format which means you have to convert it. Running worlds through lots of converting programs has its problems. It seems like the world converters have confused dark oak leaves with dark oak logs and as result I have been spending a lot of time repairing Siege from a screwed up conversion. Outside of that the only place impacted by this is an obscure tree line in the lobby which isn’t really noticeable. Currently, I have been able to cut and paste all of the maps I have into a single .mcworld file.

      The concept seems possible. Microsoft threw 4J’s mini-games in the trash when they released better together and I hope one day this community can revive them.

  18. Guest-3927366753 says:


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