DiseaseCraft PE

The DiseaseCraft PE mod adds diseases to the game which will increase the difficulty of the survival aspect. Two of the three diseases can be cured with medicine while the third one can be deadly if you are unlucky.

Creators: Ported by Kingbudderjr, Twitter Account. Originally created by MitchellbrineTheCreator for Minecraft on PC.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Medical Journal (500) – 1 book + 1 redstone + 1 grass + 1 diamond pickaxe + 1 raw porkchop + 1 bone + 1 water bucket + 1 carrot + 1 flint
  • Medicine [acetaminophen] (502) – 1 bucket + 2 sugar + 1 redstone


Currently there are three different diseases which you as a player can get. If you get one you’ll slowly notice symptoms which will determine the disease and cure.

Medical Journal (ID: 500)

The Medical Journal is a craftable item (recipe found in the item list further up). Tap on the ground with the journal item to read it. It will give you access to most of the information you will find below.



The world around you will start looking weird and confusing. In other words, your field of view settings will be changed which will cause a scary experience.

  • Spread: zombies
  • Symptoms: nausea, feeling slow
  • Cure: acetaminophen
  • Death rate: 0%


Your speed when running in-game will drastically decrease. If you try to swim in water you’ll get hurt.

  • Spread: wolves
  • Symptoms: hydrophobia (shows panic when given liquids, e.g. water), feeling slow
  • Cure: acetaminophen
  • Death rate: 0%

Bubonic Plague

This disease is the most deadly one as it got no cure as of yet. To begin with it will slow you down when you try to move and the death rate is set at 50%.

The disease is spread by black rats which is a new mob in the game. Acutally it’s not an entirely new mob as it’s silverfishes which have got their textures remodelled and name changed.

  • Spread: black rats
  • Symptoms: feeling weak and slow
  • Cure: none
  • Death rate: 50%

Curing Diseases

For influenza and rabies there is a cure. It can be crafted with 1 bucket, 2 sugar and 1 redstone.

The cure item is called Medicine [acetaminophen] (ID: 502). Each cure got four uses. To use it, simply tap on the ground.



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  1. Guest-2875220474 says:

    I can not instal this addon from dropbox. Please take it in normal sait.

  2. Leighton says:

    can you please make this an add-on

  3. Master Kylo ren 64 says:

    Make this a McWorld please

  4. PlagueDoctor154 says:

    I also can’t use a computer. I don’t have one.

  5. PlagueDoctor154 says:

    Dear Creator of This Mod,
    My name is PlagueDoctor154 and I’m making a Black Death map. I need this disease mod for it. But I play Minecraft PE. I’m also aware of the PE version and that’s the one I’m trying to download but, everything I try, I always have to log into some site and I’m afraid of getting a virus for my IPAD so please do something.

    Your Local Plague Doctor

  6. Claire says:

    Umm I don’t like this idea because I don’t like getting sick

  7. Elias says:

    I love notch because he created Minecraft

  8. Zac says:

    I get this once I open it. It is annoying.
    org.mozilla.javascript.EvaluatorException: missing } after function body (DiseaseCraftPe.js#559)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.DefaultErrorReporter.runtimeError(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.DefaultErrorReporter.error(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Parser.addError(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Parser.addError(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Parser.reportError(Unknown Source)
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    at org.mozilla.javascript.Parser.mustMatchToken(Unknown Source)
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    at org.mozilla.javascript.Parser.parseFunctionBody(Unknown Source)
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    at org.mozilla.javascript.Parser.parse(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Context.compileImpl(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Context.compileReader(Unknown Source)
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager$

  9. Wood says:

    Something wrong with the mod, I cant ever play with mod it error

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