Distraction Dolls Add-on (1.16)

This add-on was inspired from Genshin Impact, specifically Amber’s exploding puppet. This add-on adds this as a way for you to distract hordes of monsters chasing after you. This will affect every entity in the game, including the ender dragon, wither, piglin brutes, etc.


  • You can craft them in survival.
  • These dolls explode after 1o seconds.
  • The explosion will not break any blocks.
  • You can only hold 1 at a time.
  • They can distract players too so don’t get too close to them and throw them far away.
  • There are only 3 kinds:
    • Player
    • Hoglin
    • Zombie

Player dolls

This is a customizable doll where you can add your own skin.
  1. The skin needs to be a 64×64 ratio. Don’t use 64×32.
  2. The skin can be HD.
  3. The skin needs to replace the placeholder in the textures folder.
  4. The skin needs to be renamed as “custom.png”


Hoglin celebration
Mashiro-tan (Mikakunin de Shinkuokei)
Chika dance



This add-on is updated to the latest beta.

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16 Responses

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  1. Leod1012MCPE says:

    This is cool! By the way, if you’re gonna update this. Can you add Kazotzky Kick from TF2? I would love that update

  2. Rayvex says:

    Hi since this is your latest submission in the MCPEDL I wanna take the chance
    Basically I’m creating an add-on with custom I struggling making the model thats why I just I decided to just borrow models from my favorite creators and make it Block instead of entities I wish that that is okay to you

  3. Wailin says:

    does this work for realm, because i serousiy want to put it in my realm

  4. Rlukman45 says:

    Hmm i see.. man of the culture hahah lol

    Btw are you playing it, can you told me your id .. mybe we can play together hahaha…

  5. Atoniox123 says:

    Call of duty zombie ??

  6. Foxxesboy187 says:

    Man of the culture

  7. smoke2402 says:

    you know what hell taker is?

  8. SmarterBoy2019 says:

    Really cool love it
    ahahaha.Can you add the dance animation in your cosmetic pvp?

  9. DevastatorX5 says:

    Can u add the distraction dance Henry stickmin next?

  10. SmarterBoy2019 says:

    cool addon
    how to make him dance?

  11. Matrich says:

    Good as always should be

  12. TheRandomDude says:

    add distraction dance

  13. Roxtro says:

    Like Genshin Impact xd

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