Diecies 40K Subs PvP Pack!

Official PvP Pack of Diecies for reaching 40,000 subscribers!

This texture pack will run smoothly on most platforms for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

This Pack doesn’t change the majority of vanilla blocks but more of the combat related gear.

This pack was made by a fan and an amazing pack maker known as Animated Matt.

Matt had started working on this pack a few months ago and we kept on improving it to make it perfect for those who don’t enjoy the basic PvP packs that change most vanilla aspects. Feel free to comment down some good ideas for the 50k version!


Supported Minecraft versions




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27 Responses

3.44 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. HiveAlert says:

    love this pack alway wanted it when i seen it

  2. carter says:

    this is a nice pack

  3. Hexagon_Gamer12 says:

    I would rate 5 stars!

  4. DiamondStar1012 says:

    Y though it’s so bad…

  5. BenJamin9794 says:

    Terrible. It doesn’t even add new items. >:(

  6. Supreior says:

    “pvp pack”

    it’s terrible honestly

  7. Balkar says:

    Can I install this

  8. Hexagon_Gamer12 says:


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