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Have you ever wanted a placeable End City Chest with loot? What about a Sharpness -32767  Diamond Sword? Or maybe you wanted to spawn a player in Vanilla Minecraft.  And if players aren’t your style, why not spawn a Game Crash? All of this and more is possible with DoggoHax.

The DoggoHax world does NOT include any addons. The only packs added are “Always Show Nametags” and “Better Font”. This makes it a very incredible experience!

Experimental Gameplay and Education Features are turned ON for the world. This is probably necessary, but I am not 100% sure. (Just keep them on, because it may break things if they’re not.)

The world is a superflat. The hacked items are all contained in a single Ender Chest. The chest contains 3 each of 9 different Shulker Boxes. They are shown below. (all except the last SECRET one!)

My personal favorite Shulker Box is the “Secret Eggs”. The others are also very cool! Everything should be pretty self-explanatory. There’s even a treasure hunt at the end!

Some other pictures of the map:

That’s pretty much it! Enjoy DoggoHax!


Just click the link. I don’t do ads, they’re a big pain!


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  1. Can you tell me the “ID” number of the “Player” Spawn Egg I Realy Need It For A Server

    • slowersafe says:

      i’m not sure i think he used something called toolbox its only for android and its a hack client that lets you do stuff like go in creative mode even in someone else’s world and has cheats off! and lets you get items like the player spawn egg

  2. ANNOUNCEMENT: A new addon will be released soon that includes a biome update, with new blocks and structures!

  3. Killer Wolf Z says:


  4. Nice World Do You Use Horion Or Toolbox?

  5. ProPlayer2008 says:

    Fun fact:My minecraft instant crash when i use spawn game crash

  6. megabekfast says:

    what client do you use? I wanna troll my friends

  7. Superbashington says:

    How did you get the loot chest man

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