Doctor Who Mod

The Doctor Who Mod will give you access to a TARDIS time machine and other items which relate to the popular television series called Doctor Who. By crafting and entering a TARDIS you will be able to choose between a number of options such as the possibility to change the speed of time and switch between day and night. But the mod got a lot of other things to explore too.

Creator: UltraPeachMC

How does the TARDIS work?

To craft the TARDIS time machine you will need 6 lapis lazuli blocks and 3 Dalek CPUs.

The CPUs can be obtained in two different ways. The first way is to kill the randomly spawned Dalek creatures. Dalek creatures can also be spawned with the Dalek Spawner (ID: 434). Tap with it on the ground to spawn a Dalek. Use the Too Many Items mod to get the item.

When you have placed down a TARDIS time machine on the ground you can enter it by tapping on it once.


Once you’ve entered it there will be a couple of different panels and options you can select from.

One panel lets you change the speed of the game. By tapping on either of the F,S or N block your gamespeed will increase or decrease dastrically.

  • F = Fast
  • S = Slow
  • N = Normal


The second panel lets you switch between day and night.

  • Light block = day
  • Dark block = night


The third panel holds what looks like an ordinary chest, but it isn’t really ordinary. Place any kind of block in the chest and then exit the TARDIS, break the TARDIS and pick it up.

Place down the TARDIS somewhere else, enter it and in that chest you will find the same items which you placed down there previously.


To exit the TARDIS tap on the block which is located in the floor in the center of the TARDIS.


Sonic Screw Driver

A powerful tool which can be used to instantly break blocks. It’s crafted with 6 iron ingots and 3 Dalek CPUs.

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Sonic Screw Driver (432) – 6 iron ingots + 3 Dalek CPUs
  • Dalek CPU (433) – kill Daleks (randomly spawned mobs) to get it
  • Tardis (150) – 6 lapis lazuli blocks + 3 Dalek CPUs
  • Golden (151)
  • Day (154)
  • Night (153)
  • Iron (152)
  • Fast (130)
  • Slow (131)
  • Normal (132)
  • OFF (134)
  • Dalek Spawner (434)


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51 Responses

  1. James the timeLord says:

  2. DanTDM Fan says:

    make this an addon with .mcpack and have them replace blocks you normally can’t get like end portal blocks
    or glowing obsidian or nether reactor cores or something along the lines of that.

  3. Drjake360 says:

    Can it be for iOS soon I’m a huge fan of doctor who but don’t have an android 😕

  4. Abe says:

    When I press download it doesn’t work

  5. A Person says:

    The drop box download is STILL in traffic for over 2 years! Please fix it, I’m currently writing this in 2017…

  6. joseph says:

    can someone do a doctor who one please for windows 10 i really want one

  7. ParkourMasterTV says:

    Could You Add It To IOS

  8. NATE tylor says:

    Th e download link does not work. Something 290 error every time.

  9. DeadPool 1v1 says:

    And what would a apple device be?!?!??!?! IOS 0r Android?

  10. DeadPool 1v1 says:

    How do u easily download this on iPad Air?

  11. Blastradius14 says:

    I’ve seen youtube links saying your mod was up to date for mcpe 14, is that true? We need a mirror or something lol. Maybe a google doc or github lol

  12. Kohl says:

    The links are still down 🙁

  13. Jon says:

    I have iOS is it available for this?

  14. Jackson says:

    Too much traffic. When will the download be up again. Also the mod doesn’t want to cooperate with block launcher. What do I do!!!!

  15. MrbuddercraftFTW says:

    How do I jail break it says I need to have a jail broken device

  16. Moptop2000 says:

    Does it cost money

  17. Moptop2000 says:

    Please i do servers but I don’t like being alone

  18. Moptop2000 says:

    How do i get this mod? =)

  19. Luke Clark says:


  20. DanTDM Fan says:

    Only gave me the mod and the tardis just looked like a juke box on steroids and the buttons on the inside looked all wrong.

  21. mobkiller says:

    You should add another tardis that allows you to travel through time and space(just make sure it doesn’t crash the game)

  22. Trekker says:

    How do I install this on my iPod?

  23. mobkiller says:

    What’s the id for a dalek spawner?

  24. mobkiller says:

    And I’ve also transformed the TARDIS.

  25. mobkiller says:

    Like where specifically?

  26. mobkiller says:

    Where do the daleks spawn?

  27. Gabe says:

    Uhhhh only comes with texture.

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