Discontinued And Lost Mobs

Over the years of Minecraft, they removed many things for example, they removed the Illusioner. In this bedrock addon we have most the the stuff they removed or planned to add.

Make sure to turn on experimental gameplay, or it will be not working well. The entity’s we have here is: Illusioner, The Giant, Killer Bunny, Creeper Pig, Goblins, Pigmen Villagers, and the Human. That’s a lot of stuff mojang removed or planned to add! Some mobs may have special abilities.

Killer Bunny:

Attacks players that are nearby.

The Giant:

The giant is very big, just the zombie scaled up.


Mojang was planning to add the Illusioner, the Illusioner could project illusions and copy a fake version of it’s self.

Creeper Pig: 

When Notch was making the pig he messed up the texture, and made the Creeper Pig.


The goblin is very small. Spawns underground 

Pigmen Villager:

The developers were going to add pigmen as villagers.


It’s just Steve the default skin.

Changelog View more

1.00 Did not get accepted.

1.01 Minor changes with the addon.


Make sure to turn on experimental gameplay! If your ever having trouble downloading this video will help you:


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta) 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9

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  1. Mcstrongfamly90 says:

    is thiis addon replaces something

  2. dadestroyerlucas says:

    if you don’t know which one im talking about it looks like a squid with its mouth in 4 pieces

  3. dadestroyerlucas says:

    You should add the sea monster it’s from back when they were doing the aquatic update it would be a good update to the addon

  4. SayujYT says:

    The zombie and the humans texture are broken..

    Plus when i played it didnt show the pigmen villager..🤷‍♂️

  5. Spiderdeath says:

    Can you add the zombie pigman to the addon?

  6. Can you please add the Red Dragon and Lost minecon mobs?

  7. Sorry if the addon is glitchy

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