Diminutos Map

Diminutos It is an avantuta map in which you will have to venture along the different mobs that exist within the map, complete the 12 challenges that are within the map to complete it 

Explore, fight and prepare to face the great Herobrine and manage to bring peace to the smallest world of all Minecraft.

welcome to Diminutos a world where you are the smallest 

Explore this world in depth and complete each of the 10 challenges that complement it 

Each of the achievements is made for you to have more and more fun on the map!

Have a good time with your friends and explore each of the corners of this map 

Travel to the different dimensions and discover what is inside each one!

Have fun with your friends and explore this wonderful world. 

Team Cubitos MC


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. PatchTheJedi says:

    please make a more functional download

  2. Guest-3496036556 says:

    i really hate the download link, i cant enter to mediafire because pop-ups :c

  3. Guest-8917861008 says:

    It took me to a another link it’s took me to a video about a medical

  4. Guest-2837509663 says:

    good map

  5. Guest-8263221152 says:

    地板,good map

  6. GabrielG392 says:

    La verdad está muy bueno el mapa Alfin podré hacer una serie de diminutos 😎

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