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Published on November 05, 2014 (Updated on November 05, 2014)

Divine RPG (Bosses, Swords & More!)

The mod adds four new bosses to the game called the Divine Boss, the Hallow Boss, Bloodbeat and the Nelginic Wither. Each boss got its own looks and characteristics and all of them are incredibly hostile and dangerous.

To spawn the bosses you need to create a pillar of five Eye Stones and nine Cobblestones.

Once a boss is killed it will drop five new blocks which you will have to use to spawn the next boss. And once that boss is killed you have to do the same thing again to spawn the last boss.


  • /help - get help in-game
  • /everything - get all new block & item IDs
  • /food - get all food items
  • /swords - get all swords

Block IDs

  • Divine Core - 180
  • Lightstones - 181
  • Eye Stones - 182
  • Divine Explosive - 186


  • Divine Boss
  • Hallow Boss
  • Bloodbeat
  • Nelginic Wither

Item IDs

  • Divine Powder - 480
  • Medical Kit - 508

Installation Guide

The downloaded file consists of a .zip file which include multiple different .js files. Load all of the files and don't forget to install the texture pack which is included in the .zip file.

Creator: ThePocketMiner

Installation Guides

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2.33 / 5 (3 votes)
I've done a 5 block jump lol
I’ve trolled people useing five block jump lol
since when is notch the creator of minecraft and only answer if youve done a 5 block jump
it says 404 not found
I can’t download
I don’t know how to do it
The mod working for MCPE 0.15.6?
Also I'm pretty sure my five nights at freddy's 3 game isn't suppost to crash on the jumpscare
What do you mean?
How to get blocklauncher pro for free?
You can't. But you can get the free version:
How 'bout iOS?
This would only run properly on blocklauncher pro
What makes you say that?
I know what he means. Since there are multiple js. files there are likely more then one "mods" that it has to download. If there are more then 4 of these then the free version can't completely download all of the mod at once because it only allows 4 at a time. This is actually the same problem as in the Fantasy Craft mod-pack on this site as it installs 8 mods SEPARATELY instead of all of them packed into ONE MOD.
Ah yeah, you are right. I've got BlockLauncher Pro so I didn't realize that at first but now when you say it I remember it.

Well, that's the thing with modpacks. They usually consist of several .js files. Nothing I can do about it other than recommend to download a mod instead of an entire modpack or get BlockLauncher Pro.
Tyler Hordan Richards November 16, 2014 at 5:18 pm
Help! I can't do this! I keep pressing the grey button but It won't work! It keeps going into Dropbox and tells me the mod can't download and I have enough space on my tablet!!!!!!
Then you need to clear up some space on your iPad:
where is the 2nd menu ?
i don't know how to download
See the grey "Download" button in the bottom of the page? Click that. If you don't know how to load a mod go to the 2nd menu and find our install guides.