Disable PvP Addon

This is an addon which disables player versus player combat in Minecraft PE. It’s very useful for multiplayer servers if you want to play in survival mode and encourage teamwork instead of killing one another. It’s also useful if you don’t want to be able to unintentionally kill other players, for example, accidentally striking a player with a sword.

Creator: Rlionkiller

How does it work?

It’s very simple. You will no longer be able to hurt any other players.


You can still kill mobs such as cows and spiders. It’s just players you can’t kill.


Demo Video


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Apply pack for a world in-game

Click here to download a .ZIP file.

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Installation Guides

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29 Responses

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  1. Eurbos says:

    This was made before that

  2. RomanFox2 says:

    Isn’t there already a world option that does the same exact thing as this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can’t you just use /gamerule pvp false

  4. Ameen says:

    You don’t need this addon. You just have to type this command: /gamerule pvp false

  5. Hype says:

    Its not yet fully disabled beacuse i i have a sword that has fire aspect and i attack another player and it set him on fire……its a LAN world

  6. LBSG_ADDICT says:

    Does this work on Lifeboat Survival Games?

  7. Wolvec says:

    Dose it work for servers?

  8. snapple098 says:

    This is amazing

  9. Topplesand says:

    Can you please make an adventure mode Addon?

  10. NightCaptain says:

    Addons are really epic! I have one suggestion! Can an addon like changes all the items in mcpe? I know it’s a hard task to ask. It’s okay if u don’t do it also. Looking forward to future addons!! 😀

    • superspider3500 says:

      Yes, it is possible to change everything in Minecraft using addons. But the addon will be a LOT of storage, so best not creating that.

  11. MrRandomGUY says:

    Wow, how does it work?

  12. Jostin el pro says:

    Hello and created a new ADDON here is the link try it and upload it please

  13. NFCorp2016 says:

    How do I make this work in servers. You can’t add behaviour Packs into servers only resource packs?

  14. Somethai says:

    This is VERY useful addon I hope to see more useful addons like this!

  15. NFCorp2016 says:

    Cool, Will this work in servers?

  16. Hello says:

    Can you make damge and health indicator addon?

  17. NoName says:

    Thanks for useful addon! 🙂

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