Doctor Who Tardis [Creation]

This is to date one of the most advanced TARDIS creations for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The TARDIS is fully functional and can be used for traveling to several different planets which exist in the Doctor Who universe. The planets include locations like Skaro, Gallifrey and others. But that’s not all, it also adds 10 new mobs to the game such as the Dalek and the Time Lords!


The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) is a time machine and spacecraft which you can use to travel to a whole hoop of different planets and locations. You can swap between 17 different control rooms which each got different functionalities. It’s recommended to spend some time inside the TARDIS before heading out there to explore the rest of the universe.


Gallifrey: This location includes a big terrain but the main attraction here is the Citadel. At the Citadel you will find hostile Time Lords and the Sisters of Karn, so be careful. At the lower level there will spawn villagers and if you are lucky a robot dog will spawn.

Skaro: This place is perfect if you are in need of mining Dalekanium. There are a lot of spawners around the Daley City so be careful.

Mondas: A frozen waste land with abandoned villagers and a large factory which you can explore. The Cybermen are hiding a secret beneath the factory. A lot of spawners here so make sure you don’t go here unarmed.

Trenzalore: Go and visit the Trenzalore Graveyard and pay your respects to fallen friends. This is an imported Nether biome.

Mars: Visit a copy of the Bowie Base One, complete with a crew, but minus the killer water. Go out on an adventure and explore the deserted landscapes to see what Mars has to offer.

The Moon: Go to a small lunar base. There are some minerals, but be careful and watch out for the local pests.

Important Notes: Mondas and the Moon are setup so that there will always be night when you travel there by the Tardis. It won’t rain on Mars or the Moon. The haze in the far distance in the sky is a layer of glass to keep out the rain.

Other Features

  • All mobs have been replaced by creatures from Doctor Who (Doctor Who Mobs Pack)
  • The Tardis is a retextured Armor Stand – A ticking area for each destination to teleport the entity. No key, still, because the game has a problem of recognizing player holding it to activate the teleport. All pets and animals can enter the Tardis (no security system)
  • Replaced the Fishing Rod with a Sonic Screwdriver. It causes long ranged damage and inflicts slowness effect on targets. Default texture for the Sonic Screwdriver is the one used by the 9th / 10th Doctor. There are textures for the rest, but those have to be loaded as a separate resource pack (see .ZIP file)

Video Reviews


Most of the maps are imported from Java Edition. Here’s a full list of credits.

  • Mars Map – Terrain map by Astrokiwi
  • The Moon – Architectus moon map (PlanetMinecraft)
  • Gallifrey Citadel, Dalek City, and the Trenzalore Graveyard – Maps by SockMeat (PlanetMinecraft)
  • Torchwood Hub (Cardiff), Planet Minecraft, themixedt4pe
  • Big Ben from the XIXth Century City Map, Planet Minecraft, Mister_J
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral (in London) 1:1, Planet Minecraft, minecathedral
  • London 2.0, Planet Minecraft, DanMinecraft
  • Coal Hill School and adjacent neighboorhood, 30 St Mary Axe (aka the Gherkin), 1 Canada Square, Citigroup Centre, Bank of America Building, and Royal Hope Hospital (based on St. Thomas’ Hospital), National Gallery; me

Changelog View more

Just reuploaded the files for the Sonics, Tardis block textures, and the Tardis exteriors. Map file is greater than the 50mb limit. 

Removed the custom stonecutter texture as it is being re-purposed in an upcoming update to the game.

Added a new block. Utilizing an unused stone ID to re-add the custom texture that was previously used for the stonecutter in the 13th Doctor's console room. A full stack of the block is available in the Super Secret Stuff room. It can also be acquired by using one of two commands. Command 1: /give @p stone n 7 (n equals the number of blocks you wish to received). Command 2: /setblock X Y Z stone 7. The block is in the texture file and named stone_white. The Tardis Block Textures zip has been updated to include the new block.



Supported Minecraft versions


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359 Responses

4.76 / 5 (124 votes)
  1. SirMM2 says:

    i loved this map when i was on pe but i cant play it on xbox. Any chance you could get a mediafire link? thx

  2. Guest-3411942195 says:

    hi can you plz update for 1.14 thank you

  3. Guest-3255059274 says:

    It keeps lagging out every 5-7 minutes and it’s really annoying me please can you help

  4. Guest-4408446886 says:

    What I ment was can u added the Ruth tardis from doctor who series 12 fugitive of the judoon

  5. Guest-7820478499 says:

    Can I added the Ruth tardis interior

  6. TheSilence says:

    how down the exteriors

  7. DoctorJosephWho says:

    That reminds me have seen the 13th doctor tardis roof on series 12

  8. Doctor Who says:

    I’m the Doctor and think my Tardis is great like your comint.

  9. Rio Moore says:

    Hey great map but for some reason I can’t seem to be able to move to differentiate locations. I spin the dial to change the location, flick the lever Andy hen when the TARDIS lands, I try to leave, but nothing happens.

  10. ZachisGoku569 says:

    Sometimes I can’t get out of my TARDIS. How do I fix this?

  11. EthRitt says:


  12. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you do the 8 locations like London the moon made and all those and when you come to minecraft there been some changes along the way and you can do a hardcore stuff you can get the idea from SSundee and DanTDM

  13. DoctorJosephWho says:

    4th doctor’s secondary Tardis and the 11th doctor second Tardis

  14. Angelina Marshall says:

    Hello, so, for some reason on the new iOS update I’m having trouble downloading this when previously it uploaded to my game without issue. Do you know any way to download it? The file just keeps failing

  15. EXPikachu72 says:

    Hey, ever thought of trying to make the fourth doctors secondary Tardis and 11ths second Tardis too? for 11s the bottom roundels are just hexagons with no centre.

  16. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you added a doctor who skin pack volume 1 2 & 3 starring v1 the first doctor the second doctor the third doctor the fourth doctor the fifth doctor the sixth doctor and the seventh doctor as well v2 the eighth doctor the war doctor the Shalka doctor the ninth doctor the tenth doctor as well v3 the eleventh doctor the twelfth doctor the thirteenth doctor and a course Peter cushing and the doctors from comic relief as well

  17. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you do some Tardis humming from first doctor to the thirteenth doctor and can added the thirteenth doctor theme

  18. EXPikachu72 says:

    Hey, Whenever I download this map it never comes with the monsters, and when I apply the monsters addon the tardis exterior goes nuts back into the armour stand shape but with the police box colours

  19. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Oh I forgot to tell you do you know that the 3rd doctor has 4 console rooms

  20. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Do you know that the fourth doctor have two Tardis consoles and the eleventh doctor have two Tardis consoles

  21. Sama3l says:

    Can i have the coordinates of the dimensions because i cant exit the tardis after a travel i tried all (im on mobile minecraft so i could have the coordinates to modify the commands to be easyer to travel, thanks

  22. Anonymous says:

    You should make a structure script so you can have the tardis in other worlds.

  23. R.M says:

    Excellent map, unfortunately my device laggs when I try to play now for some reason, however it is still really good.

  24. Jmann says:

    Hi i just started modding my xbox with addons like 2 days ago and got it all down but im unable to download yours from dropbox unlike the prior from mediafire.. i cant get the link address and cant apply it any assistance or if you wanna put out a mediafire Download thatd be cool to thanks

  25. Meeeeeeeeeep1234 says:

    Hey m8 love the map, played it b4 but can’t download so plz fix this

  26. The glitch says:

    Dude I can’t dowbload anything now wtf fix the download

  27. The glitch says:

    Could u maybe add a separate mediafire download going straight to minecraft pocket edition because I wonna make a manual flight system and use it for a survival series I wonna make also it would be really call to make my own yous is cool but i wonna just add a few tweaks into it and settle it to my standards I like building but I’m on iOS and I don’t have anything to download the exterior pack with so plz make one for iOS,mediafire,straight to minecraft,tardis exterior what ever u do with play thx for reading this and plz message back if u can

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can you do a mobile download for the tardis exteriors

  29. abc61218 says:

    This looks super good but can and if so how do you change the interior? Can’t seem to work it out

  30. Bobglob says:

    It won’t let me download it

  31. JamiePlayz says:

    Hey I don’t play this anymore cause I worked out how to install mods to minecraft java edition check out DMU it’s amazing and it’s by SWDTeam.Use JEI for the full minecraft experience

    • DingDong61 says:

      The Dalek Mod is what inspired me to make this for the Bedrock Edition. If SWDTeam decides to port their mod over to Bedrock Edition, I would probably stop working on this. Hopefully in the next week or so, I can begin work on the addon version for the Doctor Who Mobs, which would also require an update to this map upon release. Wife is recovering from having her tonsils removed and pneumonia. Been playing nurse these past few weeks.

  32. DrJoeWho says:

    Can you do ace creeper’s Doctor who map

  33. Anonymous says:

    Im having trouble with changing the tardis exterior model as well as changing the screwdriver texture, I’m onmobile as well but I’ve tried making it a seperate resource pack and what not but it didnt workand im very confused on where the textures even are cause once i have them downloaded, the textures just appear as files but im just confused of how to work this out, a detailed explenation would be helpful, thanks

  34. Coolnathan49 says:

    🙂 I’m happy to see how far this map went. I first downloaded it in somewhere around early 2018. I really loved it and I miss the old take off sounds and the old console. R.i.p. I’m glad to see your still working on it. While I am working on my map, that I will probably upload, which is gonna be hard cause this is gonna be my first time uploading a map. Wish me luck.

  35. Anonymous says:

    How do I get the Texture and behavior packs seprate from the Map, I am on McPe!!

  36. EXPikachu72 says:

    Can we maybe get matts second console, ik it’s just capaldi’s but some of the stuff is different it’d be cool to see

  37. JamiePlayz says:

    Can you give me skaro map?i want it but without dalek spawners because im on pc.i wanna use it for dalek mod

  38. A minecraft person says:

    This is so cool!!

  39. Childerboyz says:

    Umm… I can’t play it. Downloads fine, but it says a newer version of the game loaded it. I am in 1.7.0. That is the newest version of the game, to my knowledge, and the App Store seems to agree. Also, I’m on iOS.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Don’t use Update 10b. Continue to use Update 10a. I have asked that MCPEDL post a link for 10a along with 10b. 10b was saved on 1.7.1 on Windows 10, mobile users do not have access to that version as it was a fix for Windows 10 users. Until MCPEDL posts the link for it, head over to my twitter page, I have a dropbox link for Update 10a as a pinned tweet. If you want the updated texture for the 13th Doctor’s Tardis Crystal, you will need to download the Tardis Blocks Resource Pack.

  40. Jmboi says:

    I can’t download right this for some reason. When I try to load the world mcpe says “a newer version of the game has saved this level. It cannot be loaded”. Ideas anyone ??

    • DingDong61 says:

      Don’t use Update 10b. Continue to use Update 10a. I have asked that MCPEDL post a link for 10a along with 10b. 10b was saved on 1.7.1 on Windows 10, mobile users do not have access to that version as it was a fix for Windows 10 users. Until MCPEDL posts the link for it, head over to my twitter page, I have a dropbox link for Update 10a as a pinned tweet. If you want the updated texture for the 13th Doctor’s Tardis Crystal, you will need to download the Tardis Blocks Resource Pack.

  41. GrumpyGus324 says:

    It won’t let me go to the moon. Where the moon should be, there is another London

  42. Anonymous says:

    My tardis will land on places but I can’t exit it, can u help me out? Luv the map, but want this to be fixed. Thx!

  43. Coolnathan49 says:

    I’m playing on the latest update for iOS on Minecraft, so I’m not playing on the beta, possibly it’s just lag. Also I love that you made the 13th doctor tardis, it’s my brand new favorite interior 😀

  44. Coolnathan49 says:

    I’m excited on how far this map went, I played this since like 2017. It really improved and I’m going to download it again since you added the 13th Doctor Tardis!

  45. EXPikachu72 says:

    Can we maybe have a exterior selection aswell as interior selection

  46. JamiePlayz says:

    May you do a 1 min tutorial or something?y’a see I’m not good with command blocks at all
    So I don’t know what I should really type into the command block to do one of the things your talking about

  47. EXPikachu72 says:

    Ok, great map, suggestion make the lights in capaldi’s room spin

  48. JamiePlayz says:

    Oof I know this is irrelevant but I want to add a cybermen factory in London on my own for fun but idk how I should build the structure of the cyber converter thingy and make it look like it’s turning people into cybermen.
    Can you help me with this?

    • DingDong61 says:

      Ok, this is on one cup of coffee. I would use one of two methods. First method would use a repeating command block (that is always active) set up to detect a Villager in a specific xyz coordinate (at the entry point of the convertor). If that repeater detects a Villager in the predefined location, it actives the next (regular) command block which kills the Villager at xyz, and attached to that would be a chain command block that would spawn a Cyberman at the xyz coordinates of the exit point of the convertor. Would build the machine around that. Lead in to the entry point could be a line of fences on both sides of a one block deep trench, filled with water flowing from the open end, so a Villager pushed into it will be move to the entry point of the machine.

  49. EXPikachu72 says:

    The resource pack for me doesn’t have the mobs and stuff, why?

    • DingDong61 says:

      If you mean the Tardis Blocks Resource Pack, for some reason it isn’t applying the textures like it is supposed to be, trying to fix that. If you mean with the textures for the map itself not including the mobs, they were separated a while back so I didn’t have to update the map when I made a change to the mobs.

  50. Notch says:

    The link doesn’t works now:

    Permission Denied.
    This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire.

    Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.

  51. Logan says:

    How do you get in? it says that “a newer version of this game has saved this level. what do i do?

    p.s. i am o Windos 10

    • DingDong61 says:

      Not sure if I am understanding. Are you unable to enter the map? “a newer version of this game has saved this level” seems to indicate that you are not using an updated version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The updates to the map were made less than a week ago and would have been saved on the current version. I have also heard of some getting that message while trying to open the map in Beta.

  52. JamiePlayz says:

    Excuse me but how do you open the new 13th doctor sonic screwdriver in files on dropbox

  53. Jordan says:

    Why are the crystals and Tardis time rotar both yellow, it should be a bright orange not a saturated gold, so could you please update it again to make it a better colour?

    • DingDong61 says:

      The texture and the color will be updated, but it is not a high priority at this moment. The color of the crystal from the first episode, looked yellow when lit with orange tint when dark, so I went with yellow. Amber would be more appropriate.

  54. TanTuber says:

    The 13th doctor’s tardis is revealed so why don’t you add that to your map with the complete interior ?

    • DingDong61 says:

      The 13th Doctor’s Console Room was added yesterday. I am working on adding all of the different versions of the Tardis exteriors used by the Doctor; currently have the Tardis Capsule and the First through the Fourth Doctor’s Tardis completed. Once all the alternate versions are complete, the will be made available to download. Still to do, 5th through 8th, War Doctor, 9th through 12th, and the Rani’s.

  55. JamiePlayz666 says:

    Hello its me again can u fix desktop settings it don’t work I go in another Tardis and the destination changer doesn’t work see for yourself.

  56. Bob says:

    Hey I can’t land the tardis can y’all help me?

    • DingDong61 says:

      Are you using an earlier version of Minecraft or Beta? The map has been glitchy on previous versions of the game and Beta is known to cause bugs with the map. Also I have been informed that the map can also become bugged on some consoles like Xbox.

  57. JamiePlayz says:

    Creator.Please may you make the dalek saucers act more like a dalek saucer cause when u hit it it makes ghost noise.Also change the ghast fireballs to exactly like the laser bolt but it’s green. make daleks be able to shoot lasers like sontarans and time lords.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Didn’t come across sounds I liked for the Dalek Saucer getting hit or it’s death. Will be changed down the line though. Not sure about changing the fireball’s texture. Didn’t think about changing the texture of the fireball, will look into it. Daleks already shoot lasers, they just don’t always get rendered by the game for some reason. The Ice Warriors and K-9 have the same problem. Might have something to do with none of them actually holding a Sontaran Rifle (Bow).

  58. Cubey Builder says:

    Hello! My TARDIS stopped working (it won’t actually let me exit, even though it says it arrived on a planet) and I tried every single TARDIS desktop settings (the things that change what the interior looks like) just in case. But still, nothing. I eventually started creating my own little TARDIS in this world, but I couldn’t find the coordinates for the planets. I looked in the TARDIS command block rooms, but still couldn’t find it. Please help.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Which version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition are you using? I already know that the map doesn’t play well with Beta, as Beta causes glitches nearly every time with the map. Also found out that the map does not translate well when used on XBox. Also, some earlier versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition has caused glitches as well, since the map updates are saved on the Live version.

  59. Jordanisntheboss5 says:

    He ding, I can send you what the 13th doctors Tardis looks like so you can get a head start of making it if you like?

    • DingDong61 says:

      No thank you. I have avoided even viewing the leaked images of the interior. I will be using on screen caps only. Part of the reason is I still want to be surprised on how it looks. Another, somewhat major part, is that the images from the set will not necessarily be how it looks on screen due to post-production lighting and effects.

  60. Coolnathan49 says:

    So umm forgot to say this actually now I don’t even know if I said it or not but everytime I go to London I can’t get out of the Tardis, making it so I can’t leave the Tardis in other destinations like mars and others.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Which version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition are you using? I already know that the map doesn’t play well with Beta, as Beta causes glitches nearly every time with the map. Also found out that the map does not translate well when used on XBox. Also, some earlier versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition has caused glitches as well, since the map updates are saved on the Live version.

  61. Dark side says:

    There is an problem i don’t know how to install it because there is so many links for different stuff please help

  62. HerobrineGM says:

    One question, what’s the name of the sound for the TARDIS flight?

    • DingDong61 says:

      I replaced the use_totem sound. It is an ogg file located in the resource_packs/DoctorWhoT/sounds/random folder of the map

      • HerobrineGM says:

        When I use it in other worlds it plays the cloister sounds, I have no other mods either.
        But will there be a resource where it’s only the armour stand TARDIS, sonic screwdriver with the sounds and blocks, but no mobs?, it would go well with everything else when I do add more mods.

        • DingDong61 says:

          There is a Resource Pack listed above for the blocks I changed in for use in the Tardis, and alternate textures for the Sonic Screwdriver; but nothing else. After the new series starts, I will be starting work on the 13th Doctor’s Tardis. While I am doing that, I am planning on re-doing the model for the Tardis so it doesn’t need a behavior pack for in-game sizing. The 13th Doctor’s Tardis will require new blocks to be re-textured, so the Tardis Blocks Texture Pack will be updated. When I finish that, I could include am extra Resource Pack to include everything I changed.

  63. Joseph Lipka says:

    When do you think the thirteenth doctors tardis will be ready to release

    • DingDong61 says:

      Haven’t even started it yet as I have refused to look at any of the leaked images from the set. I will be using screencaps from the show to build mine. Depending on how much free time I have, figure about two to four weeks after the start of the new series. Keep in mind that I also over estimate my time frames for everything, just in case I run into issues.

  64. ZachisGoku says:

    Hey can you make the Eleventh Doctor’s 2nd Tardis interior by replacing it with the first Eleventh Doctor’s Tardis interior and make the twelfth Doctor’s have orange light

    • DingDong61 says:

      Eleven’s second Tardis interior is essentially the same as Twelve’s minus the bookshelves, chalkboards, and a flight of stairs. I didn’t include it for those reasons. Changing the Twelfth Doctor’s Time Rotor orange is easy enough to do. I can add that to Update 9, which will be after I finish the Doctor Who Mobs Pack revamp.

  65. L'inconnu says:

    I m really happy to see that my idea of the dalek ship will finally make it to the addon 🙂 . You are doing a great job ( I love the new look of the weeping angel )

    • DingDong61 says:

      Problem with the Phantom is that I cannot make it a shooter. Not sure if that has something to do with its current bugged state or not. Thinking not as I made it temporarily hostile to sheep and it ignored them when I made them a shooter. Have to decide if it being a shooter is a must have for the behavior. If it is a must have, then I would need to find an alternate creature to use instead (have the Reapers from the Ninth Doctor’s episode ‘Father’s Day’ in mind). If I decide I can live with it doing the swoop attacks, will keep with the plan of the Dalek Saucer.

      • L'inconnu says:

        Hello ding dong. It seems that I understood the problem you had with the ship (although I’m French). And then I realize that there was a mob that you did not change who fly and shoot: THE BLAZE. maybe that can help you.

        • DingDong61 says:

          Want something that spawns naturally in the Overworld. If I were to use a Nethermob as a Dalek Saucer, it would be the Ghast. The Blaze doesn’t appear to get the appropriate altitude while flying. Dropping the Face of Boe for the Saucer and having a couple of the Daleks and Davros randomly spawn a Saucer in the Overworld is something that I have thought of as a backup idea.

  66. dr who 0809 says:

    Could you please add bannerman road and Sarah-Jane’s house in London from the Sarah-Jane Adventures?

    • DingDong61 says:

      It was originally going to be added, but I ended up cutting it (among other things) due to time constraints. I had already pushed back the release date for the London update a few times already and I didn’t want to push it back more. I have not ruled out making changes to the London area, I just can’t say when that could be happening.

  67. ??? says:

    Can anyone send me all the locations’ coordinates ??? My teleported won’t work…

    • DingDong61 says:

      Which version of the map are you using and which version of the game as well? Earlier versions of the map became broken after an update to the game a few months ago, the map is currently on Update 8. Also, if the version of the game you are using is a Beta version, Beta can break maps and addons, which is why I only work on the current Live version. If using a version of the game from longer than a few months ago can also break the map as the map was adapted to changes to the live game.

      Here are the coordinates anyway:

      Gallifrey Plains: 1620, 69, 1160
      Gallifrey Citadel: 2036, 78, 1064
      Skaro: 3300, 69, 1400
      Mondas: 4373, 71, 2510
      Trenzalore: 3191, 35, 4478
      Mars: 1930, 52, 4285
      London: 1159, 25, 2445

      Tardis (Main Control Room): 2687, 56, 2695

  68. dr who 0809 says:

    Where is the 3W Institute I went into St. Paul’s Cathedral and I couldn’t find it?

    • DingDong61 says:

      There are stairs going down in two stairwells. One is on the North side and the other is on the South Side. If you enter from the South, the stairwell will be on your left. There is a row of Iron Bars marking the stairs that descend into the 3W Institute.

  69. natejb2003 says:

    Great map, although it’s been removed from Mediafire due to copyright. Please include a direct download…

  70. Preston Bunn says:

    Hello, I can’t enter the Tardis and it’s huge when you spawn it, please help.

    • DingDong61 says:

      The Tardis size is handled by the map’s behavior pack. Please make sure that it is on the top of the list of behavior packs active for the map. You have to enter the Tardis from the South otherwise it won’t teleport you back in. Other than that the only other reasons for not being to re-enter the Tardis are that you could be playing on a Beta version of Minecraft, an earlier version of the map which was broken after an update to the game itself, an earlier version of Minecraft itself, or the map broke during the last update. I have checked the last possibility and was able to re-enter the Tardis.

  71. Manuel says:

    I do not have it it’s is McWorld the tardis isn’t there every time I get on the world

  72. kaveend says:

    ok can u give me the command block codes/settings for the regular TARDIS control room i want to make one

    • DingDong61 says:

      That would be possible, but to list all the commands for all the command blocks would more than likely turn into a dissertation. There are command blocks under each console that give items to the player, plays a sound, clones blocks from the room that houses the flight circuit, activates the destination command blocks, ticking area command blocks, and activates the flight circuit itself. Not including the command blocks in each ticking area at each destination that allow the key to work, teleport the player back to the Tardis, has the Weeping Angels cast blindness and destroy torches. I am currently working on revamping the Mobs Pack, so I probably would not have time for such a list.

      • kaveend says:

        ok… how can i copy the command blocks form a TARDIS intror then pasting it? (basicly copy and past the blocks)

        • DingDong61 says:

          Copying the command blocks can be problematic within the map, but manageable. A normal command block copies with no problem, as long as there is not an active power source. I have copied the command blocks under the console to several different control rooms inside the Tardis without a problem that way. A repeating command block set to ‘ always active’ becomes unusable.

          Importing those pre-programmed command blocks into a new map has issues. For example, if you assemble your map in JAVA and import the map into Bedrock with MCC Toolchest, the pre-programmed command blocks become unusable. I haven’t tried the structure blocks yet to see how they deal with command blocks..

  73. kaveend says:

    also how do u change the color of the beacon when the TARDIS is in fly mode? (im making a inteor for me)

    • DingDong61 says:

      Directly underneath the actual console, there is a small walled off room (not to be confused with the room labelled ‘Tardis Command Blocks’) that contains the command blocks used for direct input in the console. In the middle of that room there are two bedrock blocks. They allow the beacon’s light to go through, in case anyone reading this is not aware. Just place a stained glass block above the bedrock block that is in the floor.

  74. kaveend says:

    also can u make it so that the sonicscrewdriver makes the scanning sound fx when left clicked and the unlocking sound fx (the effect that unlocks doors) when right clicked and can only be used on iron/Dalekanium/and other stuff that are not wood. ur welcome for the idea

    • DingDong61 says:

      I have tried that before and was unable to add separate sounds for the Sonic. No matter what I did, it fell back onto a variation of the Bow sound. It appears to be hard coded into the game that way. The Bow sound is currently set for the Sontaran Rifle.

      Getting the Sonic to send a redstone signal has yet to work. While I have had limited success having it activate TNT, it left a line running from the player to whatever target it was used on. The best I have been able to do so far was add spell effects in addition to damage done. Currently the Sonic is set to add Slowness to mobs.

  75. kaveend says:

    also when i put the doctor who addon resorse the armor stand glitches the real model of the armor stand is there smaller and with the TARDIS skin on it still works but the TARDIS is glitched

    • kaveend says:

      not the one with the map….

      • DingDong61 says:

        You need to make sure that the Doctor Who Tardis Map Resource Pack is given top priority over the other Resource Packs, otherwise the Police Box will not render properly. The order I use and have no problems with is (and in order, top to bottom) : Doctor Who Tardis Map Resource Pack, Handles Resource Pack, Doctor Who Mobs Resource Pack. Try that order and let me know if it solved your problem. The Handles Resource Pack is completely optional, it just contains better models for the skulls and head dropped which only worked as a separate Resource Pack.

  76. Ethan says:

    I wanna see the next update

  77. kaveend says:

    also make it that when u try to put the TARDIS in the TARDIS room it says “cant put TARDIS inside TARDIS” and destroys the armor stand juat say’n

  78. kaveend says:

    CAn u PLZ add silura? (i love dinosaurs)

    • DingDong61 says:

      Would love to, but there is a slight problem. Lack of extra mobs to replace with dinosaurs. That was pretty much the reason it was not included. Idea was initially to have it a jungle biome.

      • kaveend says:

        well if u did put it in i think a jungle biome would not fit in the photo its like Montana but merged with some plains

        • DingDong61 says:

          The terrain would have been the same, I would have just changed the biome itself. I put the worlds together in JAVA and then import into Bedrock. I use MCEdit for large scale stuff, and there is an option in MCEdit to change the biome of a selected area. Gallifrey for example, was built on a savannah biome, but the biome is actually mixture of plains and forests.

  79. Thomas says:

    I Would like to be able to down load the behavior for the fishing rod that lets it be a sonic screwdriver separate

  80. NonexistantBat says:

    Just got the new update… London is fantastic! Hats off to creater! This is acually so cool, the daleks and sound sound effects are amazing!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Loved the map the best tardist map ever

  82. Marc says:

    It won’t let me download it on firedrive could u send me a download in a different form just to get the tardis and the planets

  83. Pie says:

    Needs a normal world on it to make it cooler

    • DingDong61 says:

      It is possible. Already working in removing the Moon for London. Could replace Mars for a section of the Overworld. Would be relatively simply to do so, would just need to decide on which biomes it would include.

  84. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can I make the 4th doctor 2nd console and the 11th doctor 2nd

    • DingDong61 says:

      I may add the Auxiliary Console used by the 4th Doctor at some point. The Second Console used by 11th Doctor is basically the same one used by the 12th, just without the bookcases, chalkboards, and tables.

  85. Coolnathan49 says:

    Hey remember when I said I was making a Tardis map? I’m kinda scraping it for a new map, it’s called Magical House. The house is smaller on the outside but bigger on the inside.. I’m not planning on making it so it can teleport for the player so he can get wood and stuff easily, but I might.. I’m also probably going to add a sonic screwdriver in xD.

    • Coolnathan49 says:

      Btw I experienced a bug.. On maps I can leave the Tardis. But on some specific maps (I forgot name) they won’t let you out. Well they let you out of the Tardis but if you drop the key somewhere on a specific map and go back inside the Tardis the Tardis won’t let you go back out on any map. So I had to keep copying maps so I wouldn’t have to download, try to fix please..

      • DingDong61 says:

        There are some areas on each map that are not ticking areas. If you teleport the Police Box to one of those areas with the key, it is possible that for the area to become inactive once you leave. Once it becomes inactive, the game will not teleport you back to the Police Box. The permanent non-ticking areas are in between the ticking areas set by the TARDIS command blocks. To get rid of them I would need to reduce the size of each world from 768×768 to 480×480, which was something that I was reluctant to do. If you use coordinates, could you write them down and which worlds that this occurs, so I can check them out as it is possible that the inactive areas does not apply. If it is the non-active area situation, one workaround may be to craft a new Police Box. It still uses the Armor Stand recipe.

  86. Amy says:

    Hi! Im on v1.4.3, and the First few times I use the tardis to teleport iT works fine. BuT after i do iT a few times ill go to the door and stand on the pressure plates and it doesnt teleport me. I have to redownload the map every time this happens. Whats happening? BuT otherwise… Wow!!! This is my favorite map ever and thats saying something. The Control rooms are sweet.

  87. TheDiamondPig says:

    One thing I have noticed is that sometimes after the tardis noises are done, when I try to leave the main control room it says that I can’t leave when the tardis is in flight, even though it has landed, please help. But amazing build! 😃

  88. Coolnathan49 says:

    Big Problem, turns out it won’t let me download the resource pack like Permission denied, but it allowed me to download the behaviour pack. Fix it please?

  89. Coolnathan49 says:

    I figured out how to get your map on android. I just download the main pack Doctor Who (NOT ZIP) then after it was downloaded I got my menu up and clicked on it and it said Open On My files or Minecraft, I clicked minecraft it said Level imported, turns out it worked! Just hope I can get your resource and behaviour packs for my map, I also forgot can I have permission to build a smiliar map like yours? I wanna test this to see how good I am at command blocks and building, I know I won’t be better than yours, I made a tardis map smiliar like yours without your resource pack, behaviour and never seen your map before, but at that time I actually made the tardis map on my iPad so I couldn’t release it. Anyways do I have permission?

  90. DingDong61 says:

    I have noticed that the Police Box texture became a bit screwed up. Moving the Tardis Map texture pack to top priority solved the problem.

  91. Anonymous says:

    How do I download it?

  92. Anonymous says:

    How do you get into the actual TARDIS?

  93. Anonymous says:

    The tardis won’t work for me as well

  94. Anonymous says:

    The map won’t work for me

  95. Thomas says:

    If u decide to make other exteriors plz let people suggest ideas

  96. Brian Cassriel says:

    I love this map so much it is amazing! The only thing is that when I’m trying to use the tarnished to transport to different worlds, it doesn’t work most of the time. I’m on minecraft 1.4.0, and I’ve tried redownloading several times.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Will take a look and see what is going on. Haven’t been on to see if anything was broken with the update. Was occupied with RL issue and then was working on London map. But appears that according to Matt Gartzke’s twitter, there was an issue with some worlds not properly updating to 1.4. Also mentions a hotfix (1.4.2) available today that supposedly solves issues. Will check it out later.

      • Axel Mackenzei says:

        Can U Make A Mod For Windows 10 IOS And Android A Mod Out Of This BUT With The World U Started With To And All The Planets And Made Up Planets And Doctor Who Planets Too For V1.0-2.14 Pls?

        • DingDong61 says:

          Sorry, I can’t. I work exclusively work with the Windows 10 based version and its limited capability. The only android devices around here are my daughter’s kindle and out cell phones, don’t even own any IOS devices. Another reason I work solely with the Windows 10 version is that nearly all other Doctor Who add-ons were android based, leaving those non-android users out of luck. Any android users are more than welcome to take what I have done and adapt it for sole android use, same goes for IOS users.

          I am waiting on the upcoming capability of making actual mods for Bedrock Edition, similar to what SWD Team did with their Dalek Mod.

  97. Thomas says:

    Plz make the diner tardis from hell’s bent
    I mean so the armor stand looks like a diner

  98. Helpy says:

    The media fire link doesnt work and only says that it is copyrighted material that cant be distributed there, please fix this.

  99. Coolnathan49 says:

    Hey does anyone here know how to download maps on android? I tried putting the map in my Minecraft maps folder but it didn’t work and didn’t pop up when I ran minecraft

  100. Anonymous says:

    how did you use the tardis armor stand to teleport into the interior

    • DingDong61 says:

      I have two repeating command blocks set up (in each ticking area) to execute the command to teleport the player if they are one block south of the Police Box and are facing it within a certain angle. It can be done with one, but because of the facing of the Police Box, I had to use two.

  101. Max Spreadbury says:

    Can you add the library from the vashta nerada episode and the new earth hospital?

    • DingDong61 says:

      Did think about both, but currently I have no plans for either. I am working on replacing the Moon with London. Adding more destinations would become problematic with file size and would require increasing the console size of the Tardis back to what I had it a few months ago.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Amazing, Just Amazing.

  103. Shadow says:

    It let me download it once and the tardía only went to one area an de wouldn’t teleport to another after that so, I deleted it to see if it would work better but mediafare said this download is copyrighted. Still a good map anyway.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Seen the Tardis going to only one destination only previously, but on some Youtube reviews. They weren’t using the lever to activate the Flight mode which finalizes the destination selection. It could also be a problem with the command blocks within the Console Room. Which version of the Desktop were you using. Not sure why it is saying the download is copyrighted, unless the BBC filed a cease and desist, and I haven’t heard anything about that.

  104. Thomas says:

    When i try to exit tardis it won’t work

    • Thomas says:

      The command block malfunctions won’t tp me

    • DingDong61 says:

      Answering the Mondas issue here as well. Just tried it and had no problem getting there. Need some more info.

      1. After selecting the destination, did you use the lever to activate the flight mode? (Really hate to ask this, but you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t realize that using the lever is required)

      2. Which Desktop version were you using? It may be as simple as an error with the command block of for that console room.

      3. Which version of Minecraft Bedrock are you using? Earlier versions have had issues with teleporting an entity (like the Police Box Armor Stand) into a ticking area and it became unusable and couldn’t teleport the player to the entity. Tthe game wouldn’t recognize the entity as at the destination.

  105. Thomas says:

    Going to Mondas does not work

  106. Thomas says:

    At desktop controls there are custom desktops (4) how do they work?

  107. DingDong61 says:

    Special Note with Weeping Angels, the blindness and them removing torches only works through use of Command Blocks, same as the Key and returning to the Tardis.

  108. Thomas says:

    How does key work in layman’s terms plz

    • DingDong61 says:

      There is a repeating command block that is pointed to a redstone comparator, which is pointing to a regular command block.

      The repeating command block is set to always active. It tests for an item on the ground named compass. When it detects the item, it activates the regular command block. The regular command block executes a command at the item to detect a block of air above a compass and teleport the Police Box to the player if it does.

      Repeating Command Block command: testfor @e[type=item,name=compass]

      Regular Command Block command: execute @e[type=item,name=compass] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~1 ~ air 0 tp @e[type=armor_stand] @p

      I do want to work on those commands as it is preventing the simulation of the Police Box materializing.

  109. Coolnathan49 says:

    Hmm, I did say I would have made a Tardis map like yours right? I sure did! And it’s a work in progress. I actually have a Tardis map completed but I restarted to revamp it. I’m on iOS which is a problem so I will restart again on my android which is kinda frustrating. But more importantly is that your map is great! I like the huge update your doing. By the way, how do I download maps on android? I’m kinda an idiot I know how to download maps but when I put the maps in the Map Folder for Minecraft it doesn’t pop up. Any ideas? (The thing is I didn’t buy Minecraft I got Minecraft for free that could be the problem but it should work still)

    • DingDong61 says:

      Sorry, I have no idea. I don’t play on Android and have no knowledge about downloading maps on it. Maybe one of the visitors here can help.

      • Coolnathan49 says:

        Just figured it out. So I can get maps from this app on my android but I can’t get maps from the websites. (I used this app to download maps and addons.) Which worked. But downloading maps from on android doesn’t work. I can play the map on my iPad but it lags. I want to play this map on my android so I can experience no lag at all. I did what mcpedl told me to do. Didn’t work. So I downloaded a map from the app. When I looked in the Minecraft maps I realized the map I downloaded from the app was there and the Tardis Map was also there. Weird.. I think it’s because I was supposed to change the thing where it says Your maps Disappeared? Change to extraction or something else to get your map. I did it and I got the map. But I didn’t get your Tardis map. See you in a later comment. If you got ideas.

  110. AwesomeNinja886 says:

    Hi! I am AwesomeNinja886, a Minecraft player and a EXTREME DOCTOR WHO FAN!!! I really like this map. I have some suggestions for the map:
    The Dalek Emperor and Supreme Red Dalek,

    • DingDong61 says:

      K1 was actually a possibility for the Iron Golem, but I went with the Ironsides Dalek instead, maybe the Snow Golem, will look into it.

      Dalek Emperor and Supreme Red Dalek. When I remade the Daleks into Rabbits I thought about having them included there, however, I felt that they would need to be more powerful than a regular Dalek. If I can figure out a way to make it happen as part of the Rabbit’s behavior file I will do so.

      Vortex Manipulator. Actually worked on that. However, the teleport function had an issue. Tried including the Enderman’s teleport from the behavior file in the player’s, so when it was equipped it would teleport the player. It semi-worked. Heard the Enderman teleport sound, but position did not change unless you left the game and went back in.

  111. FireBrycePate says:

    Can you make another update on this map please!!!!!!

  112. DingDong61 says:

    A solution for dial selector, the Key not functioning, being unable to re-enter the Tardis has been found. The dial selector’s command blocks just need a dummy block placed and re-program those command blocks. The Key and Tardis re-entry require putting repeating command blocks in every ticking area instead of just one. The fix should be available in a couple of days. In that update, there will also be a widening of the angle required to re-enter the Tardis. Also, if things go well, I will also be including an update for the mobs. Specifically, the Daleks. They will no longer be Creepers, instead they will be Rabbits. Creepers will become Weeping Angels.

  113. DingDong61 says:

    PSA: I am aware of the problem with the Key not functioning at all destinations and not being able to re-enter the Tardis at those destinations. Also, the dial selector is skipping over one of the Gallifrey destinations. Thought it was a problem with command block syntax, but it was not. I had re-loaded all previous versions of the map that did not have those issues and they all are experiencing the same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, and the problem remained. I believe it is a problem with version 1.2.13 that is causing the issue. Will continue to see if there is anything else I can do besides hope that the next update fixes whatever the problem is. Any suggestions are welcome.

  114. L'inconnu says:

    I saw that you answered my comment on the daleks ships and that you’re interested. I had an idea to save you time, use the space ship model of minecraft addon (the one created by mojang : ) you could just change the texture and the behavior

    • L'inconnu says:

      Also I still got the same problem with the tardis key , it doesn’t work, are you sure that it work in mcpe ( I m on android ) . For me it look like that the command block doesn’t ” detect ” the compass but if I change the command it detect the items on the ground ( so it detect every thing on the ground ) . Also it doesn’t detect the armor stand . 🙁

      • DingDong61 says:

        I will look into the Tardis Key not being detected. Need some answers though: 1) Which destination were you at when it didn’t detect it? 2) Did you go there through use of the Tardis or did you go there by means of command entry (cheats enabled) or fly by means of Creative Mode? Can also look into the Armor Stand not being detected, is it possible that it was in one of the non-ticking areas and you went far enough away for that chunk to not be active?

        • L'inconnu says:

          I have tried at Mars and the moon , each time I sue the tardis to get there , I use the key next to were I appear with the tardis but nothing work

          • L'inconnu says:

            I use the tardis *

          • DingDong61 says:

            Thanks, I will check it out.

          • DingDong61 says:

            It is working on Windows 10. Not sure why it isn’t working on android. Will research it more. Any other android users having the same problem, please comment.

          • DingDong61 says:

            I encountered the problem on Skaro when I was expanding the rotation angle to re-enter the Tardis. Also noticed that the destination dial is skipping destinations. At first I thought that maybe there was a corruption with my game. Checked previous versions of map and encountered same thing. Seems like something in 1.2.13 is causing problems.

        • L'inconnu says:

          Acn you make a video that show how to use the key (and may be other functionnality that other people don’t understand )

  115. DingDong61 says:

    Here is what I am working on:
    1) Replace the Moon with London.
    2) See what I can do to add Weeping Angels.
    3) See if I can make the Tardis materialize when called with the Tardis Key.
    4) Alter the texture for the Tardis Key so it can also use it’s original function as a Compass.

  116. InvalidBeast456 says:

    Can I Ues The TARDIS Resouce Pack For A Mod?

  117. InvalidBeast456 says:

    I Love This Addon But Can U Make It A Mod For ,1.0,1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4,1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9,1.10,1.11,1.12 Android, Ios & Windows 1-10 And A Mc.pack

    • DingDong61 says:

      I cannot make it for earlier versions of Minecraft. The Police Box as an entity did not work prior to Bedrock 1.2.6. That update fixed the issue of a teleported entity becoming renderless and unusable. Prior to that update, I was going to use my block Tardis from my Prototype map, which would have been permanently constructed at the destinations. I work solely on Windows 10’s Bedrock Edition. If someone smarter than me can do it, they have my permission.

  118. InvalidBeast456 says:

    This Is Too Amazing

  119. Axel says:

    Oh Can You Make A Mod BUT The Same As The Map And Pls Make It A Mc.mod For Windows 10 IOS And Android

  120. akinyele says:

    For the next update could u make the Tardis Materialize

  121. Linconnu says:

    I got a idea for a futur update , replace the guast with a dalek space ship (it could spawn daleks when nearby ) , i think it would be better than face of bo and PLS try to make a weeping angel (I know that you have already try it but maybe ask to other moder )

    • DingDong61 says:

      While I would rather not replace an entity for a vehicle, it is an interesting idea. However, the drawback with it is that the Ghast randomly spawns in the Nether and not the Overworld. However, when they had announced that the Phantom mob was going to be added, I initially thought about using them for the Toclafane. I like the idea of replacing them with the Dalek Ship instead of the Toclafane. I haven’t given up on the idea of bringing in the Weeping Angels, though it has to be done with the behavior files only. I could use repeating command blocks to add certain features that I want for them, but that would be functional on my map only. Currently working on replacing the Moon with London and that is taking up a lot of my time.

  122. Rubic says:

    You should add the master’s laser screwdriver.

  123. Anonymous says:

    How do you get back into the TARDIS?

    • DingDong61 says:

      You have to come at the Tardis from the South and facing a bit to the North-West. It was originally supposed to be a range from North-West to North-East, but there is a bug that prevents the full angle from being used. Once the Devs fix that, I can expand the angle to what I originally intended.

  124. Akin says:

    Plz read this creator u see when drop the keys and the tardis comes to u could make it fade in to
    the map

  125. Timeminer67 says:

    1. I can’t exit the TARDIS after I landed and then entered

    2 the horse texture is glitched

    • DingDong61 says:

      1. You have to come at the Tardis from the South and facing a bit to the North-West. It was originally supposed to be a range from North-West to North-East, but there is a bug that prevents the full angle from being used. Once the Devs fix that, I can expand the angle to what I originally intended.

      2. I didn’t do anything with the Horse texture. I also just checked it out on the map and haven’t seen any problems with the Horse texture. Is it possible you have another resource pack loaded at the same time that may be causing a conflict?

  126. addons are cool says:

    I’m in 1.12.2 and i can not wait till 1.13! ps: great addon!

  127. L,inconnu says:

    My current version is 1.2.10

  128. Anonymous says:

    Great map, although there is a glitch where the Tardis model disappears and I can not enter

    • DingDong61 says:

      When I updated the model for it, I made it four times the actual size in game and then used the behavior pack to reduce the size to 25%. I did this for the sole reason to make the text “Police public call Box” readable. This, however, did make the Police Box seem to disappear depending on the position of the player and how they were looking at it. I considered it to be an acceptable side effect to achieve the level of detail that I wanted. If more people do not like it, let me know on my twitter, and I can change it back. As far as entering the Police Box, you need to be facing the Police Box from south, with your angle a little to the west.

  129. Coolnathan49 says:

    @L,inconnu When you drop it do you pick it back up immediately? If so. Drop the key but wait until the Tardis teleports. If it doesn’t it probably means that the Tardis is dead because of mods. So you have to place another Tardis. Or if that’s not the case then your game is bugged. (Note you probably need a required version for this to work)

  130. Straykestrel 563 says:

    Why can’t I go on the world, I have got version

  131. Coolnathan49 says:

    @DingDong61 if your planning to make London and you made doctor who. I have a surprise for you. I’m making a Tardis game like yours! Also credit to you for the add on links as they helped me on my maps and I’m submitting my map soon or later. Also maybe it should be Modern London?

    • DingDong61 says:

      Cool, looking forward to it. I started a poll on my Twitter about which version of London to use. There are 2 days left on it and 5 have responded. The choices are 1666 London, Modern London (with Wilderness around), or Modern London Expanded. So far, Modern London Expanded is winning.

      • Coolnathan49 says:

        Hmm I don’t think Modern London expanded is a good idea because of the lag. So far my iPad is already experiencing lag. So if Modern London expanded was added it might make the lag 2x worse. But I do have fancy graphics and other options off so it shouldn’t lag that bad. Looking forward to your Time vortex manipulator update 😉

      • Coolnathan49 says:

        Also I found a weird bug that happens. Sometimes when I travel or bring the tardis to me and when I go inside. I try to go outside but it won’t work. But when you travel it will say tardis flight enabled cannot go out during flight. So I landed somewhere and still can’t get out. I tried changing the interior then traveling (because you can’t go out if you don’t pick a area) then I went out but still didn’t get teleported. Idk if this is a bug. Also sometimes the tardis model would disappear when going outside. Not sure if mods killed it. But I know lava kill tardises. Try fixing the bugs?

  132. L,inconnu says:

    Idk why but the key doesn’t seem to work when I drop it on the ground . The tardis doesn’t teleport to me 🙁
    Where are the command_blocks about thit fonctionnality in the map ? (Sorry for my bad english I m french )

    • DingDong61 says:

      The command blocks for the key function are at the spot where you teleport to from the Tardis interior, but at height level 255.

    • DingDong61 says:

      For a moment I thought it might have been a range issue, but dropping the key while inside the Tardis interior teleported the Police Box to me. I didn’t put the command blocks for the key function in the Tardis’ location. The only condition that the command block as is that there must be an air block right above it. I also just double checked that the command blocks were set to always active and they are.

  133. A person says:

    I love this map! This is by far the best Doctor Who map I have ever played! Are you able to make London? If you could, awesome! Keep it up!

  134. MiniMinotaur says:

    The storm king gamer. I am a beautiful day

  135. MiniMinotaur says:

    It’s good

  136. XxReeceGamingXx says:

    Hello DingDong61! I really love your Tardis project and I would like more people too see it! So I made a YouTube video showcasing your Tardis and I have credited you and put you in the description. My YouTube name is XxReeceGamingXx and I am really impressed with your work! Keep it up!

  137. Anonymous says:

    Yo DingDong61. I made a YouTube video of me showcasing your Tardis and I credited you and put you in the description. My YouTube Channel is XxReeceGamingXx I hope you appreciate the video!

  138. James the timeLord says:

    The TARDIS is too hard to change update it so you can change the tardis

    • DingDong61 says:

      Not sure I am understanding what you mean.

      If you mean changing the Control Room to different versions, it already is simple to change. Just walk down the hall to the Desktop Control Room and push the button of your choice.

      If you mean the Destination and Flight Controls, there is a plan in the works that would reduce the size of the console along with having the Tardis Launch and Landing being handled by one lever. It would be moved to the same side as the Triphook dial (for selecting the destination, which would still be needed).

  139. Gabriel says:

    This is spot on. I like how you made the planets huge. I would like to see more planets however. But apart from that I don’t know how this could be better. You’ve done amazingly with this map and I’m blown away.

    P.S would I be allowed to do a YouTube roleplay on this map.

  140. Thomas says:

    Great but when I get to media fire and click download it won’t go to the screen with the copy to McPe screen

    • foxcatgaming2 says:

      You don’t need that all you do is access your downloads move the file into your Minecraft worlds folder (if .zip file you need to extract the files from it) and it should work.

  141. Human says:

    How do you enter the TARDIS?

  142. Anon says:

    The TARDIS actually is mob proof. In my game, every mob that seemed to enter from the outside never turned up on the inside.

    • DingDong61 says:

      I’ve seen that happen as well. Though I also have had Mondasian Cybermen follow me into the Tardis just to watch them turn and step onto the other pressure plate teleporting them back outside. Mobs are dumb.

  143. Ali55555 says:

    My version is 1.2.3

    • DingDong61 says:

      This map probably won’t work for you for two reasons.

      1. Prior to 1.2.6, entities that were teleported farther than (something like) 400 blocks, the entity would be rendered invisible and non-interactive and ticking areas did not alleviate this problem. With 1.2.6, they were able to fix that issue.

      2. I didn’t import the map into Bedrock Edition until after 1.2.6.

      I have no way to make it work in previous versions.

  144. samyuru_tomasu says:

    How did you make your own texture pack

  145. Anonymous says:


  146. Ali55555 says:

    it says ” A Higher version has saved this map. It cannot be loaded anymore

  147. Vortex says:

    This is the best map I have EVER played on MCPE!!
    Feels nicer than a mod!

  148. Skylord says:

    How do you change to the archived console rooms

    • DingDong61 says:

      If you mean swapping the console rooms. After you leave main console room, go left and follow the hall. There will be another hallway to the right. At the end of the hallway is a room with buttons. Each button will clone the archived console room of your choice to the main console room.

      If you mean making a permanent change to an archived console room. You will need to go to the lower levels of the Tardis. On Level 8 (I think) is the entrance for the console rooms set aside for customization. It is from there that your custom console room will be saved.

  149. flubbie says:

    hELP. I’m from another one of your addons (the lucky block one or something) and there’s a huge glitch that makes it where you can’t exit the change log. Tons of people are having this problem. Pleaaaase fix it

  150. Jack says:

    The texture pack doesn’t change any textures 4 me

  151. Anonymous says:

    How do I tame a robo wolf?

  152. Thomas says:

    Question is there a behavioral pack for the sonic screwdriver

  153. MinerX says:

    Hey! I love this world and please add a Overworld City, possibly London!! Thx!

    • DingDong61 says:

      A map of London was on the list, but file size became a problem, and I hadn’t even begun to work on converting the London map. With the time I had put into the locations I had included, it felt like it would have been a waste to scrap one of them.

  154. KEFF says:

    How do you change locations that’s all

  155. Ali55555 says:

    Why it’s not working on v1.2.3. Pls fix this

    • DingDong61 says:

      Is the problem you are having the Tardis/Armor Stand not rendering when teleporting it to a new ticking area? Previously, teleporting an entity to a ticking area caused the entity to fail to render and become unusable.

      I was going to use my block Tardis again for this map, until a couple of weeks ago, when the developers fixed the issue when they released 1.2.6. So, that function will not work in any version prior to 1.2.6 and there is not anything I can do that will fix the issue.

      If that is not the issue you are having, please describe what it happening.

  156. UrMom says:

    Hehe more like the retardis.

    I’m sorry I just had to say that it’s actually pretty good.

  157. Jacob dean says:

    When are you gonna make the texture pack separate so I can have the Tardis in different worlds or new generated worlds if you are please tell me I want the texture pack jacob dean

    • DingDong61 says:

      I have an update planned to this version already in development. I could include a resource pack just for the blocks and doors I had changed when I submit the update

    • Jeremy Winstead says:

      I have actually found a way to copy the resource/behaviour pack files from the world’s files and paste them in the files where resource and behaviour packs are stored. And to extract the textures, sounds, and model/behaviour files and add them to already existing resource/behaviour packs to create a custom resource/behaviour pack[the models for each entity being separate helped alot(Don’t worry, I won’t upload them as my own, and if it’s shown on a youtube video, I will give credit to each and every texture/model/behaviour/sound file used)]. And it is all possible on an app called ‘ES File Explorer.’ Also, I love the work put into this map(And the addon). It’s wonderful, and I believe that your work is even better than Gona’s(Don’t tell Gona I said that…😒)!!!!!!😀

  158. Jack says:

    Can u plz post the texture pack on its own I would like to use it on other maps

  159. Anonymous says:

    Can you make post the texture pack on its own plz just I want to use the textures on other maps

  160. Thomas says:

    Make a separate resource pack for the sonic screwdriver with other designs

  161. Thomas says:

    It needs to be easier to change wat your sonic screwdriver looks like

  162. Lisa says:

    Wow, this map is amazing!

  163. Lisa says:

    Wow, this map is amazing!

  164. Sam webster says:

    Holy crap this is amazing

  165. Dallas says:

    How do you get to the other places

  166. DingDong61 says:

    The alternate texture packs for the Sonic Screwdriver are in the zip file.

  167. JPplayer1993 says:

    This is my dream come true because this is really alike to the dalek mod thank you for doing this I hope that there will be a custom exterior mode!

    • DingDong61 says:

      If you mean the Dalek Mod from SWDTeam, they were my inspiration for doing this. If you mean a custom exterior mode for the Tardis, that is something I have planned. The only reason it isn’t in yet was time constraints. I pushed the release date back 3 times and didn’t want to push it back another. The Tardis as an entity wasn’t possible until the last update fixed the problem with teleporting entities into a ticking area.

  168. LukeIsCool4899 says:

    Can I download them individually ? Thank you have a great day

  169. Foxcatgaming2 says:

    Imam a big fan of doctor who thank you so much for making this!😹

  170. KingsguardMCPE says:

    Can you please change the tardis taking off sound to the original one and can you also let us have the option to go to the overworld and maybe because it’s doctor who the overworld could be a city so London perhaps. Please can you change that. But besides that your map is amazing!

    • DingDong61 says:

      Would like to, but adding new sounds didn’t exactly work. Can only replace existing sounds. Couldn’t find a sound I was willing to replace to get the actual Tardis flight sound. While I was able to add one new sound file, the cloister bell sound, it did not work all the time. It was too unreliable to be used on a regular basis. And yes, I did attempt use the Tardis flight sound with the cloister file name. Hopefully in the future it will change that we can add sounds without replacing others.

      I did want to have more locations, including a version of London, but lag became an issue, and wanted to include more exotic locations from Doctor Who.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Now you’ve gone and done it. I started thinking about how to incorporate the actual flight sounds. The problems with that were multiple.

      One being the sound to replace. Of course, I replaced the use_totem sound for the cloister bell. I could find an alternative for the cloister bell or just remove it all together and replace the use_totem with the Tardis Flight sound. However, I would need to find a second sound to replace for the landing sound. Not to mention the current console controls are setup for two separate controls that handle the launching and landing.

      It would require a complete reworking of the flight controls. Preposterous! Outrageous! What a completely idio…. wait, one minute… just one minute… Of course! If I rework the controls that handle the flight of the Tardis in a similar fashion like I did with the Classic Time Rotor activation, and I use one sound that incorporates the take off and landing in one sound file, and work out the timings so it would activate the command blocks for the launch and landing procedures at the right times, I could do it.

      So now, I will be working on that as well. Currently working on the alternative skins for the Police Box and the models for the Dalek/Creeper head and the Cyberman/Zombie head; but it is now added to the list. Thanks for sparking the idea of how-to.

    • SassyWhale says:

      Also they should post the sounds alone, because I want to have the sounds for a different world, but you can’t apply the pack for any world expect the Tadis World

  171. MarySays says:

    This is so cool! I’ve seen a couple of TARDIS maps before, but none of them have as many features, including a custom resource and sound pack! This is awesome, you clearly worked very hard on it, and I think it’s quite accurate. Awesome map!

  172. slumberycape177 says:

    FINALLY FINALLY HALLELUJAH!! I have been waiting for this I even have the original!!!!!!!

  173. Anonymous says:

    The tardis make to much sound😡

    • DingDong61 says:

      Not counting the games ambient and background sounds, the Tardis only makes sounds at three points.

      1. During the flight of the Tardis. To simulate the vroop vroop sound the Tardis makes while in flight on the show, Blaze Breathe is put on a repeating command block and is a decent stand in. On the show, the vroop vroop sound plays until the Tardis has landed.

      2. When you land the Tardis, the command block underneath stops the Blaze Breathe sound and plays the Ender Dragon Hit sound and does not repeat it until the next time the lever is activated.

      3. In the Cloister room, there is a lever. If you pull the lever, it will play the use_totem sound, which I replaced with the cloister bell sound from the show.

      So, I am not sure, which one are you specifically mentioning as playing too much.

      • Jeremy Winstead says:

        Hello! It’s me again! I just wanted to ask your permission if I could use this addon and features of other addons(Mainly Jurassic Craft-For the dinosaurs so I can add prehistoric eras to the map- and The Astronomic Expansion Addon-For the custom items-) to create one super-map(and super-addon)! I won’t claim it as my own-The work will be credited- And I was hoping that you could possibly try to teach me how to properly make models and stuff, and we could maybe work together on this project? That’s only if you aren’t too busy,of course! And if you’re interested(In working together, I mean), I have a TON of ideas on things for the Doctor Who Addon! If you are interested in working together, just contact me(It can be with gmail, Google Hangouts, the Facebook messenger app, or just in a reply to this message)! I really like your work! It is absolutely magnificent!!! Keep it up! -Sincerely(And Enthusiastically), Jeremy.

        • DingDong61 says:

          I can’t speak for the creators of other add-ons, but you are welcome to use features of mine for your project. I am currently working on the next update for the map and also replacing the Moon with London, so my free time will be limited to that. As far as modeling, I just used the page from the wiki to get started learning (, an old image program (Paint Shop Pro X), Notepad++ , and trial and error to figure it out. The learning curve isn’t really that steep. The biggest hurdle was figuring out the values in the mobs.json, which I still do with trial and error. I would be fine with answering questions or just general idea discussion on Twitter. My twitter account exists solely for my Minecraft work. You can direct message me on there.

          • Loyal fan says:

            don’t replace the moon with london, i love the moon. i have noticed an issue where the moon shows up twice on the dial though, when turned 7 times and 8.also, mobs refuse to work on the map for me. from top to bottom for resources, it’s sonic screwdrivers 11th doctor, tardis blocks, handles, tardis map resources, global resources(empty). i don’t know what i did wrong but all the mobs look normal. the creeper gave me 30s of blindness when i got close though. also noticed that some of the terracotta blocks for the war doctor room were messed up and placed crooked. other than the mobs and that one wall, everything is great. also if you get the chance though make the teleport tardis sound play to all players instead of just the closest cause me and my friend were playing and i heard it but he didn’t get to so that kinda sucked.

            Sorry for all the complaints, Sans3012.

      • Ya boi says:

        Could you add the cemetery sewer to the dalek city?

  174. DingDong61 says:

    FYI, the Resource and Behavior pack includes the mob pack. No need to download the Doctor Who Mobs Pack.

    • sword says:

      wat r the commads for the chests with the nether reactor and stuff?

      • Anonymous says:

        Just used a simple clone command. Behind the wall of each chest is another chest with the blocks in. When you hit the button it just clones the chest behind the wall to the block in front of the wall.

      • DingDong61 says:

        It is just a simple clone command. I have another chest with the blocks in it behind the wall. When you pull the lever it clones the chest behind the wall to the front of the wall.

        • Axel Mackenzei says:

          Can U Make The Creepers Into Daleks Again? I’m Used To Creepers Being Daleks.

          • Devon says:

            You don’t have to if you don’t want to but could you please make the cloister room look like it did in the Doctor Who: The Movie?

            Also , I couldn’t help but notice you replaced the moon with London which, don’t get me wrong London is great, but next time you want to add a new location please don’t replace an old one with it.

            Oh, and one more thing: add the 4th Doctor’s second control room and the 13th doctor’s once hers is revealed please.

            You Don’t have to do all this like I said. It’s yours not mine, I’m just giving you tips.

        • sword says:

          but how did you get the items in there in the first place?

          other than that, the only thing i hate is the lag, but idc cause i like dr who

    • Someone or Something says:

      Can you repost the resource and behaviour pack for the world? I accidentally deleted my copy and you “pulled it off the shelves”. Much appreciated

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