Diecies 50K Subs PvP Pack!

Official PvP Pack of Diecies for reaching 50,000 subscribers!

This is the pack Diecies has been using in most of his Treasure wars videos.

This pack doesnt change the majority of non PvP related items.

This Pack is a 16×16 Texture Pack made by a fan for Diecies for his 50k pvp pack! Diecies also uses a shader called ESBE 2g shader ( https://mcpedl.com/esbe-2g/ )which goes perfect with this pack


Don't click on any of the ads when clicking the download link, make sure to skip them all and wait for the download to begin


Supported Minecraft versions




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13 Responses

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  1. ScarletTheif says:

    Diecies can you please make the link more faster to download? please? I just hate ads…

  2. Guest-2760890988 says:

    Someone plz help I cant login

  3. Guest-8509128941 says:

    NICE pack

  4. Guest-4430966503 says:


  5. Guest-7470640550 says:

    yes it is

  6. Guest-4369011276 says:

    Not compatible whit nether update ☹️

  7. Guest-9187768416 says:

    I love this pack my bro!

  8. TheBestFoxMC says:

    There are no files in the zip

  9. Guest-4496317826 says:

    Is there any possible way of downloading this without a computer i only have my ipad

  10. Guest-2647515270 says:


  11. Guest-5126079125 says:

    Can I use on the hive on my Xbox

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