Dimension Temple [Adventure]

Dimension Temple is a great adventure map where you play as a great adventurer. Most recently you’ve traveled to a temple to find the legendary dimensional diamond. There are puzzles, parkour and other challenges which you need to complete in order to complete the map and obtain the dimensional diamond.

Creator: Flame100

dimension-temple-2 dimension-temple-1


You are a world famous treasure hunter who have found lots of treasures all over the world. You are now going to the Dimension Temple which will be one of your greatest adventures ever. The mission is to find the legendary dimensional diamond.

Many have gone before you but they have all died because of the dangerous traps, or been lost in all infinite due to the confusing mazes or just simply given up.

There are two ways this can turn out. Either you will become one of the riches Minecraftians in the whole universe or you’ll die try


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Play on easy or higher


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7 Responses

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  1. Wilson Lorenzo says:

    Can this be multiplayer?

  2. That evergreen 41 says:

    How do you download the map

  3. Banana narwhal says:


  4. Napstablooktears says:

    I can’t believe I’m already stuck. Where’s the first key?? Gosh darn it

    • Da Swag Lord says:

      When you climb up the ladders, go to the pond on the left. Go towards the upper-right of the pond, and go down the whole in the pond. There is a maze. Once you get their, go straight to the left untill you get to the wall. Then, look right. BAM, there’s a chest with the key. Hope that helps! 😄

  5. Anonymous says:

    It was awesome plz do more and I love this adventure map

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