Digs’ Simple Pack [8×8]

Made by an experienced pixel artist, Digs’ Simple Pack is a simplistic twist on the default minecraft textures, filling the world with pretty patterns while maintaining the default minecraft feel.

It features brand new sprites for every item, block, mob, armor, particle, and GUI, which remove the annoying visual noise from the default sprites, replacing it with more simple designs.

Additionally, Digs’ Simple Pack has 8×8 textures, which can help boost FPS, making it a great choice for PvP and low end PCs.

This texture pack was created by Digs, all credits must be given to him, he is a very talented pixel artist who created this resource pack from Minecraft Java Edition. We have all permission to make this Conversion to Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Creator: Digs (original PC pack)   (Creator Twitter)

Ported by: Pixell Studio



If you want to show your support for the texture pack and help Digs keep it up to date, consider supporting him on his Patreon at


Feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps to improve the texture pack so you can enjoy it more 😉

If you find any texture bugs, please let us know at: [email protected]

Windows 10:

Pocket Edition:


We have all permission of the original creator to post the content here.

Screenshot to prove it:

Changelog View more
  • Fixed snowy grass block texture
  • Other minor texture and bug fixes
  • Fixed the Hud in mobile version
  • We added new textures in the UI of the mobile version
  • Fixed some texture bugs in the mobile version
  • Lodestone Compass texture fixed
  • Fixed Phantom texture
  • Fixed Villager textures
  • Fixed shield texture
  • Fixed some other minor texture errors

-Fixed the Destroy_stage texture bug when the player broke a block

- Fixed the texture of the Destroy_stage 

- Fixed other minor texture errors

  • Fixed lava texture bug
  • Fixed some small texture bugs
  • We decrease the file size and make it even lighter

We updated all textures for the new blocks, items and mobs in the new Nether Update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Complete information of the new versions:

-We changed the link to the creator Patreon, the link was wrong and it didn't work.

-We changed some pack descriptions and changed the main file to .MCPack

-We made some changes to the resource pack description per site request.

-We added a link to prove permission from the original resource pack creator.


1. Download Resource .MCPACK

2.Open Minecraft 

3.Settings > Global Resources > Activate Pack


Supported Minecraft versions




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89 Responses

4.53 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. JustB00red says:

    The panorama needs an update, it looks weird

  2. We sent the update to the site correcting the grass block with snow, it will be available for download today or tomorrow!

  3. adry says:

    when does the update come by correcting the grass block with snow?

  4. Is this good for survival 1.16

  5. adry says:

    Hello, after the recent update I have used this texture in my survival, and I really loved it, but there is an error that bothers me, the block of earth with snow is unchanged 😕

  6. New update sent to the site, will be available for download today or tomorrow!

  7. adry says:

    can you tell when the new version will come out with the new hud? sorry for the pressure but i really like the texture and i want to be aware of the updates😅

  8. adry says:

    in the mobile version, hasn’t the hud been modified or is this a bug?
    another thing that happens is that certain potion effects have a broken texture

  9. Guest-5785000914 says:

    will you change the in-game hud? it’s pretty strange a 8×8 world but the same hud of the original texture of bedrock edition

  10. Guest-5811631549 says:

    congratulations on the port of the java version so good that you are doing, to be perfect all that remains is to correct the potion status and the enchanted compass

  11. Guest-5405680392 says:

    thank you very much for the update, now the texture is perfect 😗

  12. Guest-5351933697 says:

    Lodestone compass seems to have the vanilla texture, otherwise I love this pack, thanks digs and pixell

  13. Guest-5269665862 says:

    when will the update arrive fixing the ghost texture?

    • We just sent an update to the site correcting the texture of the Ghots, the texture of the shield and the texture of the Villagers, It will be released today or tomorrow! 😉

      • Guest-9155052682 says:

        thanks, I thought the villagers were really textured, just like the shield 😅
        I’m looking forward to the final version, I love this texture, putting shaders on it is perfect for survival

  14. Guest-4128420313 says:

    Pls fix the piglin and zombie piglin texture
    Pls they look so weird pls fix it

    Also this pack is good for pvp

  15. Guest-7140384932 says:

    Hello, I am very grateful for the recent update resolving the bug when breaking blocks, but there is still an error in the texture of the ghost, its wings have a white line, I believe it is not part of the texture
    it’s a small mistake, but if you can solve it, thank you

  16. New update correcting the frames of breaking blocks launched on the site, will be available tomorrow for download. If you find any bugs or texture errors please let us know!

  17. Guest-5054739205 says:

    in survival mode, one of the animation frames when breaking a block is black

  18. Guest-9596034872 says:


  19. AracelyPinkRose says:

    it’s cool but some mobs like donkey have no texture And some items could you update it? :3❤️

  20. Guest-2347583056 says:

    The .mcpack link is missing

  21. Guest-9059743558 says:

    Lava İs Broken

  22. Guest-2658332301 says:

    I Dont Know Why But When I Tried To İmport İt İt Says That This İs A Copy Of MCPE Vanilla Tweaks By MythicFunk Can You Try To Fix Please I Love This Pack

  23. Guest-6788318722 says:

    Yay finally nether update

  24. Guest-3654176460 says:

    Hello umm you said its not available mobile
    But how do i have it i am currently using it in my android device but this is a cool pack

    • I said that it is not yet available because there are some minor changes to make, I will release it with the official 1.16 update.
      But the mobile version works perfectly, only a few small UI features need to be changed, but you can use it on your Android!

  25. Guest-9533062836 says:

    Lo puedes hacer para la 1.16 de bedrock es que me va medio lag y quiero alguna armadura simple y bonita de netherite

  26. Guest-1237801554 says:

    I know it is difficult to do but could you please continue with the mobile version.

  27. Guest-6824324834 says:

    Me podrian decir el nombre del shader que usan para mostrar el pack?

    Could you tell me the name of the shader they use to show the pack?

  28. Maxil89 says:

    Tengo que decir que es el mejor 8×8 que eh tenido!!! un detalle que me gustaria es que las hojas de los arboles tengan un color diferente. Pero todo lo demas me encanta.

  29. Guest-8004716775 says:

    how can i be noticed when the PE version come out?

  30. Guest-5624001934 says:

    this is what i’ve been loking for! please release it on pocket edition. ill be definely be waiting for this (:

    • Pixell says:

      We apologize for the delay, lately we have been working on other projects and we ended up leaving that aside, but now that we know that you really want the PE version we will work on it! in the coming weeks we will release the version for pocket edition.

  31. Anonymous says:

    What is the shader
    Cual es el shader :v

  32. Shepoopie says:

    This texture is incredible! You are very good Digs, thanks Pixell for bringing this package to Bedrock Edition!

    • Guest-5787652340 says:

      Cuando intentó importar la textura me dice que ya hay una copia y me sale error, pero reviso los packs y no está. Cual sería la solución

  33. MichaelDeSanta says:

    incredible! the package is very light and works great on weak devices! 👍🏻

  34. CartDragon says:

    Very good! I’m waiting for the pocket edition 🙂

  35. UchihaSH says:

    Great Resource pack Pixell! 😉

  36. Flufy882 says:

    Very good!!! This Resource pack is amazing, congratulations to Digs and Pixell Studio!

  37. can’t import (no valid Zip-File)

  38. Some Guy says:

    Texture pack is unable to import, it says there’s no valid Zip for it.

  39. Pixell says:

    This shaders is from the Minecraft Java Version.

  40. Looking For Shaders says:

    Which shader used?

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