Disc Jockey Addon

Are you bored with the musics in minecraft?

Are you feel sleepy when you heard the musics in minecraft?

Let me help you with this addon!! Introducing, “Disc Jockey addon”..


There’s nothing special with this addon.

I just put new entity and musics to the game.

Q : What music genre ?

A : Electro

Q : How many musics available in this addon?

A : 9

Q : How it works?

A : You can spawn a DJ by using egg spawner on creative mode or by using command : “/summon tek:dj”

When the DJ spawned. You can use a disc to play the song by interract with the DJ.


– Hold the disc in your hand

– Get closer to the DJ

– Simply click (Win 10), Tap the button (Mobile)

Q: How to get the items in survival

A: Here’s the recipes

========== ## ==========

Disc 1 : Iron Ingot + Red Dye

Disc 2 : Iron Ingot + Green Dye

Disc 3 : Iron Ingot + Cocoa Beans

Disc 4 : Iron Ingot + Lapis Lazuli

Disc 5 : Iron Ingot + Purple Dye

Disc 6 : Iron Ingot + Cyan Dye

Disc 7 : Iron Ingot + Light Gray Dye

Disc 8 : Iron Ingot + Gray Dye

Disc 9: Iron Ingot + Pink Dye

======== ## ========

Q: What must i do if the disc jockey facing wrong dirrection ?

A: do “/function p”

Q: You create the musics by yourself?

A: No! All musics in this addon can be found on “Epidemic Sound”


  • Im under Epidemic Sound Whitelist lisence!..It gives me immunity from the copyright issue on Youtube. If you want to post a review video on YouTube like i did, please dont!!
  • Turn on Experimental Gameplay!


  • Download Behavior & Resources mcpack file
  • Install them by click/tap them
  • Minecraft will opened automatically and wait the Mcpack installed

Win 10

  • Download Behavior & Resources mcpack file
  • Install them by using right click and choose "open"
  • Minecraft will opened automatically and wait the Mcpack installed


Supported Minecraft versions


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17 Responses

4.67 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Guest-5184967988 says:

    Add more disc

  2. Guest-8026288189 says:

    nooo cabron

  3. FlaviusFire says:

    “Are you feel sleepy when you heard the musics in minecraft?”

    No actually, I’m not. I use a custom deadmau5 music pack (I made for personal use) anyway.

  4. Guest-7456856552 says:

    Add in Alan walker pls

  5. Guest-2156558376 says:

    Hii i LOVE this add-on but for your next update can you maybe add some pop music?
    TYSM for this addon!

  6. Guest-3052157446 says:

    Désolé pour le double commentaire, je viens de voir qu’au moment de la validation du post, le site rajoute automatiquement un espace entre les “:” et “dj” alors qu’il ne faut pas mettre d’epace pour taper la commande sous Minecraft … Bref

  7. Guest-6734758121 says:

    Help, cant download cause the add, i already use my add blocker still dont work

  8. Guest-7369323361 says:

    Can I add my own music?

  9. Guest-4231879766 says:

    How do I get rid of it I can’t kill it

  10. MrDiamond says:

    Good Addon but pls add Alan Walker

  11. Guest-6076097571 says:

    Is marshmello, my favorite dj, good addon

  12. Guest-9701142366 says:


  13. Dark Ninja says:

    Nice I like it 5 golden stars

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