Disguise Function Pack

If you want to troll your friends, for example as a Never Exploding Block of TNT or a Creeper or Even a Wither, this Addon is perfect for You! You can Disguise as Every Vanilla Minecraft Mob except the Enderdragon! 

[Core Version] to get started, type /function dg/setup. You will get a Repeating Command Block. Place it down and type in the command /function dg/core. Now type /function disguise/mob or /function dg/mob and for mob  put in the name of the Mob you want to disguise as, et voilà, you will be this Mob.

[Coreless Version] Do the same as for the Core Version, Just skip the first two steps. The reasons why I made an extra version with core are,

  •  this Coreless version is not compatible with some addons. The one using Core is.
  •  Also the coreless version is not as smooth as the Core Version
  • When disguising as a rideable Entity such as Minecart, Boat, Horse, Pig, etc. don‘t try to ride your disguise. Otherwise you‘ll fly up in the sky and die. (In survival mode)

To undisguise, type /function dg/off or /function disguise/off

Mobs it does not work with yet:

  • Enderdragon
  • Xp Orb
  • XP Bottle
  • Arrow (Works in Creative Mode, but only in Core Version)
  • Pufferfish (Only Creative)

if you have any suggestions on how to get these working, please tell me in the Comments below.

Changelog View more
  • Added Mediafire Link for XBox
  • Updated Website Description (Added Information on how to turn it off)
  • Added two additional Direct Downloads
  • Changed all the Downloads to my new Minecraft name: „d6b“


  • Download the Addon/Plugin
  • Click „Open in Minecraft“
  • Go to Minecraft > Your World > Behaviour Packs
  • Click on the Pack, then click „+
  • And Enter your World
  • Et Voilà, Have Fun!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13

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Installation Guides

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96 Responses

3.62 / 5 (37 votes)
  1. Guest-9576234855 says:

    Is there some way to stop random mobs from attacking and breaking my disguise? They even do this on peaceful difficulty.

  2. User-1517395910 says:

    Foxes please.

  3. User-4213510879 says:

    Update to 1.14

  4. RandomDna says:

    Any idea how to make another player a mob aswell?

  5. SomeDudeWithAComplaint says:

    I have a major issue as it may affect others. As i can see you have this alot but. On coreless it just spawns the mob you typed it and they just stare at you. I suppose its kinda useful so they dont see the spawn egg but we have the summon command.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This addon is the best

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can you disguise as a block?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can to disguise as a block

  9. anda orang asing says:

    Core and Coreless version is same?

    • Cole says:

      O need help with when I try and download the map of will say file not supported I have a Phoenix 3 not sure if that will affect it. I can download it but I can’t move it to the game

  10. Mason says:

    Can you make it to where i can hide the chat because it won’t stop spamming with the repeating command block.

  11. ScareEE55 says:

    I don’t know how to work the function pack. I am very confused…

  12. ProHaven says:

    How do i use the mod
    With core?

  13. Eduardo says:

    It doesn’t work on xbox core and coreless it justs spawns in the mob you typed

  14. ... says:

    uuh, nevermind, its working… guess the world I used was just glitched. oh, and for anybody who doesnt wanna see the command of the core block appear several times, just put this in another command block: /gamerule commandBlockOutput false

  15. ... says:

    Wow. just great. I literally tried to make it work, i even did the command several times and nothing works. what a waste.

  16. Iitsbailey444 says:

    Hi i started i loaded up minecraft on xbox and used core version and it did not work nither did coreless so do you have a fix?

  17. AppleChips says:

    I can’t disguise! The command block just spawns the mob i want to disguise as, but it wont disguise me! I am playing on android, pls help!!!

  18. oof says:

    Whenever I use /function dg/setup nothing happens it just says This command dosen’t exist

  19. Anonymous says:

    peepeepoopoo it works

  20. ReducerAmStart says:

    to undisguise type /function disguise/off

  21. Reaper says:

    Can we get a media fire link

  22. Anonymous says:

    i like to be an arrow in survival

  23. Creepy gamer 16 says:

    how do you do the commands

  24. peepeepoopoo says:

    i dont think its working

  25. Karl says:

    How do you make it stop

  26. FlexGod says:

    Im on Xbox and all it does is spawn the mob it doesnt changeu.

  27. Seth says:

    Does this work on Xbox as well?

  28. John Doe says:

    How do I undisguise?

  29. Nick Stone Cal says:

    This Does not work :/

  30. BenJamin9794 says:

    You are most likely copying

  31. efghjkl says:


  32. Xenon says:

    Hi, this is a great pack, although there are a bunch of bugs. When disguising as a boat, the boat drags you to heaven, very weird. There’s also a bug with the minecart which conveniently does the opposite, the minecart drags you into the depths of your minecraft world. There were also a bunch of bugs but i though it wouldn’t be fixable and it wouldn’t matter. Now the only thing that’s left is to find friends to play with.

  33. End-Bot says:

    Its not working,ive tryed 10 times and it dont work i download both addons and it still dont work 🙁

  34. Thepigmaster says:

    This is awesome it works perfectly

  35. burger with moldycheese says:

    How do I un-disguise then?

  36. CravenTuber says:

    What shaders are you using in the screen shots?

  37. bob says:

    cool but i cant take off the morph and when i kill myself i keep the slowness

  38. Drmc says:

    Why does it Teleport me to the void???

  39. Kevin Lim says:

    How do you undisguise though? But overall a good function pack.

  40. Drmc says:

    when i am finished i go back to normal then when i try again why was i teleported to the Void? Fix it pls

  41. Humberto says:

    hi can you put this in mediafire?

  42. MCPE says:

    This add-on looks cool! Also I tried it, but I have a problem, why I have a slowness effect and I can attack my disguise and when I tried to kill it, I still have a disguise. Can you pls fix this and a real disguise add-on is not giving a effect only invisibility and it cannot attack the disguise that you were using. That’s why I give it 4 star. I hope you will update this🙂.Thank You!

  43. ryandub8 says:

    I disguised as a creeper and kill my brother with a weapon

  44. Anonymous says:

    Should this be placed in the resource or behavior pack?

  45. leonardo says:

    how I turn back into normal?

  46. Ender Playz says:

    How do I get mobs that have 2 words like zombie_pigman or wither_skeleton (Also Evoker is broken)

  47. Gato says:

    This is super cool but can you make it a mediafire link for us console bois

  48. Anonymous says:

    Due to the new software update, it doesn’t connect to Minecraft even in documents app, it says failed to import

  49. fernan says:

    como funciona

  50. leonardo says:

    how I turn back?

  51. Anonymous says:

    You cant be the ender dragon as it’s multiple entities
    Great addon though

  52. Billions n says:

    This is a great addon however it would be nice if you increased the range of the command block because if you get to far away it will un-disguise you. You als will not be able to be the ender dragon as it is multiple entites

  53. Javier says:

    Cool. I got some laughs

  54. RealJooJ says:

    btw what shaderpack are you using on the screenshots?

  55. Saad says:

    It doesn’t work

  56. Thomcrash says:

    Hola, muy buen mod, pero tengo un problema. Al usar el comando de transformación : /function disguise/horse o algún otro animal, simplemente lo hace aparecer y nada mas, porfavor ayuda.

  57. Watersheep says:

    🙁 doesn’t work, it just says I am disguised

  58. unknown says:

    pufferfish doesnt work

  59. Beanboi says:

    How do I disable disguise

  60. unknown says:

    how do you go back

  61. WitheredWolfieeOfficial says:

    Love it

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