Doberman Addon

This Add-On adds dobermans, dobermans are fighting dogs and they are also pets that you can now have in minecraft are beautiful but dangerous dogs           

With this Add-On you can have dobermans in your worlds and have them as pets!


Wild Doberman

• They are neutral and more resistant

• Health: 35

• Attack: rabbits, foxes and skeletons

• Damage: 5

• Domesticable with: bone

•they are dangerous dogs if they are attacked

Domestic Doberman

• They are passive

• Health: 60

• Damage: 6

•if you are attacked they defend you from any mob

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the information was improved                  


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8 Responses

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  1. MorbidNoob says:

    Yooooo, Can you make a rottweiler addon? and if not may I modify this addon to create one

  2. Unknown says:

    How do i spawn them?

  3. Lib34 says:

    Daschund not working it’s a bug colour violet whole dog is violet

  4. Winter warrior says:

    Yes husky and malamute we need

  5. Godden says:

    Husky need and malamute also

  6. Luis says:

    Bro I forgot husky and malamute need add them and can u have any twiiter account

  7. Nilanjan says:

    Bro add this with your main dog addon and please add pug bulldog and more breeds please

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