Dungeon-Craft: Dimension Door [Puzzle] [Adventure]

You are a magician serving a life sentence in a place called Dungeoncraft. It’s no fun there so you decide to attempt to escape and as you are a magician you think you can use a Dimension Door to teleport from one dimension to another.

Oh yes, the story is a little bit odd and maybe complex but don’t let that hinder you from trying it out. It’s a really cool map. Once you have finished this map don’t forget to check out the next one in the series of Dungeon-Craft: TacoTony’s Escape.

Creator: Furminator


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2 Responses

  1. Roddy says:

    What order should I play the dungeon craft maps in?

  2. Reyvenant says:

    I know its cool, but why does the map has some part that burns? So i never complete this map, plz fix it!

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