DisneyPark (Theme Park) [Rollercoaster]

This one of the best theme parks I have ever come across which is specifically created for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In the map you will find lots of different attractions such as roller coasters and even the Cinderella fairy tale castle. It’s a really cool map to explore no matter whether you’ve visited a Disney Park or not since it’s very well-built and extremely detailed!  

The updates of the Park are back! It has been a long time and I’ve gotten a ton of requests of people to make updates again. So here we go! Thank you so much for all the support!

Creator: EmileCar,

Contact: Twitter Account, Youtube Account

Here is an overview of the entire park.

Changelog View more

Update 0.8

- Tower Of Terror added! (only the building)

- Brandnew Main Street

- Space Mountain Renovated

- General improvements

- New DP Assistants

Removed Screams decoration

demolition indiana jones for the tower of terror


fixed logo

sorry for the minor updates i'm busy adjusting everything well (this is not an msp update)

Fixed Scareride Ratatouille 

THE DEAD IS COMMING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Disneypark Screams 2019:

ScareZones: Mainstreet,Ratatouille

ScareRides: Ratatouille


- Added MushRoomRide

- Added Rio Coaster

- Removed old roller coaster in the forest (no name)

- Removed Mushroom Plaza

I hope you like the update. Next update: renovation smallworld and tarzan! :)


If you’ve downloaded a .MCWorld file then open ES File Explorer (make sure you’ve got the latest version) and then go to your Downloads folder. Find the .mcworld file and tap on it to import it to your game. The world should automatically launch in-game.

If the above instructions don’t work then use ES File Explorer to rename the .mcworld file to end with .zip and then use the guide down below to install it.

Please read the following guide if you’ve downloaded a .ZIP or .RAR file.

1. To install Minecraft PE maps you need ASTRO File Manager (or any other file manager). Lets start by installing that app on your Android device.

2. Find an app in the maps section of our website. In this example we will show you how to install Skyblock PE. Click the download button to download the map.

4. Most of the times you will be redirected to another website, such as Dropbox or MediaFire, where you can download the map. At other times it will be downloaded instantly to your device. Normally the downloaded file is a .RAR or .ZIP.

5. Use ASTRO File Manager to open the .RAR or .ZIP and then copy the world folder to the following path: /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/. It might take a few seconds for it to process.

6. You have now installed the map and can safely close the file manager app.

7. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition (or restart the app if you had it opened during the map installation).

8. Look for the map in your world list. If it’s an old map it’s usually in the bottom of the list.  


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.13 1.14 1.16

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388 Responses

4.63 / 5 (108 votes)
  1. EmileCar says:

    Guys, the creator here

    After building my new theme park (The World Of Games, should check it out), and afterr tons of requests, I’ve decided to give the DisneyPark an update again, this time I will build it by myself!
    You might expect a Tower of Terror soon! 🙂

  2. This map is so great and it has so much detail on it, thank you for making this map!!!

  3. Guest-7172384733 says:

    I hate you

  4. Guest-4179521365 says:

    I just got into minecraft as my kids were begging me to play during this COVID-19 lockdown. I used to think the game was pretty silly but I’m actually quite impressed. This DisneyPark map has completely reinvented the game for my children. They are decorating their own rooms in the hotel at Duckberg and even making their own attractions in some of the areas of the park. I’m disappointed in some of the rude comments I’m seeing of people demanding an update to the map. The map is pretty impressive on its own and think people should just be happy they didn’t have to pay for this. If they want updates that bad, they should think about sending some money to this creator. This map is wonderful.

    • Guest-6765394204 says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, it made my day! I’m super glad your kids love the map. Yes even though I am not making updates anymore, I still hope the map can provide all the entertainment as it possible can. But I would never, never ask money for something like this, I don’t need it and don’t want it. The only thing I want to do with my map is make the players happy 🙂

      • EmileCar says:

        For some reason I was logged out, I want to confirm that this post above is indeed a post of me, the creator.

        • Guest-6405500704 says:

          Is there going to be a new update? My younger brother is begging me to update it (I’ve already said that it wasn’t me who created it)

          • Anonymous says:

            I really don’t think so. I mean, it has been 2 years since I made the last update to the park. I feel like if I update now it’s just too late and everybody doesn’t mind anymore. So I guess no. But, I’m now working on a new theme park actually that will (hopefully) come out really soon. And after the realease of that park imma going to take a brake I think.

          • Guest-7384109181 says:

            Bro, do the update! There’s a lot o ppl here that would love a new update! You could at least give us tower of terror…. that would make my year

          • Anonymous says:

            I am working on a new map, you could say it’s like a sequel to the DisneyPark. It’s coming out soon!

  5. Guest-7650760680 says:

    It Doesn’t Work For Me It Will Just Download Download_repair I Played This On my pc before.

  6. Guest-9330973629 says:

    March and no update, I’m so sad…

  7. Guest-4769715316 says:

    Soo where’s the update? What do you need to do before releasing it and when do you expect to do it? Please… we really want this!

  8. Tucker Hampton says:

    Hey can you add Harry Potter land and a gravity Falls world please thx

  9. Disneyfan2005 says:

    Nice ideas

  10. Disneyfan2005 says:

    I have a question for You which ride needs to be renovated

  11. Disneyfan2005 says:

    I had a lot of homework and since a few days I have time to work on the folder again. I am now working on an update and I have many nice ideas for the folder

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why your not updating this map

  13. Kiarra says:


  14. Tristen says:

    When is the tower of terror update?

  15. Carlo says:

    Give me back Indiana Jones.

  16. Disneyfan2005 says:

    you vote what do you want at the Disney park christmas 2019

  17. Disneyfan2005 says:

    the next update is the tower of terror of Disneyland Paris update and in between comes the fall update that is from December 6 to December 26 and on December 31 the New Year’s Eve update with a fireworks show in the park this is the schedule of updates and the question what has been waited for for a long time the tower of terror update will be issued on 26 February then the tower of terror will come from disneyland Paris

  18. Semna says:

    the next update is the tower of terror update it will be the tower of terror of disneyland paris date not yet known

  19. Anonymous says:

    the next update is the tower of terror update it will be the tower of terror of disneyland paris date not yet known

  20. Stichyboy10 says:

    Pls fix link it’s broken it’s says 404 file not found 😥 it’s realy sad cuz me and my bro got this map every time it’s bean updated

    • Disneyfan2005 says:

      the next update is the tower of terror of Disneyland Paris update and in between comes the fall update that is from December 6 to December 26 and on December 31 the New Year’s Eve update with a fireworks show in the park this is the schedule of updates and the question what has been waited for for a long time the tower of terror update will be issued on 26 February then the tower of terror will come from disneyland Paris

    • Disneyfan2005 says:

      if all goes well, this link that is there now works

  21. Disneyfan2005 says:

    I still apologize to everyone that there was no update on September 15 I had some problems which is private and has been resolved so therefore was and then no

  22. Disneyfan2005 says:

    the link is no longer working because there is an update where the problems of scareride ratatouille have been solved the update has already been sent.

  23. Tristen says:

    Update the map pls

  24. Bernardo Sampaio says:

    I just need to tell you that I’ve downloaded this map in 2017 and it was my favourite! I really want tower of terror because it’s my little brother’s favourite. Make sure to do it like the Paris version not the California one! Thank you so much for all your hard work!
    Have a magical day!

  25. Disneyfan2005 says:

    I have and problem am the folder that was for 30 Julie lost so am overnew working on the update September 15th is released

  26. FashionMoxie says:

    Hey, I love your maps. Also please note ES file explorer is not available on the play store as they have been caught misusing permission and giving user ads. I just used my default file manager or use another similar file manager.

  27. Russell says:

    Update the map pls

  28. Russell says:

    What is the next update?

  29. Disneyfan2005 says:

    Hey the next update will releases on 30 juli

  30. Senna says:

    Hey the next update will be releases on 30 juli

  31. Russell says:

    Pls build a ferris wheel
    ,Add music in theme park,update the hotel and Duckburg

  32. Russell says:

    Pls build a ferris wheel

  33. Darkknight says:

    Thanks for the map!can you please build these rides because there one of my favorite rides tower of terror/guardian of the galaxy,toy story land slinky dog dash!thank you for taking the time to read this and also have a magical day!

  34. Disneyfan2005 says:

    disappearance of 1 of the oldest attractions. know which one? open the link!

  35. Disneyfan2005 says:

    which attraction do you think should get and max3 renovation and which should go for a new max1 (not necessary)

    • Sherlock says:

      Can you make a fireworks display through the castle? And could renovate and expand the castle’s interior? The exterior is a bit dull. Make the colors more live and attractive.

  36. Tristen says:

    Can you do tower of terror please?

  37. Anna Rizza Armiza says:


  38. Disneyfan2005 says:

    hey if you have any ideas say them in the comments and then your idea can appear in the world 🙂

  39. Colton says:

    omg this map is back

  40. Timo Tastic says:

    My most favorite thing of this map is the cars area because I love cars SOOOOOOOO much, (to me it is the best un-real movie ever!)

  41. EmileCar says:

    Thanks to DisneyFan2005 or SennaJansen1 for taking over Disneypark! Now the map will have updates again! Have fun

  42. Disneyfan2005 says:

    Hey I’m the editor of the folder it says already and update ready that almost comes out. So he let us the holes! 🙂

  43. Tony Stark says:

    Put the Avengers

  44. Senna says:

    Van update this

  45. Lamborghini0731 says:

    Can you please make more update on the map,I have some ideas for you if you want to put them in your park,you can put tower of terror,toy story land,splash mountain,big thunder moutain,thanks for time.

    • Nohelany16 says:

      Yes i think thats a great idea for some new park renovation so plsss try to make those renovations to your world

  46. Mcgoat says:

    Plz update map

  47. Katie says:

    Once i download the map where can i find it on the app?? please reply i would love to explore your amazing map!!

  48. Katie says:

    once it’s downloaded, where do i find it on the app??? reply please i really want to explore your amazing map!!

  49. Mila says:

    Is there anyway that I could just get the texture pack? I love the map though, me and my cousin play on it all the time!

  50. Moptv680 says:

    I would like to see a new update plz

  51. Rachelle says:

    You should update the map most rides I like are empty like splash mountain!

  52. RijoJadeCanoy says:

    Make Disney World Hole Map

  53. Anonymous says:

    Please make Hollywood studios

  54. Issa says:

    You should look at putting sound into the park. Like sounds for rides and soundtracks

  55. Kyle Cerezo says:

    I suggest add some fireworks display to the park. It’s Awesome!

  56. Hatlesspine8255 says:

    The Map only 4 Bm? That’s the biggest map ever, can i make to costume map with my texture? I rate this Great i ever look?

  57. GameNightMyst says:

    Can I get this texture pack link? The pictures are really cute and I’d love to be able to use them in my own worlds!

  58. Cola says:

    What’s the password ??

  59. Mayyar says:

    I want disney park on my ps4!

  60. EmileCar says:

    Hey, the map creator here, I just couldn’t finish that last update of the map because I was really busy. But now I can maybe spare some time. So I was wondering if someone would actually still care about a new Disneypark. If nobody responds well I’m just gonna skip it then.

  61. Taylor says:

    Do you have to pay to download it?

  62. Katelynplaysminecraft! says:

    It’s incredible! Btw I was abouta ask if u could make Hmm… Maybe a mansion or castle Orr a park. SAFARI PARK! If u make it I’ll give u a five star kk.

  63. Lalubana2004 says:

    I would wish of another scary house, I was really scared one time !

  64. Lalubana2004 says:

    You could make pics looks like a Disney car, then they don’t have to walk around, they can ride!!!

    • Lalubana2004 says:

      I like this map very well, it’s fun to walk around and I hope you update the map very often, couse if you go through at once it will be boring for the second time, kiss you seen that all already, so I don’t got boring to go through if you update it !

  65. Heatherstewart2002 says:

    Overall this is a Great map. I think you should and wonderland, neverland, and sugar rush from reck it wralph. It would make the map 100 percent better. Thanks for the awsome map!!😄

  66. Mr turtle says:

    EmileCar has created something magical I feel it’s only right we finish it who will join me to add the final two attractions that where never built?

  67. Justin Street says:

    When is tower of terror coming. It says you will make it in the map. And it say to look out for new updates I have been lookin out for a long time and ain’t nothin bein updated

  68. Kitten says:

    Is it multiplayer?

  69. Anonymous says:

    Plz add the star tours and guardians of the galaxy mission breakout plz it’s already 2018

  70. Landdisney says:

    When will the map be updated

  71. Boss says:

    Please update the map

  72. PurpleFlower28 says:

    This theme park is awesome

  73. Ellie says:

    Hi all, can you please let me know when this will be updated, even an eta will be good. I love this world and think it’s one of the best I’ve come across, there’s no problem with crashing or freezing fingers crossed it won’t ever 🤞🏼. I love the detail and the paintings are so cool. I really hope an update is soon! I’ve been checking everyday. I think that maybe you could add more decor to the hotel and studios, am really looking forward to the new rides in the next update, thanks and I’ll keep checking just in case x

  74. Full0FStarrrsss says:


  75. Full0FStarrrsss says:

    Most amazing map ever created! The amount of effort put into this, its outstanding! Highly recommend this map

  76. Finn says:

    Sorry for the disclaimer, new commenters, but EmileCar, the creator of the map, decided to quit DisneyPark, so there will be no more updates. Thanks EmileCar! You really made our day!

  77. BMAx says:

    Dump question. I’m totally new with minecraft. How can I open this map?

    Thank you very much for your help!


  78. Keeley says:

    What texture pack did you use for ppl who want Disney always

  79. Sab says:

    I love this map! What texture pack did you use? I wanted to use the texture pack for my own game, but I can’t find it. Please help ASAP! Thank you!!

  80. Disney says:

    I’m a Disney fan and I would love if you upgraded Indiana Jones and built cars ride.
    Also I would love to help you build this map as I love to build Disney rollercoasters and I’m active a lot

  81. Anonymous says:

    Could you make Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida with all four parks. That would be the cooler thing ever!!

  82. Sven says:

    Why is there no updat?!😢 This map is sooooo awsome but no update. Please make an update!

  83. Anthony says:

    Why do I always spawn underneath the map everytime I connect to the world

  84. Anonymous says:

    Please update the map

  85. Gabe_Xsavage_ab says:


  86. FieryFess says:

    HELLO MAP MAKER! I am FieryFess! And I love map, If you wanted any help then go to my YouTube channel and comment on one of my videos that you would like my help! Just asking 🙂

  87. Krissy says:

    I got an idea and this idea would be AWSOME! What if you add a fairisweel hat for real spins around and around for twenty seconds whitch uses command blocks

  88. ElfGirl124 says:

    This is the coolest map Ever! It’s just like the real park!

  89. thederpyshark says:

    What is the seed? Does it work for Xbox 360?

  90. SageOrSagee says:

    On The Disney Tours Ride The entry and exit sign is mixed up

  91. - says:

    This map is amazing!!!!!
    But I have a couple of ideas for new rides 🤗
    -finding nemo
    – it’s a small world
    And thunder mountain

  92. Fluff says:

    Its just like real Disney almost as good as Hogwarts! Best map ever!!!! 😁😁😁

  93. Tiago says:

    Add splash mountain to the new upgrade

  94. DisneyGeek says:

    When is the next update!!!!! It’s been super long and ive been waiting super long for the next update. Otherwise this map is AMAZING!!!!!

  95. Justin says:

    Update the map. You say your working on other maps but they will never be as good as this. It’s better to have a one hit wonder than just a bunch of small time maps

  96. DKDkddk says:

    Can You make the Harry Potter World

  97. DogecoinGamer says:

    You really should do TestTrack, Splash Mountain, and California Screamin. Its a good park as well so I give it a 4!

  98. Gunpowder987YT says:

    Also, I suggest Putting rides in radiator springs like luigis flying tires and Radiator Springs Racers, Other than that. Incredible park! Its so good I give it a 5! Thank you

  99. Emilecar says:

    You should really do Test Track and Splash Mountain and VERY GOOD PARK!

  100. Sarah says:

    I was wondering how to get the reasource pack. I love the paintings and I searched all over but couldn’t find them. What is the reasource pack called?

  101. SATATAN says:

    Not many of you may know this, but this map is a straight up copy of the old map of DroomCraft. I’m telling you, look it up your selfes. He/she did not Make this him/her self.

  102. Ethan says:

    Yes Emilecar will build it then…

  103. Star says:

    Hey I love ur map but we’re is the update there no tower of terror or star tours but I love this map but can u please update it

  104. Cool player says:

    Yah I angered to its 4 of July and the map hasn’t been updated

  105. EmileCar says:

    Uh oh! I angered the people! Time to work on the 4th of July update.

  106. Truocnateb says:

    I love this map but we’re is tower of terror and star tours

  107. Truocnateb says:

    I love this map but we’re is the tower of terror and star tours

  108. VideosbyV says:

    Is there a way we can get the new Disney Park map?

  109. EmileCar says:

    I think you should just accept that I don’t make any updates anymore. In my opinion the park is good enough. It is just a waste of time, i want to create and finish other projects but if I keep making updates for this map (which is basically already finished) i can’t build them. The reason why there aren’t any creations of me except DisneyPark is just because I had to work on this map, there could be much more maps of me.

    • Police says:

      Please make another update you can not make a better map than this

    • Ellie says:

      Hi, I really think you should update, everyone wants you too. This is the best map I’ve come across and know with your skills it can be even better, if you want to work on your othe maps I understand but maybe I could help you build new rides on this one? I’m very active and will listen to what you say, just get in touch if interested my Xbox account: xoxoellie16 add me if want.

  110. Carlo says:

    Can you return the DisneyParkour because it is so boring to have the poduim instead.

  111. Mr bacon says:

    For all that don’t know Emilecar is not the one who said it will update on June 21 that was somone else who changed the map Emilecar has since lost interest in Minecraft PE we all hope he will come back soon but he haven’t said if he will come back it could be the end of a Disney Park sadly 🙁

  112. QueenFoxie764 says:

    Having just come across this map today. I found it amazing. Me and my sister played on it for about 2+ hours. Looking forward to new updates. Thanks!

  113. Carlo says:

    Never mind, I’m sharing a link. While I share the link, make a new trailer to promote the update.

  114. Carlo says:

    I don’t know how to share a link though.

  115. Carlo says:

    EmileCar, come see my version I made on my iPod Touch.

  116. VideosbyV says:

    It is June 22. Why hasn’t the map been updated yet? You said it would come June 21.

  117. Mr bacon says:

    Emilecar why aren’t you making updates ;(

  118. Carlo says:

    I finished v7.1 for DisneyPark & it is coming on June 21, 2017.

    New Rides

    Hyperspace Mountain (Inspired by Disneyland Paris, replaced Space Mountain)
    Thunder Mesa(Replaced Cottonwood)
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Replaced Cottonwood Coaster)

    Small Changes
    This is the last version to have DisneyTour before it’s a small world replaces it on v7.2.

    Disney characters are now staying at the park.

    New audio pack with ride audio for each ride.

    Construction for Star Tours and Tower of Terror started.

    New Zones


    New Places

    Toon Studio

  119. Mr bacon says:

    Emilecar are you dead? And is the dinosaur ride still a thing?

  120. Ethan says:

    Where is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril?

  121. Foxy02016 says:

    Can you add Stich Figment rides (like I said so many times) (At least make the building for stich and try to make stich there) but can you also add (Every one asks for Tower of Terror it is not possible in normal MCPE) Can you add Jungle Cruse and a Figment character meet and greet (re-skin a animal is this case a chicken would be the best one to look like Figment from Epcot)

  122. Carlo says:

    I’m adding some new areas such as Mickey’s Toontown Fair which was inspired by the one at Disney World until 2011 and Fantasyland. I’m adding some items such as Twilght Zone Tower of Terror,Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission,Grand Circuit Raceway, MicroAdventure!

  123. Sab red says:

    How can i make my friends join in the map? Thanks

  124. SHARRONISBOSS says:

    This map will be irresistible when splash mountain is added, I’m from Australia and I have been to Disneyland California once. Splash mountain was the best ride there!

  125. Cassie says:

    When you go to the Indiana jones coaster, get some dirt and climb on the top of the building, the use your elytra to fly down. IT IS SO FUN!!!

  126. I have lots of ideas says:

    Love this map, but maybe u can try to add music to the roller coasters that are the same irl, and I feel so lonely so maybe try to add like ppl like The princesses or something like that and workers and random ppl , and I would love if you could add those roller coasters: carsland, splash mountain, Alice in wonderland ride, Kilimanjaro safari, seven dwarfs mine train, frozen ride, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan ride ik it’s kinda a lot but I thought it would make the map even better and maybe add like food that looks like irl food 💜 And maybe more Disney stuff like toys and maybe maybe clothes xD

  127. Mark says:

    Whenever I click the download button for both links, it takes me to a bunch of lines of codes. Please fix it so I can download this map

  128. Foxy02016 says:

    Please add Stichs Great Escape I know It’s at Disneyworld and will be hard but can you try with command blocks (at least make the building) also can you add Journey into Imagination with Figment

  129. Milla says:

    I wanna get the texture pack!
    How do I get it?
    Without the park?

  130. Anonymous says:

    My friends can’t join in this world!!! We download the world many times but we couldn’t play together PLEASE FIX

  131. jash says:

    the version of this map is really old

  132. Idk says:


  133. FrozenColt456 says:

    It takes a long time to download, I understand! Thanks for this great map. But sadly I can only download the ones with the .MCWORLD link on them.

  134. Santiago Alarcón says:

    Is there it’s a small world ?

  135. Isoroku Sikky says:

    When tower of terror is coming ?

  136. Potterhead says:

    You should make hogwarts that would be amazing to all potterheads!!

  137. ORCGAMEz says:

    Everytime I click download on either button, I always get sent to Google homepage.

  138. ORCGAMEz says:

    Um, every time I click either download button, it sends me to the Google homepage. Please Help!

  139. Enoch says:

    Can u add it’s a small world?
    P.s. I love the map 100

  140. 💩 says:

    very cool creation! best one I’ve seen so far 😎

  141. :) says:

    Can you add any of the other parks like Epcot or animal kingdom?

  142. Bulldog says:

    Thank you for making a Alice in wonderland maze! I love it

  143. Tye says:

    Goofy’s Sky School, Splash Mountain, It’s a Small world after all, It’s okay if you don’t build it and also Make the Parade Floats Actually Move and also edit the mobs to be Disney characters and villains. (I would love to see Elsa and Anna, Aurora)

  144. Kolby Layton says:

    Hey map creator can you make tower of terror,splash mountain,big thunder mountain,test
    Track,barn stormer,seven dwarfs mine train,I really want to see it in your Disney park,and the rides will make your park even better,but is awesome thank for your Business,have a nice day

  145. ItsJacobCraft says:

    i mean clone

  146. ItsJacobCraft says:

    Wait! EmileCar did you clonr those house in duckburgs?

  147. Blockbreaker0501 says:

    Please continue with Duckburg, it sort of ruins it not having a nice closed off area at least. Leaving it open to the super flat world just looks bad. Thanks for the map though! It’s otherwise amazing.

  148. ArielleUnicorn says:

    The Resources Pack Isn’t Working Can You Help Me

  149. Anonymous Disney Fan says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could add some familiar rides and places such as the matterhorn, star tours, SMALL WORLD, the tiki room, popcorn stands, and possibly redo the color of space mountain. This all would be appreciated.

  150. AJ says:

    So I clicked the download button on the bottom of the map,Then I pressed download MC world then I pressed the download button on the website then it brought me to a page that had letters and numbers and signs in it please help me this is the worst experience ever

  151. JohnnyB says:

    Hey there! I can’t seem to find Donald or Goofy. Anyone else know where to find them? By the way, awesome map! One of the best for sure!

  152. Ben says:

    Can you add the tower of terror please you can put it in The Disneyworld area

  153. AJ says:

    This will not let me play the game! Please fix this or I am suing you and the creators of this game!😤😤😤😡😡😡😡

  154. mr mister tartleman says:

    best map ever !!!

  155. Tye says:

    I was there a few weeks ago! I’m wondering if you could add meet and greet and parades. Also haunted mansion but that might take a lot of blocks cause a mansion

  156. Jamie GamingTM says:

    Nice!!! I really like u do these little things with the commandblocks! And these sounds in the house of horror were pretty scary the first time. NICE JOB!

  157. Ron says:

    Editor i love the map but can you pls make a texture pack about it i love the disneyland painting pls i want the painting that’s why i love the map pls make texture pack about disneyland ty

  158. Frozen cow says:

    I would love to see splash mountain also when is the dinosaur ride you talked about coming?

  159. Bulldog says:

    Can you please add a Alice in wonderland ride. I love Alice in wonderland! Thanks!

  160. Tiffani says:

    Loved it! It’s easy to install, fun to play, and there’s always new updates within a couple of weeks. Nice job, please go download this map now. If you added in Splash Mountain it would truly make my day- thx

  161. Stan says:

    I love your work but i saw that you have a addon to from Disney wher can’t i find him it would be fun nice to have that it would be lot more fun to play Disney park

  162. Foxy02016 says:

    Please add the journey into imagination with Figment ride from Epcot

  163. Jess says:

    I ❤️ IT

  164. Anonymous says:

    It’s already March 24, last time updated was February 21, it’s been more than a month, he said he’d update it in 2-3 weeks

  165. Phoenix says:

    When is the next update coming out

  166. Summer says:

    You are doing so good I love this map and your building style keep up the awesome work

  167. Rome says:

    I have worked on duckburg a bit

  168. TheMAPmaker says:

    If you need another idea why not the matter horn? It’s a great ride that everyone loves I hope you like my idea also can you put images on twitter of the new dinosaur ride thanks keep buildin and whatever you’re doing today make the most of it.

  169. TheMAPmaker says:

    Thanks you rock!

    • Rdclino says:

      Hi Emile Car can you please add a ride Peter Pan’s Flight. I saw that ride it is beautiful. There are some London Landmarks in the ride . It was really attractive. Can you please make that kind of ride. Thank You

  170. TheMAPmaker says:

    Omg I was watching a emilecar video where emilecar sayed somhing about the rainforest cafe emilecar if you read this also consider building dinosaur. For everyone else if ya want dinosaur the ride use #Dinosaur The Ride

  171. Elena says:

    um i was wondering around and saw a huge water thing may i ask what is was?

  172. Grace says:

    I wish it had the Tower Of Terror and the California Park because the Tower Of Terror is my FAVORITE RIDE and I want to remember it so if it’s ok can you PLEASE put in a Tower of Terror it would mean a lot to me BTW you don’t need to put the Haunted Mansion but if you can, that would be AMAZING but overall awesome map!!

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    So cool

  174. CreeperBoss6789 says:

    OMG Best MCPE map ever 😍🎮😍

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    I love your Disney Park or Disneyland Map and tye map is so interesting and exciting. I will visit Disneyland on October 2017. Thanks

  176. Bryan says:

    Hey I was wondering if you can finish pirates of the Caribbean and fix the lilo and stitch coaster it was hard getting off and please please please make the ride cars or make star tours

  177. Anthony says:

    Hi there if you add people like Mickey Mouse in the meet Greet area it will be much better and if you look at the stair that come from the outside the the inside of the castle you can see a hole and there a lot of hole around if you can fix them it will look better.

  178. Yankeedoodle says:

    Hi there,
    I think this is an amazing map and have spent hours exploring it, great credit to the creator.
    One thing I notice is the random glitches outside the park. I’m not too worried but if there is a way to avoid this I would like to know. Thanks for an amazing map.

  179. ItzMeCaleb says:

    Editor please tell the creator to make the tower of terror and star tours

  180. Brandan Buenano says:

    Can you add s Gravity falls world or a Haunted Mansion world because my sister love gravity falls and Haunted mansion thx 😊

  181. Aylin says:

    So i was searching an hr for a hotel room and then i saw the sigh i was like “okayyyyyy” xD

  182. zzzzO14 says:

    wish I could help you with the houses in ducks burg! XD

  183. Bigbad96 says:

    Add splash mounten or is that a difrent park There are so many. If you make it make it ware water is on the sides of rails. If its there i am sory just havent found it. Love the park just neads more rides..

  184. TheMAPmaker says:

    Where’s the update!!!!!!!!!

  185. Rondan says:

    When I try to open the file after it say to me “impossible to open the file”……. what I have to do to play this map?……..

  186. Anonymous says:

    Hey, editor i can’t see the clouns

  187. EatYu says:

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  188. Bo says:

    Someone please help me ): I wanna do this with my sister but when I try to download it it says 2.99 mb and when I tap it, it turns red and idk what else to do! I need help someone p.ease respond

  189. SoftPotato says:

    I was shocked of seeing the star wars han solo ship thing(i forgot what it called)after riding buzz lightyear ride thing

  190. Sploofie says:

    Awesome map

  191. TheRMiner says:

    I’m building a big city in Minecraft, can I use some ideas from this theme park for the one I’m making?

  192. Phoebe says:

    Im keep gettimg kicked out of minecraft i think because the map is so awsome and big!!

  193. Josh says:

    Super cool but pretty please finish the hotel if so it will be the best map ever

  194. MinecraftJarrodYT says:

    please make radiator springs bigger because cars is my fav

  195. Emily says:

    I ❤️❤️❤️ This map

  196. Carlos says:

    I’m afraid there’s lava But map is very cool and best real life but I’m afraid because I’m playing this map other times and I’m find lava and more in space mountain

  197. Bdude1994cool says:

    Can you make the house from up have balloons please

  198. TheGoldenHomer says:

    I LOVE this map! I like how it kind of represents Disney Land. I was disappointed with the rat ride but still LOVE THIS. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE
    P.S. This gamername is for girls too

  199. Mooo Mooooo Shakey says:

    Please respond can you add more meet and greet areas?

  200. Anonymous says:

    Can u add mods to the map?

  201. Ender_Dragon223 says:

    10/10 Good build…And Editor YOUR AWESOME AND COOL AWESOME MOSTLY

  202. Alisha Disney says:

    Gm good maps fun and so detailed and so real

  203. Alisha Disney says:

    Hi!!! Good build 999999.999/10 gg

  204. TheMAPmaker says:

    J would like to see something like the jungle cruise or rainforest cafe what do you think?

  205. Ratso says:

    This is the best I’ve spent two years trying to find a Disney map on all websites but most are just for show
    And plz make a Disney world one two because I’m a big fan of Disney world

  206. KKcar says:

    Omg I love rain forest cafe!

  207. Mithilesh says:

    Hi How Paste A MCWorld Help pls For MCPE

  208. DustyNewbie789 says:

    THIS IS AWSOME Can you add Rainforest cafe

  209. KKcar says:

    Please respond.
    Do you think you will make a Star Wars ride?

  210. LiamMac says:

    Hello MCPEDL! Have you received my addon yet? Its called dungeoncraft.
    Oh and by the way, this map is really nice. Id rate it 5 stars! Great job Emile!

  211. Lee says:

    Hey guys I love the map thx.

  212. Minecraft guy says:

    Omg you need to build the jungle cruise.Also when do you play the pirates ride to open?

  213. No name says:

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  214. Disney fan115 says:

    Omg great map but please add the jungle cruise.

  215. Tortle says:

    So do you think you could tell us what’s planned for next update.

  216. Random guy says:

    Great update to a great map.But do you think it’s possible to add the Matterhorn?

  217. Olyviah says:

    Whenever I try to download it it keeps stoping

  218. Pestthebest123 says:

    Hi I made a video on this I didn’t really show that much sorry but can you plz watch it it means a lot to me

  219. Anonymous says:

    Pls open duckburg 😃😃😃

  220. Stormo says:

    Add more rides,dude they should be high their should be water rides make them awesoem

  221. Kawaii~Kun says:

    Hey I know this is a weird question, I changed some things in the park like I accidentally broke something. Does that affect the park??? As in does it break the actual download map.

  222. Egg the Splegg says:

    Why does the editor never respond?

  223. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    I have been waiting for people to make famous landmarks in mcpe! I hope you will make more!!

  224. Egg the Splegg says:

    When will it be finished and do you think you will ad More rides?

  225. Britato says:

    I can’t get it to download ;-; can someone help please?

  226. Xenia says:

    I Love this Map its soooo big and beautiful Thx for making this ❤️

  227. Lennon says:

    I love your world but in one update add some star wars builds please

  228. DanTDM says:

    The map is broken can’t download!🙁

  229. Egg says:

    U can be my favorite map creator if u make pirates of the Caribbean

  230. Aubrey says:

    Hi! I love the map u made its sooo cool but I will also be doing a Disney map so mine might have some of the same stuff but it won’t look the same! This was just a heads up

  231. No name says:

    We’re is star tours?

  232. Cool says:

    We’re is the pirates of the Caribbean ride?

  233. Xanderbro12 says:

    Man i really love this map because you put a LOT of work into making it which makes it so enjoyable to play and look around

    P.S. Please open duck berg up

  234. Anonymous says:

    I think this map needs a map wall(s)

  235. Xanderbro12 says:

    Man I really love this map, I see you put a lot of work into it and that is what makes it so enjoyable

  236. Vapour38 says:

    What Disneyland is this based on?The one in America?

  237. Anonymous says:

    How do I update this map?

  238. Dominic Ramirez says:

    This is so COOL I can tell you didn’t finish it because when I was going inside I thought mybe I should go to the hotel and when I went in nothing so I was like hmm mybe not finish oh well. But I love this map 😀

  239. Jonah says:

    I really like this map plz open up duck berg

  240. Prince Umar says:

    Best map

  241. Disney says:

    Hey dude does it have the abandon parks to

  242. Mcpe12 says:

    Love this map so much

  243. Lack21 says:

    Looks sooooooooooo cool!

  244. StarWarsCentral says:

    I’m going there in May! This is perfect! Thanks!

  245. Ethan22yy says:

    You should put the sign face both ways

  246. Ethan22yy says:

    How much mega bites is it?

  247. Keeper Creeper says:

    i think this is a 100000000.99999999/10

  248. ModerIOS says:

    It’s not letting me download the map
    If you can please fix it🙂

  249. Sven says:

    I really love this map! Thank you so much. 🙂

    • Trey says:

      You should also add rock n roll roller coaster and tower of terror.
      But if you can’t do the tower of terror I understand it would take a lot of Redstone

    • Justin street says:

      Thanks so much for pirates

    • Kyndall says:

      I love the map but there is a small problem. Like every building I go in is pitch black and I get attacked by mobs! Oh and also, I know this is a lot to ask for, but can you make the sorcerer hat, the animal kingdom tree and epcot. Also you should add the trollys that are pulled by horses, you know those right? Oh and one last thing, there should be character greetings because my brother ( even is they are real or not) loves character greetings. So if you could do those things I would be very grateful for that. Thx so much!!!! 😃

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