Dolphins Plus (beta)

Hey you do you like dolphins? Well this is the addon for it adds many species of dolphins like the well known orcinus orca or as you may know them as killler whales. We also will add many ocean creatures in the future

Here is one of the orca ecotypes in the add-on orcinus orca type A all of the the orca ecotypes will attack all hostile mobs and fish mobs so get ready for a fishy ocean there is also a special surprise for all of you shark lovers.

Orca type A

Orca type b

Resident orcas







here are the devs twitters 

IEmotionless Twitter

Luscious knees Twitter

Cetaboierick s Twitter

(Orca Baryonyx doesn’t have Twitter btw)

Changelog View more

Added 3 orca ecotypes !

Fixed the animations on the orcas and they now have a new model!

Added a Sharky surprise

Added sounds and orcas now attack Back

Added 3 orca ecotypes !

Fixed the animations on the orcas and they now have a new model!

Added a Sharky surprise

Added sounds and orcas now attack Back


Wait 5 seconds and click the skip ad and then it will take you to the download :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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42 Responses

4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Guest-9198529241 says:

    Hi! I’m in love with this mod and I’m so excited, when I download it and click on the download, it opens up as a blank notepad, or a notepad filled with different texts/fonts that make no sense, could you help me out? I’m on windows.

  2. Guest-8490079059 says:

    Oh i thought it was a short Beaked common dolphin that you find were i live so im pretty used to them srry

  3. Guest-9176088925 says:

    This is beautiful

  4. Guest-1772008951 says:

    Wow I actually really like sharks,thx u….but can u pls make like when they are not in water animation? And when they are in water they will jump like a dolphine?(sorry bad grammar)

  5. Guest-6455831644 says:

    I loved killer whales and great whites ever since I was a toddler, seeing this means a lot to me, thank you for making this and I look forward for more developments.

  6. JujuStyle7 says:

    My favorite sea creature! Thanks for making this addon!

  7. Guest-6888107202 says:

    first the english schools shut, then SHARK

  8. User-5195124482 says:

    Maybe Call It CetaCraft
    Just Add A
    Blue Whale
    River Dolphin
    Beluga Whale
    Beaked Whale
    Humpback Whale
    Sperm Whale
    Grey Whale
    Baleen Whale
    Bowhead Whale
    Pink Dolphin

    • Guest-2924532577 says:

      No. For the 50th time now, the name is staying. But some, if not all, of those animals will come eventually. I’m the actual release, we won’t have any whales, but of the list you provided, beluga and a type of porpoise will arrive.

    • Guest-8091133266 says:

      this is a good comment because i downloaded the addon and the picture for it looks like it has more dolphins it looks like a common dolphin and a bottlenose dolphin

  9. cead says:

    oh!!!this is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tried it but when I tried to spawn it it was invisible

  11. Squidpotato2 says:

    Are you going to add porpoises

  12. Anonymous says:

    *insert jojo reference here*

  13. Charlieh Venom says:

    It we’ll be great if you add megalodon and great white sharks

  14. Bruh says:

    Can you make the orca’s entire tail move instead of just a segment of its body move? Thanks
    I actually love the orca model

  15. Were you expecting a name? says:

    Dolphinsplus……adds only orcas………………L o g i c

    Still pretty good though

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